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Pic Request: Model A 5 Window Coupes

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by alteredpilot, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Jr. Fueler
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    Jr. Fueler

  2. titus
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    my model A coupe gasser project
  3. titus
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    couple one i started but never finished and sold
    MVC-043S.JPG MVC-003S (3).JPG
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  4. Cleat
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    from Gifford WA

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  5. -Brent-
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    A couple favorites.

    PSX_20200225_194223.jpg PSX_20180726_155648.jpg PSX_20181227_230929.jpg 195962_10150222521684988_372860494987_9244285_3561307_n_zps233242bd.jpg Freakin A and Brent's Model A Coupe.jpg
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  7. bchctybob
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  8. Blue One
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    Don’t know if anyone else mentioned this but just a reminder that there is no such thing as a Model A 5 window coupe.
    They are just Model A coupes and they aren’t called 5 windows because they all have that many windows unlike later models such as the 32 Model B that was offered in a 3 window or a 5 window coupe.
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  9. rudestude
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    Apparently the 3 window model A was being thought about, they supposedly built 2 of them( proto types). tapatalk_jpeg_1620215833202.jpeg tapatalk_jpeg_1620215780470.jpeg

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    Talk about envy… my brother did not have a car of any kind at age 14, so he told everyone he wanted to buy a car at age 15. My dad, thinking he would not have enough money said ok, if you can afford it. We all chuckled at the idea of a 15 year old kid buying a car.

    Come to find out that his friend that lived nearby was a year older and at age 16 had a nice 1934 5 window Ford Coupe. It had a variety of Oldsmobile motors and a 3 speed LaSalle transmission(s). It was pure teenage envy during this time. So, when my brother was 15, he actually had saved/earned enough money to buy the 1951 Pale Yellow Oldsmobile 2 door sedan.


    But, what happened to this cool 1951 Oldsmobile Sedan? His eyes were still on that 1934 coupe and every time he rode in it, he wanted a faster coupe or sedan to be at least equal to his friend’s 34. So, he told me to go with him to see a Model A coupe that we had seen several blocks away. It was hidden under a canvas tarp, so not too many people knew what was under it. We had seen it many times on the road and on the way to/from our junior high school.

    He bought the Model A coupe to my delight. A new build Model A Coupe for him and his cool yellow Oldsmobile Sedan would be mine in a few years. I was happy. We towed the Model A home, started to get it cleaned up to see if we could get it to start up and run. He already knew that a 283 SBC with dual quads was going in, but wanted to sell the stock 4 cylinder motor and trans/driveline as a running set up. So, we got it to run.

    But as teenage adventures go, it did not last too long as my brother already knew of another friend that wanted to buy the Model A coupe. Money was to be made, so he sold it as fast as possible. Why? The Gas Coupe build was now history… but, within a week, a new black 1958 348/280 hp Impala was sitting in our driveway as his next real car.

    The Model A was gone and so was our first hot rod build. Besides, when both of us sat in the seats in our, “around the block(s) drive,” it was a little cramped for two big teenagers. But, the excitement of the old Model A that we got running far surpassed the discomfort in seating.

    In late 1959, after the tumultuous A/Stock car racing every week, he knew the writing was on the wall with his 58 Impala versus the new, more powerful Chevys and Fords showing up weekly at Lion’s Dragstrip. So, his thoughts went back to building a Gas Coupe for competition. He now had the competitive bug and it would not stop.


    Riverside Raceway Pisano Brothers Model A

    We went to Riverside Raceway to see a huge Westcoast drag race meet. The race cars in attendance were one for the books. As we walked around the early morning, we saw a red 1929 Model A coupe sitting in the pits. It was the end results of what ours would have looked like back a few years.
    upload_2021-5-6_3-38-25.png Joe Pisano Model A Coupe A/G class
    It was set up almost the way we liked and it immediately drew our attention to another build. This time, we already had a fast sedan to race at Lion’s Dragstrip and locally in town. But, a street legal gas coupe idea never went away my brother’s brain. So, we talked about it all the way home and into the next few weeks.

    I could see the race of races at Lion’s Dragstrip in my mind: The black 5 Window 34 Ford Coupe versus the red Model A Coupe in the next lane over. Oldsmobile Power versus SBC Power, coupe versus coupe, friend versus friend…etc. Then, after the total Model A build, there would be two hot cars in our garage/yard. So, my future teenage years were running through my head.

    Well, that scenario did not happen as planned. A lighter weight 1940 Willys Coupe came into the picture and the whole scene changed for our first hot rod build and history.

    But, following the history of the original Model A coupe we saw at Riverside, it became fast and faster in various changes to its looks and of course, power.

    1961 Winternationals:


    Street legal for the Gas Coupe and Sedan Class. Period Correct for 1959-62 era.

    The Model A coupe was the first of many projects and dreams that ran through teenage minds during those early hot rod days. At least, I got to drive a 4 cylinder Model A coupe around the neighborhood for a short time... But, "what if…"

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