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Folks Of Interest out of respect for Norm, the T and tradition dropping Kookie Kar/T seems right

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Curt R, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Norm Grabowski was a real hot rod guy, built a real hot rod T and stayed a real hot rod guy. Kookie was a TV series hot rod guy character, kinda. There is no comparison between Norm and Kookie. Norm and the T were and always will be part of the real hot rod community, Kookie not so much.
    Being of the age to remember the first magazine coverage of the Grabowski T, when the TV series started, I didn't like the Kookie T/Kar moniker hung on the T. At the time, I understood the publicity angle and I understand that a lot of people were initially exposed to a hot rod due to the TV series but, today for reality and traditionally the T is and always will be Norm's.
    Hopefully, the T's appearance will be returned to a time period that is representative of Norm's ownership and any future reference to it will identify it as Norm's T, a real hot rod built by a real hot rod guy.

    Curt R
  2. missysdad1
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    Have no fear. Norm's hot rod will always be "Grabowski's T" to anybody who matters.

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  3. The "T" transcends the TV show which makes it rather unique and is not the usual case. Hollywood movers and shakers are well known for taking vehicles from their private collections to do onscreen cameos in feeble attempts to add sparkle and enhance the value. That TV/Movie connection is overused and overrated. I'd like to think that the "Grabowski T" was iconic enough as it stood, before being changed for the TV show, so it didn't need the show..... the show needed it.

    Returning it to its roots would be a good move from the perspective of the purist community. If that doesn't happen and the new owner keeps the "Kookie trim", the "T" will continue to transcend on its own merit as it did at the beginning. It has more history than most cars we can think of. The show is just a snapshot of one moment in that history. A car built just to be used for the show, wouldn't bother any of us much if it was eventually used like a carnival sideshow attraction. But let's hope that's not the way this one ends up. Even movie actors get to put away their costumes when the movie wraps up.
  4. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Like most 'iconic pieces', the little Grabowski 'T' has been the center of many rumors:
    "A guy died in it, in a movie. That's why Von Franco had to make a clone."
    "77 Sunset Strip ended, and the car was taken apart so there'd never be another one."

    These were two 'stories' I heard, made me laugh.
    The big one, though? A certain former celebrity was telling how "he and Norm used to go cruising Bob's and the Broiler...Yep. In the 77 Sunset Strip T. "We'd cruise all weekend..."
    The celeb was born in 1955. He would have been young...
    The pic of Norm with his neice in the baby seat...I 'unkindly' pointed to it, and asked: "This wasn't you, no, couldn't be..."
    He's still mad at me.

  5. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

    I want to know who the "other guy " is.? Is he still alive?

    who owns the one like above , Franco cloned?
  6. Rusty O'Toole
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    Rusty O'Toole

    See Norm driving the T in this episode of Peter Gunn, the coolest detective series ever. Keep watching, Norm and friend show up at 2:25 in Rockabilly's roadhouse.

    Bad copy

    Better copy but incomplete
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  7. Harms Way
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    Harms Way

    Went to go visit ol' Norm at his home back in 2006... As expected it was a fun event.... Norm had a way of being 100% himself,... And a little "on the stage" at the same time. During that time he showed me plans of a new project (that would unfortunately never become reality).... We talked about the "Henweigh" (which he still had) and a number of other cars (The T Touring that became the "Porter" in "My Mother the Car") ......

    Maybe not HAMB friendly ,...... But the subject of "what we leave behind" came up.... Norm was well aware of what current configuration his old T Roadster was in (pearl white, with the twin blowers and hi-back buckets)... And would have liked to see it as it was originally built....But he said..... After all,... It's just steel,.... Not flesh and blood. It's what's left behind......After he showed me a handmade "Von Dutch" hammer,.... He said,... " Its not unlike this,... Dutch made it to be creative, not knowing it would have value beyond his imagination,.... It was just a project to occupy his creative time.....At the end, It's men that put value on material things,....... The one thing we don't enter or leave this life with"....

    So what did Norm leave behind ?...... Yes his motivation to build a hot rod that captured my imagination at a young age,.... And a Hot Rod that inspired thousands,..... But as Norm said to me (with the only serious expression I had ever seen on his face)...... It's not what you leave behind that matters,.... It's what you take with you.....

    Norm,...... I hope you took with you, As much as you left behind......
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