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Event Coverage Pigeon Forge Rod Run 2021

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by garage2small, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. garage2small
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    The Pigeon Forge Rod Run is a bit different from most car shows in that it covers a lot of ground, literally. While the judged portion of the show, the swap meet and the vendors are located at the large building and parking lot of the LeConte Center on a side street of town the real show is on 3 mile long section of the main hwy through the center of town. As you might expect of a vacation oriented town this main street is composed of dozens if not hundreds of motels, restaurants, gift shops, and amusement establishments of all sorts. The parking lots of these businesses are in front of each building and easily seen from the street. Almost every parking space is occupied by some sort of special interest car, ranging from muscle car to restmod, to r**rod, to well restored pickups, and even a few HAMB qualified real hot rods. The car owners who aren't content to just be stationary cruise up and down providing a rolling show for those who line the area between sidewalk and street with their lawn chairs or view from the motel balconies. From early morning to late at night the traffic up and down the boulevard is bumper to bumper moving along at a snails pace and the sidewalks are crowded with pedestrians, bicycles, and those dam scooter chairs, all taking in the show and being part of the show. A good many of the cars are for sale, some ready to enjoy as is and some projects. There were not very many HAMB appropriate cars, but I photographed a few, of particular interest were a pretty rare 1942 Ford coupe with a flat head and a 5 speed, a really rare 57 Chevy 210 sport coupe, and an amazing unrestored, but somewhat worse for the wear 55 Corvette that was all there nothing missing still with its original 265 engine 3 speed manual shift and convertible top. 20210918_122108.jpg 20210918_113959.jpg 20210918_114827.jpg 20210918_123836.jpg 20210918_123758.jpg 20210918_124525.jpg 20210918_135611.jpg 20210918_135729.jpg 20210918_135853.jpg 20210918_114928.jpg 20210918_135414.jpg 20210918_135427.jpg 20210918_135423.jpg 20210918_123939.jpg 20210918_124003.jpg 20210918_123113.jpg 20210918_123058.jpg 20210918_123120.jpg 20210918_123129.jpg
  2. Certainly a few interesting cars there, thanks.
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  3. Thanks, Gary!
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  4. SPEC
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    Excellent pictures.
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  5. loudbang
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    Good stuff, thanks :)
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  6. Stogy
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    Thanks for Sharing @garage2small those are some fine rides...that green paint and that 33...:confused:...I think are amazing...nice to see prices an average man can afford..
    Stockers I know but gotta start somewhere...
  7. catdad49
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    A Deuce of a different variety (‘42), some Stock Models A’s (for comparison) and other good stuff, Thanks!
  8. jim snow
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    jim snow

    Thanks for the photos. Snowman
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  9. unforgiven
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    from East Tn

    03A2747F-80B9-4BE6-9FF2-A0C2B3895ADB.jpeg 2956DAF2-FF06-4B7A-8A70-770976065C6B.jpeg
    this was inside the show. Was such a clean car
  10. i.rant
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    1. 1940 Ford

    Thanks for posting.:D
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  11. GordonC
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    Have always wanted to get over to this show. Thanks for posting!
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  12. catdad49
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    Me, too!
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  13. 40ragtopdown
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    Thanks for the pics.
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  14. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    appreciate you sharing
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