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Art & Inspiration Orphan cars

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by e z i, Jul 6, 2021.

  1. I'd love to have a '53 Willys Aero Ace tudor post, our family car in the late '50s-early '60s. However, they're pretty rare because most rusted out their unit-body and would be insane to rebuild. Much like my DD now, every time I fill the gas tank, I double the value of the car.
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  2. WOW! What’s next, we all build the same model car painted the same color with the same drivetrain? I guess we could all memorize our license plates so fights don’t break out at car events.;)
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  3. Too bad you're so far away... there's one on C@*^%$list in Washington state, Spokane I believe. Looks real nice in the ad. "Fly in and drive 'er home!"
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  4. mohr hp
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    mohr hp
    from Georgia

    Yes, it's a red fiberglass '32 roadster with 350/350! Complete with Billet cupholders!
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  5. jnaki
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    When we were first getting started in drag racing, we saw all kinds of coupes and sedans in the Gas Coupe/Sedan Classes. Some were like show cars with powerful motors. The majority of the hot rods were street legal and were driven to the dragstrip. But, they were usually some kind of a Ford model.

    Sometimes, a so-called orphan car was the only thing available to do some modifications. As the term is loosely used, “it takes all kinds…”


    A popular car, an orphan car and a fast record setting sedan.
    B/Gas class competition, street legal cars.

    upload_2021-7-8_5-10-7.png 1958 Lions Dragstrip …No, the race did not happen.

    When we were racing the 58 Impala at Lions, Jr. Thompson’s Studebaker was usually there. He won a lot of B/Gas races, even the old 4 across races, too. Some Saturdays, there were so many cars in one class that during eliminations, 4 cars took up the whole dragstrip for their races. The 4 across was usually in C/Gas and/or B/Gas.

    Intimidating is what would be a great description of this B/Gas supercharged hot rod.



    Add consistency to the acceleration and driving. I have another sound clip of Jr. Thompson in this same 1941 supercharged Studebaker sedan at different So Cal drag strip and the shift points are right on the money.

    The popularity of a possible "orphan car" was also in the same time period in So Cal drag racing.

    Al Hirschfield 1941 Studebaker Sedan

    Even the early, Howard Cam, Studebaker Sedan was one of the early users of the single Hilborn Injector for racing.

    single chamber Hilborn Injector

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  6. NashRodMan
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    My first true old car was a 37 Nash Lafayette tudor sedan. I hot rodded it of course and improved the bakes, suspension and steering. I cut my teeth on that one. It was cool but I ended up wanting something different, a coupe.
    It belongs to another guy here and he made it look even better. Then I bought a 38 Plymouth coupe. that was a cool car too but sadly went up in flames. Now have a 41 Chevy coupe and 55 Chevy truck 2nd series. Who knows what the future holds....
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  7. Boneyard51
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    I always wanted an “Okay” truck! Built in the town of Okay, Oklahoma, about ten miles from my home. But there are very few , if any in existence. The Okay truck company also built airplanes!

  8. dave 62 pb
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    dave 62 pb

    I have liked Edsels since I was a kid, along with other American cars of the 50s considered ugly by many , they were so cool compared to many of the dull n ugly British cars of the era we had over this side of the pond

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