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Event Coverage PHOTOS: Goodguys West Coast Nationals, Pleasanton Ca.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 49ratfink, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. What's not to like about a HEMI-powered Deuce Hiboy? :D ...

    HEMI Deuce Hiboy.jpg
  2. Erik & Okansa Hansen's Deuce Fordor (built by Tim Strange at Strange Motion Rod & Custom) was a "Finalist" for the "2018 America's Most Beautiful Street Rod" award:

    Erik & Okansa Hansen's Deuce Fordor (1).jpg
    Erik & Okansa Hansen's Deuce Fordor (2).jpg
    Erik & Okansa Hansen's Deuce Fordor (3).jpg
  3. Thom & Tim (@rusty rocket) Van Pelt's '28 Hiboy (all the way from Piedmont, South Dakota) was very appropriately picked for the "Timeless Traditional" award:

    Thom & Tim Van Pelt - Piedmont, SD - '28 Hiboy - Timeless Traditional award.JPG

    NOTE: Checkout @Blake 27's Timeless Traditional Pick thread for more pics of this cool little AV8 roadster.
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  4. This was a good time. I hadn't been in a long time. I went to the first show 32 years ago in the back seat of my parent's '37 before my first birthday & again when I was maybe 11 or 12.
  5. ts3x65mph
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    Thanks Todd for picking our coupe for your Fathers award.It means alot to a bay area guy. Your father did a lot for our hobby & drove a Bitchin 5w a lot.I hope I can make your family proud & drive the snot out of it.That's what there for.Thanks again.
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  6. Beppie -

    The honor & pleasure is all mine!

    Your 3w is simply the "Bitchin-est" ... my father would have loved it ... a true HOT ROD that is driven! ... and an owner that "get's it".

  7. Tony & Paula Jurado's '57 Chevy [built by Bill (@slixauto) Ganahl & his team at South City Rod and Custom] was picked for the "Period Perfect" award:

    Tony Jurado - '57 Chevy - Period Perfect award (2).JPG
    Tony Jurado - '57 Chevy - Period Perfect award (1).jpg
  8. jim snow
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    jim snow

    Thanks for the photos. Snowman
  9. Bill Burnham's "Ol' Blue" 1929 Ford Hiboy:

    Billy B Ol' Blue '29 Hiboy.jpg
  10. Tom Gloy's (Brizio built) "FASBOY" channeled Deuce roadster:

    Tom Gloy.JPG
  11. Mike (@CHR MIKE) Smith's Model A Coupe:

    Mike Smith (1).JPG
    Mike Smith (2).JPG
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  12. Jim Bringhurst's Deuce Hiboy:

    Blown ARDUN Deuce Hiboy.JPG
    Original Henry 32 roadster body and frame ... 293 ci. aluminum ARDUN ... Original SCoT 500cc supercharger with 2 Stromberg 48s ... Richmond 4 speed ... Original Halibrand magnesium quick change ... Early smoothie 16 inch Halibrand magnesium sprint car wheels
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  13. pgan
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    I don't spend much time on the internet, so I just happened upon this thread today. Wow. Best event coverage I've ever seen. RatFink, not only do you know how to take great car photos, but you also have a very good eye for great rods and customs. I walked and cruised that fairgrounds for three full days, and didn't even see about a third of those cars. Excellent. And Todd, you sort of stole the thread, but with excellent amplification. You learned quite well at your father's knee. But even more than the excellent photos and info, this event--and especially this pinpointed coverage of it--makes me feel relieved and encouraged that the rod and custom world is thriving (despite so much else...). This includes--as you so well show--plenty of good oldies still on the road, looking good, and participating. Plus plenty of great new builds, both traditional and contemporary, with plenty of tasty new ideas. Yes, yes. Thankyou, thankyou.

    Pat Ganahl
  14. chop job
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    chop job
    from Wisconsin

    Still miss old BILLY.
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  15. I wholeheartedly agree!

    Pat - Thanks for the kind words ... much appreciated! ... and yes, I did sort of steal @49ratfink's thread ... but only after asking his permission (i.e., Mike & I have been friends since the late '70s).
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  16. ^^^ This is Don Waldron's Model A Roadster ... and it just happens to be the subject of today's TJJ Blog by @J.Ukrop ... entitled Along for the Ride.
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