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Phoenix System Reverse Brake Bleeder

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 2many projects, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Phoenix System Brake Bleeder...............Will it bleed a system when the master cylinder is located beneath the floor and below the level of the 4 bleeder screws?

    The theory seem okay on a conventional firewall mounted master cylinder but I question if it will do our street rods with below floor m.c. setups.

    Hate spending money on something that might not work.

    I used Speed Bleeders on my last build and they worked okay but this is something unknown to me.
  2. Fogger
    Joined: Aug 18, 2007
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    I've used the Russell speed bleeders on the last 2 builds, work great. Check with the manufacturer as to using the Phoenix system with your master cylinder position.
  3. Tomorrow I'll look into Speed Bleeders too. I know they work well from my last brake overhaul on my '36.
    My '47 needs bleeding and the Phoenix System does intriqe me. It's that deal with the m.c. below the floor that makes me question it's usefullness.

    Anyone on the HAMB try it yet?

  4. FFFFrank
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    What was wrong with the speed bleeders? Cheap, easy and have always worked for me?
  5. You're right regarding the SPEED BLEEDERS.
    They worked perfectly when I replaced the entire braking systm in my '36 Ford w/ GM brake components.
    I used DOT 5 fluid also. That stuff is difficult to bleed but slow and steady with the Speed Bleeders worked fine in my case.
    S. B's are very inexpensive too.
  6. A rep from Sppedway Bleeder returned my call last night.
    He assured me his bleeder will do an under floor m.c. Just fine.
  7. Yes it works just fine.
  8. robertrj
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    Maybe I was doing something wrong but I couldn't get it to reverse bleed my rear brakes with an 10lb inline residual check valve. It worked good on an OT truck and the front brakes.
  9. Speed bleeders work well and the Phoenix system also works well.... just not together. The Phoenix system essentially forces the fluid backwards throught the system. Speed bleeders are really only one-way valves that let the fluid flow out but not in backwards. Since the Phoenix system forces the fluid into the system "backwards" they don't want to work together very well since the speed bleeders prevent the fluid from going into the system backwards through the valve.

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