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History ++ Pineapple Princess 1932 Roadster ++

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by NITROFC, Mar 14, 2010.

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    Anyone from the Great North know of the PINEAPPLE PRINCESS 32 ROADSTER it was a R&C feature back in 1963. Surfaced this wknd @ Boston WOW

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  2. Another famous Canadian hot rod was just discovered by a friend of mine. It was built in Regina in the late '50's/early '60's. It is a '29 Model A roadster. Here are some pics...

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  3. veedolpaul
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    What a great group of traditional old hot rods at this show. Im glad i went to Boston.
  4. I really like that '32 though. I have never seen or heard of it before but it is really boss.

  5. I see a Canadian trend. My 32 from back in the day.

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  6. Slick Willy
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    Slick Willy

    I found this link doing a search...

    I know fonze owns it now(guy with bandana in first pic) I believe his father owned a diner in Buzzards Bay that he took over after his father died. the diner is closed but now holds his car collection along with the garage out back. Hes a real cool cat, i got to talk to him a few years back while looking at an A roadster he had for sale... I wanted to pay more attention but i was worried his dogs were going to take my legs off!!
  7. signal_11
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    Built here in Calgary back in the day. Some of the guys in our club know the people who built it. It was a home garage build, hand stitched interior if the stories are true. It spent a lot of its life in Saskatchewan as well.

    I can ask for more details at the next meeting. Or you will find deets in that link above. :D
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    Thanks for the History Lesson
  9. beatnik
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    Couple shots from it's past

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  10. 1929rats
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    That car was TOO MUCH....One of my favorite 32's Ive seen in a while...and I dont say that lightly
  11. Dredging up this post from years ago. The roadster sat in a garage in east central Saskatchewan for years owned by a l-o-o-n-i-e old army guy who would chase you out of the yard with his m-37 truck if he didn't like you. And he didn't like very may people. Here's a pic taken by a friend of mine as it sat back then.

    The car that smacked the doorframe at the GNRS is loosely cloned after this car.

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  12. Ok, since its up top.
    I want to see more of the manifold and radiator hoses.
    I put in a call to Fonzies diner already.

    I know its a cragar blower manifold on truck style heads.
    Looking for details on the coolant take offs

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  13. In the 1st group of pictures it says the owners (at that time) were from Saskatoon, Sask. Yet I see it has "Vintage British Columbia" license plates. Can some one explain? Did this roadster spend some time in B.C.?
    Below are the rules that apply for these vintage plates:
    Vintage vehicles

    Do you own a piece of history? Why not show your antique vehicle off at special events and parades? Vintage licence plates allow you to do just that.

    Does my vehicle qualify?

    Your vehicle must be
    • at least 30 years old,
    • maintained as close as possible to its original condition with original parts,
    • restored to a condition that conforms as nearly as possible to the original manufacturer’s specifications,
    • owned as a collector’s item, and
    • mechanically sound.
  14. I can't speak for the BC plate. I'm assuming the owner from Saskatoon is the guy who rescued the car from the eccentric old gentleman who owned it for quite a while. It sat for many years at a roadside 'dealership'. The old guy would run you off the place if you asked too many questions, and/or tried insulting his intelligence or lowballing him on anything. Everyone around here knew about the car- a hot rod with a Hemi - but most were scared of him. He ran a buddy of mine off his place with his army truck. I was very fortunate to be able to sit in it and go over it. Lots of neat details. He wouldn't start it up, but I did sit in it and make vroom vrrom noises though....
  15. 74bowtie
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    Is this the car that was smashed at the GNRS.

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  16. Smashed one is a copy-
    Original is safe and sound in Fonzies diner museum.
  17. pg409
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    The car was sold at an equipment auction in Fort St John BC in the 1970's and was purchased by an RCMP Officer who took it with him when he was transferred to Kitimat BC. He then opened an OK tire store and had it there for a period of time.
    Then it was sold to Dwaine H of Prince George BC who had it for a few years and then Dwaine sold it to a fellow in Quesnel, BC.
    The Quesnel fellow then moved to Saskatchewan with the car.
    I last saw it in 2002 at the Super Run in Saskatoon.
  18. Do you have any info on the manifold ?
  19. pg409
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    Sorry....I do not...
  20. OneBad56
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    The original was then sold sometime after the Superrun show and headed south.

    It still exists in a small museum somewhere in Massachusetts, but not for sale.

    The original builder also built another similar one for a friend but with changes so it was not a copy.

    The original owner wanted to build his old roadster again.
    The newer version is a clone with modern updates.
    For instance, the carbs on each side of the blower are fake and a fuel injection system is hidden in the air cleaner. This version was a three year build at the Rod Shop in Calgary.
    Basically, just about everything was hand built and or modified.
    The Pineapple Princess II appeared in the 2013 Calgary World of Wheels show and had a non-running engine and incomplete wiring at the time.
    After the show, the wiring was complete and the engine was pulled and sent to a local engine shop where a small fortune was invested in it.

    It was being considered as a contender for the AMBR when the mishap occurred
    at the GNRS. Rumours of a stuck throttle are just that....rumours. Actual cause is still unknown.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2014
  21. spock
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    pilot error

  22. More fuel for the fire..

    As I understand the story; a fellow here in Saskatoon owned the car before it ended up in this Saskatchewan yard. As a birthday gift for his father, the son of the Saskatoon owner searched, located and bought back the Pineapple Princess for his dad. The Super Run appearance was during this second local go-round. At some point after this, word came around that a restauranteur in the States was looking for an AUTHENTIC/UNTOUCHED '50's hot rod for his business. The rumour around here at that time was that the Princess was available for purchase, but that an agreement was needed which provided the roadster could not be changed nor driven and that there would be a first right-of-refusal should it be sold again.

    Nice to see it still intact after sixty plus years! Hope it's being enjoyed!


    p.s. I believe the Pineapple Princess II that was at the G.N.R.S. was by the Calgary builder after he was unable to acquire (find?) his original roadster.

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