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Our Son's 2nd Tour lands him in France

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TooMany2count, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I know some of you have asked about our son Joe who is in the Marines, so here's that latest update on him..

    We didn't tell his mom that he was coming home, she thought he was going to Utah for 5days before he came home. He left NC on 8-5 at about 1pm & high tailed it home. He stayed at a friends house over night & drove in the following day. He called me when he was about 5miles from home & said he'll do a burn out in the driveway to surprise his mom.

    Well the time came and I was blocking the window as we talked because I knew he'd be here anytime. All of a sudden we hear this loud squealing noise in the driveway & Denise was trying to look around me to see what it was. I looked at her & smiled & then she realized it was our son. She jumped up & said "Why that little Mother Fucker" & ran to the side door. She grabbed him & hugged him like she hadn't seen him in years. It put a BIGG SHIT eating grin on her face & a smile you can't wipe off.

    So we had him for 15days before he went back to Camp Leguene & headed overseas for his 2nd tour. I sure wished we could have slow down the time so we could enjoy his time home even more, but we'll took what we what we have been given.

    Joe was shipped out to go overseas about 3 weeks ago & it's been very quite around the house w/out him & no phone calls. Well yesterday got better by 100%, Joe called us from France. He says he's doing GREAT & has even been given 18hrs worth of shore leave since he had been on Shore Patrol Duty for the past 2days. It was great to hear his happy & excited voice once again. He said the country is amazing but the roads & drivers are crazy. He talked about how small the roads are & how he could never drive his truck down them because of their size. He also told us he was asked to leave a shopping mall because he was drinking. He told us you can drink basicly ANYWHERE in France but the malls so they asked him to kindly leave, which made no difference to him.

    The one thing that just shocked the holy living cr@p outta me was that it cost him $28.26 a minute :eek::eek::eek: to talk to us. You would think that the US Goverment would have some kind of phone network for the military people. I guess we're going to have to find some Universal European phone cards for that guy so it doesn't cost so dang much to call home to us.

    If any of you would like his address or email address just let me know.
    Also here's a couple of pics from when he was at home, 1st one is Joe w/his mom, myself and our dogs in front of his truck, the 2nd his Joe w/his grandmother and the last two is after a long day of partying w/a bunch of his friends. Can we say "DRUNK" ...joe

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  2. battersea boys
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    battersea boys
    from surrey

    Is there any way you can rig up skype. he could get a cheap camera /mic

    and use a internet cafe . rig it up at home also and talk for free? might

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    from Ramona CA

    Tell your son to get a international calling card or put international billing on his cell phone. It is about 12cents a minute for mine.
  4. Lots of Hotrods and American car nuts in France.i know a couple. They even have a great hotrod magazine . I used to have a few copies here as a customer bought me a subscription in return for a favour i did for him (finding some NOS parts for his 1962 Plymouth Wagon. )
    Search "Nascar Returns To Lemans" for links to NA car sites.

  5. greasel
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    from Fresno, CA

    hey I'm really grateful for his serving and thanks to you for being supportive. it means a lot to our military to have the approval and support of their parents! I know what you mean about the house being quiet, both my brothers took off for the Air Force academy within a couple years of eachother, that was weird to just go from hanging out with 'em all the time to not talking to them for months, other than letters.
  6. Outlaw Bender
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    Outlaw Bender

    To make free international calls, try using Live messenger (MSN). should be installed in your computer from factory.

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