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Technical Perch pin bolts

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Charlie Chops 1940, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. I'm fitting a CE 47" beam to split '40 bones. The plain pins I had from Speedway fit the bones okay but are larger than the CE axle perch holes and won't go through. The axle is right around .620" and the meat of the pin is just shy of .670".

    Before I go looking for the right pin, if one exists,I'd like to know whether the axle is wrong or the pin I have is wrong. I can turn the pins down to go through the axle as the tapered head and tapered bottom washer do the locating but I'm just curious what the mismatch stems from.

    Any thoughts?
  2. remi
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    from nb, canada

    My guess would be the axle. I have a CE axle and Pete and Jakes perch bolts and they fit just fine. I believe the bolts should be .6875" or 11/16" with a 5/8"-18 thread. the axle should be the same size as the perch bolt.
  3. Remi - yeah, it's the axle. I had a look at another CE axle this morning and it was a loose 11/16" - which my pins fit just fine. This axle came with this car and must have been special ordered with 5/8" perch holes.

    I'll jig it up and drill it to 11/16".


  4. hook00pad
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    Along the same line, does anyone know of a source for the 48 perch bolts which have the two mounting loops at the upper end for the dogbones/torsion arm mount?

    Thanks, Hook

  5. An update. I set the axle up in the mill this morning and drilled it to 11/16". The perch bolts fit perfectly along with the split bones. It's under the car being mocked up for ride height and caster.

    What I found was that the axle holes had been sleeved down to 5/8" - so that a 5/8" grade 5 bolt could be used as a perch pin. Wouldn't have been too bad of an idea if the brain behind that had machined some tapered washers to take up the slack. This was just one of the conditions in the front suspension that contributed to a less than acceptable steering response.


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