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Projects Paying it forward revised on 4-14-16

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by timwhit, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hamb Nation: I look around my garage and see things I know I'll not likely ever use so I'm going to get rid of some stuff. I have this headlight with Ford script on the lens and bucket, and I think it is for a '35 Ford pickup. It's in decent shape and free for the asking if you pay the shipping. Here's a pic, let me know. Please be honest about needing it rather than wanting it. Tim 012.JPG 019.JPG This headlight went to California.
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  2. Good on ya, wish I had a need for it. looks pretty dang good.
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  3. olscrounger
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    great gesture
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  4. Ha !! I wish you needed $20 bucks shipping, as much as I'd want to have it !! Paypal ready for friends and family if your rules change Tim !! Great gesture regardless. Making the HAMB Great Again.
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  5. Like I mentioned, If you NEED it, I'll send it to you.
  6. Stand up thing to do. Almost makes me want to go out and buy a one-eyed '35 p/up just so I can take advantage of your generosity.:D;)
  7. You reminded me of it (was an older pay it forward thread) when you offered those free Ford parts the other day.
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  8. The headlight fits '35-'37 Ford truck. Lens, ring, and reflector fits '35 car and '35-'39 truck.
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  9. Thanks.
  10. deuce1932
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    from Australia

    the true spirit of hot rodding:cool:
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  11. The headlight is on it's way to California for Hamber budget36. Back to the garage to see what else is there.
  12. onekoolkat1950
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  13. Postal service is scary. Budget36 got his headlight today, I just mailed it Monday!!! Kentucky to California?! I have this piece of a 33-34 firewall. Surely someone is wanting to repair a SBC "knotch". Remember, if you need it (not just want it), it's yours for free, just send me your complete address and pay the shipping. Tim 102.JPG Firewall went to Virginia
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  14. I sure could use that piece. My 33 needs tons of patches! Sent you a pm @timwhit
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  15. Gotta save this old dirt tracker and get it back on the street!

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  16. I think we have a winner! Show us more pics Jason. Can't get enough of them three winders. Tim
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  17. If you look close you can still see the number 5 on the door!

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  18. She needs some help were gonna bring her back.
  19. Here's something else I hope I never need. A '32 shock with the arm. It's the 2 1/2" thick shock. It's fairly heavy so I hope who ever needs it isn't too far away. Like before, if you NEED it, it's yours free for the shipping cost. I have it boxed up already. Tim 001.JPG Found a new home in Texas
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  20. I keep trying to revise the date in the title but the link ain't workin.
  21. Shoulda mentioned that I couldn't move the arm by hand.

  22. LOL I was thinking he was giving the coupe away and wondering where I was going to get the gas money. :D :D

    I usually got stuff in my stash but I haven't gone through it in a while. Once I am released to go play I should just dig around, we have to trim down the hoard anyway. ;)

    @Nailhead Jason I am sure that I don't have any model 40 pieces around, (although I could use the A pillars and windshield area on a project) but as the project goes on if you let me know what your needs are I may have a little help laying around for you. ;)
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  23. Fortunateson
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    I sent you a PM.
  24. I'd sure like this to wind up on a TROG or hill climb car.
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  25. I'm sending this BTTT in hopes someone will see it soon. Then we'll move on to something else that's just laying around destined to not be used.
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  26. bttt
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  27. Not sure we're going to find a home for this shock. I'll give it a couple of days then move on to something else. I'd rather give this stuff to a Hamber than wait for another slow boring swapmeet to come around. Tim

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