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Hot Rods Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wstory, Aug 9, 2023.

  1. Bandit Billy
    Joined: Sep 16, 2014
    Posts: 11,385

    Bandit Billy

    I wish the neighbor kids would stay off my grass! :mad:

    I grow that for my own personal consumption! :cool:
  2. brando1956
    Joined: Jun 25, 2017
    Posts: 185


    I had a pet peeve. Until it ran away with my pet rock.
  3. alanp561
    Joined: Oct 1, 2017
    Posts: 4,303


    At the risk of crossing a line drawn by Ryan, I will answer you with this. I fail to see where I have ever presented myself as an expert in anything but the art of welding. I sell a part occasionally in the classifieds, but I'm not an expert in the sale of antique automotive parts. If I were, I wouldn't give things away that I know I'll never use to people who can actually use them. One of the reasons I like buying things from HAMB members is the requirement that there has to be a price on every item in an ad. I seriously doubt that anyone buying or selling in the HAMB classifieds considers what they are doing "a silly game". I comparison shop when I'm buying, whether it be from HAMB members or automotive warehouses and the one thing they all have in common is a price on their items. You had to put a price on the one and only item you sold through the classifieds, how did you determine that price? You probably looked around in a few places to see what a similar item was selling for and priced yours accordingly, just as I do. As for your statement, "honesty is thrown out the window in most sales situations", are you implying that most of the people who sell on this site are dishonest? If you are, then I'm offended by that remark for I've had nothing but good experiences both buying and selling here.
  4. Bandit Billy
    Joined: Sep 16, 2014
    Posts: 11,385

    Bandit Billy

    Excellent rant! One of my faves and I mean that (for once) :cool:. I could source parts from a store or internet but I like buying here, from people that are of the same mind set. The money I pay for parts that I need, goes to another guy that will buy something he needs from another member and so forth and so on. I shop our classifieds daily comfortable in the knowledge that my money is being "recycled" back into the hobby and not headed to China. That said I usually only buy from guys that have been here a while as I feel that they have been vetted.
  5. trevorsworth
    Joined: Aug 3, 2020
    Posts: 1,368


    My biggest pet peeve is walking into a nursing home and hearing all the crotchety old dudes ranting about shit that pisses them off... :eek:
  6. Mr cheater
    Joined: Aug 18, 2010
    Posts: 602

    Mr cheater

    Signs on half finished cars that say. All the hard work is done
  7. twenty8
    Joined: Apr 8, 2021
    Posts: 2,034


    The great thing about doors is that they work both ways, in and out............;)
  8. trevorsworth
    Joined: Aug 3, 2020
    Posts: 1,368


    Only teasing!
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  9. Sky Six
    Joined: Mar 15, 2018
    Posts: 7,944

    Sky Six
    from Arizona

    • Just because you bought a big can of Bondo, doesn't mean you have to use it all at once.:):)
  10. scoop
    Joined: Jul 4, 2001
    Posts: 1,449


  11. bangngears
    Joined: Aug 30, 2007
    Posts: 1,125

    from ofallon mo

    OK. For the last time here is the difference between a hot rod and a street rod. A hot rod has three pedals, no fenders and scares the crap out of old people, dogs and children coming down the street. Street rods have full fenders, automatic transmissions, air conditioning, cruise control, radio, heater and are quiet.
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  12. 05snopro440
    Joined: Mar 15, 2011
    Posts: 1,080


    Your average fenderless AV8 or 32 with a straight-piped flathead only scares the driver. :p
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  13. they scared plenty of old ladies back in the 50s!

    now those are so slow that regular traffic is scarier than them... still infinitely cooler.
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  14. jbon64
    Joined: Jul 26, 2006
    Posts: 510


    those rent-a-scooters at big car shows
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  15. williebill
    Joined: Mar 1, 2004
    Posts: 3,221


    I'm old. Hot rods don't scare me. When they do, I'll turn in my membership card.
  16. MCjim
    Joined: Jun 4, 2006
    Posts: 839

    from soCal

    and are mostly driven by "old people".
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  17. BJR
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 9,356


    My next dog is going to be named “Peeves “ So I can say this is my pet…. Peeves
  18. Joe Blow
    Joined: Oct 29, 2016
    Posts: 1,412

    Joe Blow

  19. this is only the greatest workmanship to make it fall apart like this without any special effects
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  20. 2OLD2FAST
    Joined: Feb 3, 2010
    Posts: 4,864

    from illinois

    Define Old ?
  21. Joe Blow
    Joined: Oct 29, 2016
    Posts: 1,412

    Joe Blow

    It's a humorous metaphor for shoddy workmanship.....not a literal example.
  22. nrgwizard
    Joined: Aug 18, 2006
    Posts: 2,203

    from Minn. uSA

    I'm amazed this thread has gone on this long. LMAO - there are more than a few who should write comedy, be better than what's on the Transcendental-Vegetation device, I imagine. Haven't checked to see iffen there's a full - or new - moon out, but if you guys aren't real careful-like, the current HAMB might resemble the past HAMB of 15+yrs ago. Go for it!
    Ah-HA! Full moon, + Super-moon, + Blue moon, all together. 'Til the ~30th, let the effects continue... :D
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2023
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  23. Kerrynzl
    Joined: Jun 20, 2010
    Posts: 2,805


    No No No No !

    It is understeer that scares the driver ....... And oversteer that scares the passengers :)
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  24. cstenz
    Joined: Aug 27, 2011
    Posts: 26

    from Tennessee

    Vinyl striping tape or vinyl lettering on a restoration. Self adhesive vinyl has only been around maybe 30 years at best, so why someone cheapes out on their restored vehicle is beyond me. Owners have told me they have spared no cost to get OEM head bolts, OEM washers for the door handles etc., etc. They spend years doing a beautiful job and then go and stick some imported vinyl material on their project.
    Rant over.
  25. Stan Back
    Joined: Mar 9, 2007
    Posts: 2,060

    Stan Back
    from California

    . . . . not over yet!

    I think it's just stupid to put a racing designation (along with a number) on a car that shows how little what you know about what that means and somehow might be correct.
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  26. 51504bat
    Joined: May 22, 2010
    Posts: 4,579


    People who hose off their car, truck, trailer, or whatever just before they post the photo of it on Craigslist. Nothing says poor inattention to detail and POS than water dripping from the car and puddles underneath. If you can't take the time to hose off all the dirt and bird shit before taking the photo what else did you neglect to do?
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  27. Lone Star Mopar
    Joined: Nov 2, 2005
    Posts: 3,680

    Lone Star Mopar

    Old cars with modern wheels, modern radios, modern interiors..
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  28. tim troutman
    Joined: Aug 6, 2012
    Posts: 759

    tim troutman

    getting my pet peeve post deleted
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  29. 62rebel
    Joined: Sep 1, 2008
    Posts: 3,232


    PET PEEVE? Most anything that reminds me I'm still alive except my Raccoon.
  30. Commodoreswab
    Joined: Feb 12, 2011
    Posts: 339

    from West TN

    Other than the person with no clue seeking to tell you or other people about the car it's the value thing and the conversation usually goes along these lines.
    "What's it worth?"

    "I don't know it was my grandfather's (38 sedan) and something I won't sell and since there aren't any for sale (Lincoln zephyr) there's no comparison."

    "No, but really what would you sell this one for?"

    "It was my grandfather's, I won't sell it. I want to pass it down to my son"

    "Come on everything has a price, just tell me"

    "I said it's not for sale"

    "Just throw out a number!"

    "Ok fine, 2 million"

    "Damn you really don't want to sell it"

    . . .here's your sign . . .
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