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OT / price of gas

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by clemdaddy, May 27, 2008.

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  1. clemdaddy
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    I've been thinking on this idea of a US owned oil company. Our government should enter into the oil business. Much like the US Postal Service competes with Fed-X and UPS helping to keep their prices lower, the government could have the US Oil Company and put some fear into the oil barons. Now bear with me here a little because these thoughts are in their infancy and I'm not a particularly smart person but just think about it and add to the pros and cons.

    1. Get all oil related people out of the White House.
    2. Stop the war in the middle-east, freeing up gobs of money. Make sure we take care of our vets.
    3. Employ some top flight oil company people to head up research. The hungry
    ones who want a good paying government job.
    4. Explore the upper reaches of Alaska for new drilling. Work our already owned pie shape cut of territory to the north pole, maybe partnership with Canada for a bigger piece of the pie. We already own the oil leases.
    5. Build preserves to protect those displaced carribou and polar bears, maybe sell some to the world's zoos.
    6. Government workers build pipe lines, maybe utilize some of those millions of unemployed people we're already paying.
    7. Build government owned refineries in northern Montana and greatly help their economy.
    8. Open up a vast chain of service station in older vacant stations that will help local property taxes everywhere.
    9. Base fuel pricing on a break even, help your citizens yet show enough profit to continue exploration and refinery construction.
    10 Create competition in the industry again. With gasoline in the $1.60 to $2.00 per gallon range, the only people that will use exxon-mobile are the ones who enjoy those no-charge employee credit cards. Afterall 9 billion pure profit in the first quarter alone. geeezzzz
    11. Remember gasoline price wars? That's a war the American people can get behind. And one that would make those oil barons squirm.
    12. It all has to be sustainable and enviromentally friendly and so the government would have to watch itself. Hopefully better than it watches the lobby heavy industries.

    Add to the list, both pros and cons, or just state what you think.
  2. Ryan
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    Sorry man... we are kind of all filled up with gas price posts lately.
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