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Projects Picking parts- T V8-60

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by RileyRacing, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. I've been thinking long and hard lately about building an Improved Ford gow job. I'd really like to do it with a V8-60 and keep it to a 'pre war' look. Thing is, I know very little about early Ford parts, except what's in the Bishop/Tardel book, and that deals with big (85 HP) V8's and Model A's.

    Using a 26-27 frame and roadster body as a base, I emailed Mr. Tardel a few years ago about whittling a Deuce K member down to fit in a T frame, he was on board with it. Is that a viable option? Are there better ones?

    What wishbones would be the correct length (front and rear) assuming I don't want to split them if I don't have to?

    Would a 32 front axle and 32 rear axle be OK to use? I like the look of the 32 wire wheels, but can be persuaded.

    What would be the best torque tube to use?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a relative newbie to building early Fords with early Ford parts.


  2. If you can FIND a good V8-60, you'd be ahead of the game, they're not super common I've found.

    Personally, I wouldn't try to cut up a 32 crossmember to fit a T frame. I'd be inclined to make a crossmember to fit what needs to fit since there's so little to the T frame. I also think a V8-60 trans mounted with ears, not that flange like on a 32, so you'd probably have a simpler time of it. You can make a ball socket for an unsplit bone if that's how you want to do it. You'll probably be safe with most of the V8 era wishbones as far as clearing the V8. Lengthwise, well that depends where everything needs to go and where you want it to be.

    See what you can get a hold of as far as parts locally. Do you have this T body and frame or do you just want one?

    I think @blindowl 's T that ran at TROG was a V8-60 in a T frame. IDK if there's a build thread on that car anywhere though. Here's a pic from the 3rd Annual TROG thread:

  3. Thanks for the reply, Patmanta.

    I have a 1919-25 style frame and a similar vintage cowl for a closed car, but I really think I like the look of the "improved" T better. Other than the rear crossmember, I don't know as there is much difference in the frame itself.

    I'll keep digging around here to see what I can find. Just bought a membership at Piquette, and joined the Early Ford group (for info on building the 'kitchen sink' engine as a project with my teenage son). Hopefully I can turn up some parts. ;)

  4. Axle: Probably anything 28 to 36 is a safe bet (split boned).

    Wishbone: 33-36 will probably clear and be more on the short side than later bones.

    The 33-36 bones are for a 2" spring perch boss, so, essentially, I'm saying look for a 33-36 front end is what I'd suggest. I've got one I'd part with but I'm not real close to you geographically.

    I usually find this stuff on Craigslist or swaps.

    Are you looking to do mechanical brakes or juice?

  5. Option for a Torque Tube without cutting: Model A rear end and Torque Tube with spring perches welded ahead of the axle tubes linked to a T spring. This way your engine goes where it needs to go and you adjust the wheelbase by the spring location. The T frame has 3 less inches so the A tube is going to start off being too long. This, to me, is the simplest way to do it without cutting on the frame to lengthen it or shortening and balancing the torque tube.
  6. Wow. That's really good stuff in both posts. Thank you for that!

    Juice brakes.

    I was just reading about the spring in front yesterday on a different thread. I think it was a flip/swap side to side Model A axle if I remember correctly.

    Again, many thanks.

  7. If you're going to go the weld on spring ahead 28-31 rear end route, do yourself a favor and flip the axle tubes around so the stock spring perches don't interfere with the brake cylinder or whatever rear rods you use. you could cut them off too I suppose.

    I'm thinking that the front end would probably end up ahead of the front crossmember with unsplit bones, which isn't a big deal probably. A "suicide perch" off the stock front crossmember would likely be able to put it where it needs to go and still have your linkage behind the axle. Tough to know without all the rusty legos laid out though.

    As @-Brent- points out, doing this on an A chassis is going to be loads easier, but personally, I like the idea and challenge presented by trying to use the T frame.
  8. boo
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    from stuart,fl.

  9. OK, thanks. Although with the limited space in a T, I'm thinking that the smaller trans may be better...

    I didn't know the 60 even came in trucks! I learned something new, and it's not even 7 AM. ;)


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