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History Part of Bill Waddill's Hot Rod is Found in Switzerland!

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Daughter of a Hot Rodder, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. I have been looking specifically for two of my Dad's (Bill Waddill) hot rods for quite some time now. See my original post by searching "Waddill," going to page two and seeing the thread Looking for Bill Waddill's Hot Rods. In 2009 I wrote a book about him titled "The Original Hot Rodder" and a gentleman from Switzerland contacted me about getting a copy. To make a long story short, he owns the chassis from my Dad's '32 roadster. He had purchased it in Germany at a swap meet; and it came with a Michigan registration with the VIN number listed on it and on the chassis. I have the same Michigan registration from 1954 and the numbers matched!!! We were both shocked to find this out. He has reproduced a salt lake racer and once he found out the chassis was Daddy's, he memorialized the car to him. The story is astonishing! 4c0c0575f2a6b54e66b0d6c403a62804.jpg 7cb3b0782cf2ebae814a7fc64b01cbae.jpg 67ad96e993d23701598b185cdba057f1.jpg 67ec67dd833b35d4fe649fd5a26434ee.jpg 5914feff2b1db78c665e17369e9797c7.jpg 56147e5beb5fbd1a935a3adce370a10b.jpg bc04e33714a19989a88f5f8592d8cfd8.jpg 4c0c0575f2a6b54e66b0d6c403a62804.jpg
  2. AWESOME !!!! ......and at the same time.....what the hell ? Amazing how these things get wings huh ? Or floats ? None can know how it arrived in Germany. Pretty cool though...
  3. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    Holy smokes! Looks like another chapter to be added to your next book.
  4. I'm glad that you've learned of its whereabouts. Do you have more pics? Tim

  5. What a cool story!
  6. mrquickwhip
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    That's a great must be real happy
  7. amazing indeed!
    He looks like he did a hell of a nice job with it, you couldnt ask for anything more.
  8. SicSpeed
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    from Idaho

    How perfect

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  9. Now that is KICKASS cool
  10. dan griffin
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    dan griffin

    Is this the same car that had a Buick in it?
  11. 296ardun
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    What a great story!

    If you have not bought a copy of Kathy Anne's book "The Original Hot Rodder," I urge you to do so...Bill Waddill was the first hot rodder east of the Mississippi to set a Bonneville record, and this book has all his history, including his Bonneville, drag racing, and sports car racing...along with lots of U.S. history as well, well written and is an incredible tribute to a great hot rodder but also a real slice of hot rodding history...
  12. wow....really cool you found the frame......
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  13. dmac620
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    I am always amazed that the HAMB has close to 220,000 members but stories such as these makes it seem like such a close knit family. Awesome...
  14. Super cool. :)
  15. That is one cool story!
  16. ss34coupe
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  17. The37Kid
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    Great story, hope to see some photos of the car back in racing days. Bob
  18. 1932 Roadster.jpeg In 1951 this car had a 296 cu. in. '46 Merc engine, eight cylinders, Evans and Edelbrock head, Edelbrock manifold; Smith, Harmon and Collins camshaft; and a Kong, Harmon and Collins magneto ignition. I have added a picture of the car from 1951
  19. Prime example that with a little luck and some research that long lost pieces of automotive history can be uncovered from around the world!

    Great story,I hope you will keep us up to date as the car nears completion. HRP
  20. mgtstumpy
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    Just proves the world is now getting smaller. Wouldn't have been possible 10yrs ago. Awesome story.
  21. The car is now on the original chassis! Body and Chassis together (2).jpg
  22. I can't tell you how much this thread thrills me!!. Now to see the body on the correct frameis awesome! I can only imagine how much this pleases you.....tim
  23. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Yep. "Re-United...and it feels so good..."
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  24. I still have not found my Dad's (Bill Waddill) '32 Ford highboy roadster. Please take a look at this pdf to see if you have seen it!

    Attached Files:

  25. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    now that's a classy reunion...
    to sell a rod overseas you need all the info... cool you both kept it .
    is that you pinstriping the car ?... perfect touch.
  26. It is not me pinstriping the car--it is an Italian graphic artist!
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  27. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    Any idea where 'The Speed Shop' from the above pic was located?
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  28. Petejoe
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    from Zoar, Ohio

    Just a guess since the PDF picture showed a speed shop sign from Flint Michigan.

    In Flint, Michigan in the early '50s it was The Speed Shop on Fenton Road-run by the "famous" Bill Waddill. He closed up to be replaced by Ogorek's (sp?) Kustom Equipment on Richfield Road-known for it's Kustom Tunnel Tube Headers.
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  29. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
    Posts: 10,213

    from Burton, MI

    Awesome. My computer (work) won't let me open the PDF. Thx! I may go looking for the building.
  30. I have a little bit of an update about this car. It was a highboy when my Dad bought it and he channeled it to make it a roadster. The "current" owner turned it back into a highboy. The current owner may be named Linden or Lyndon and he lived in Nebraska when he owned the car. He has since moved to Arizona. I do not know if the car went with him or not. Apparently he just had a red 3 or 5-window hot rod in a hot rod publication (Hot Rod Deluxe perhaps), so if you know the spelling of his name and what magazine it was; please let me know! This is all that I have learned about this car in the last couple of years. I am ready for a new project, as Daddy's '53 pickup called the Blue Goose is now done! '53 May 17, 2017 024.JPG
    '53 May 17, 2017 023revised.jpg

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