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Pontiac 301, are they really that bad?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Baumi, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Jenz38
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    I would do it too Baumi, 'would check the Water- and Gas Pump ,if it looks nesessary install a new Gasket Set include the Freeze Plugs,in every Case a new T-chain and run it.
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    All jokes aside, if it's complete & runs, use it. When it breaks, any '64-up Poncho should bolt right back in.
  3. junkyardjeff
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    My next door neighbor's brother abused the supposed to be low mile replacement 301 I installed in his 79 or 80 Grand prix for a few years,the original 301 was not so lucky as it only lasted a couple years after he got the car from his mom but the replacement lasted longer but I seen traces of it being rebuilt when installing.
  4. studebaker eric
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    studebaker eric
    from Diablo Ca.

    Is it any good. If it is still intact and running 30 plus years after it was built, I would say it probably doesn't have the defects so many seeme to have, even if it has low miles.
  5. bostonhemi
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    Run it until it dies. Then get a 389 or larger. Dont spend any money on the 301.
  6. devilleish
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    from Tampa, FL

    I agree with bostonhemi. My 389 is the single best thing I could have done for my '55.

    Delivered by a blind carrier pigeon.
  7. 51pontiac
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    from Alberta

    Had one in a 1980 Trans Am... ran great, was good on gas, was not powerful. It is cheap, in your hands and will work... go for it, nothing to lose.
  8. tjs44
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    I just built a 383 stoker 301.It made 379HP and 430TQ.We used a TQ2 intake and cut it down to fit the shorter deck.Used #15 heads,326 crank and 6.135 BBC rods.FWIW,Tom
  9. monkeyspunk79
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    Ditto on the carbon. Friendly GM mechanic told me the same thing. Years ago, we had a 79 LeMans Safari with the 301 and it ran wonderfully for 130K. It was like a 350 and had plenty of oomph for that size car. Years later I owned a '78 Buick LeSabre with a 301 and I got into it a little bit.It was a dog in that large of a car but it moved down the road. It was a low-mileage motor and under the valve covers it was a giant chunk of carbon. Friend has one now in a late 70's GP and has the same issue.

    They'll run good but make sure you do a little seafoam or water sprinkle down a vacuum hose and de-carbonize that thing before you run it, especially if it was a grandma car and not driven much. Good luck. It should be a good runner just not a racecar.
  10. Had one in an 80 firebird, the engine ran great, surprisingly. the rear end got munched up after the throttle stuck when driving on ice. still have the turbo and manifold lying around
  11. my47buicksuper
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    from sunny fl.

    The engine's are junk I had a few trans ams with them if you drive like my grandpa it will get you by for awhile but don't expect much from it ,if it were me I would stay a way from it sell it or make a coffee table out of it , do like everyone else drop a ls1 in your Buick get 25-30mpg and have a good motor with power a/c and won't blow appart when you get on it
  12. I think Beach boys wrote a song about the Pontiac 301.
    "My POS 301"
  13. Colonial Coupe
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    Colonial Coupe

    Pontiac 301 will run and run well.[​IMG]n.
  14. Colonial Coupe
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    Colonial Coupe

    39. Don Himes Q/SA 13.80 13.081 -0.719
    Sorry but, I can't get the picture to post. But this a 301 4 barrel.
    A very under