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Projects Olds Rocket 324 in a 32 Ford; "trying to finish it thread"..

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by F&J, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
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    Hi will LOVE this....My son, and I had a ball, welleven sis a bit too, right. All enjoying the weird weather , and it all just made it better, Yes I did see some advertisement yesterday about Fathers Day..maybe radio? Anyways, that last pic of the 32, we were headed to a grinder p;lace as my son had called ahead with the order. well Joe did ask if I wanted something to add to his order...spo I said YEA, I want teir Burger special with Rings...but you're paying... NO clue why that came oiut as Tim just paid me in

    We get home after the meal, and some time later cross paths..and as I saw something that reminds me it is Fathers I said to him"happy fathers Day" ...he said quietly, I should be saying that...

    He he, what means more, My Friends, a call once a year from 1000 miles away or a whole day of cool stuff with not only my son, but actually two more guys to carry our torch..

    Um, a cop out, or saving my only typing finger.. See above ^^^ He He. Rock on, my friends..
    Ok , racemad, I know you mountain folk up there are always on your game, but to prove that, yes it was mine still, but then it became his later that day!! How cool your observation of that,..... the change that had not happened YET . Thanks, man

    one more thing right now... As I turned the laptop on, MY old screen saver had been switched maybe a hour ago by him..and .not telling me, it was always the Ford and I was startled with a big side pic of the maroon LaSalle....he.he

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  2. F&J
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    Some pics from the last Ashford Ct cruise of the season Thursday night. I just rec'rd these pics though friend on FaceBook, a pro was taking pics late in the show. I like these pics a lot.
    22093419_10156735166565550_54778870_n.jpg 21442811_10156735250730550_1330775760_n.jpg
    ^^^ that old dude is ME...I am normally not that gray, I did that on purpose so all the young chicks would leave me the heck alone... Oh, and when my son was driving us to the show, he cuts through the UConn main campus to do some girl watching... I roll my window down on the main drag, and he says "DON"T you DARE say a word !!" See, even he knows I can chat 'em up good. LMFAO

    Some of my pics below:

    1961 409 car below:

    a rust free 40 Ford I sold 25 years ago, now finally redone as a rod:

    ^^^ behind the 40, is the founder of the Tyrods Auto Club (Rockville, CT)established in 1959. Car is a 37 Ford cabriolet with 1957 Cad 365 with all old school parts, trips, you name it.

    100_1146.JPG 100_1147.JPG 100_1148.JPG

    My sons 32 was also selected to be in the local business association's 2018 calendar:
    ^^^ yep, he looks pretty badazz in that pic..

    oh. and yes...he did the most hardcore "leave" after the show ended. I never knew an early Olds Rocket would rev as high as it did that night during the twin tire burn. It went posi the whole way, fish tailing a bit more this time, but dayum...this thing has some nuts!

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  3. F&J
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    Ok badass Son Joe is down in Florida for a week or so...Diving trip, no tanks, freediving with a speargun! Mid Keys, about halfway, some Key that is small and laid back, no touristy people stop there! He could have gone to whatever is the big place right below "Boca" on the ocean side of Fla, where his friend keeps both boats there in winters, for weekend jet trips from CT!! One boat with 3000HP!! Cat Marine TD power !! 180 GPH at full speed.. (yikes)was $4.5M new, and the new-2 years ago $330k smaller "day chase boat" was just traded for a triple motored , slightly faster $850k one! Lol...So he likes POWER!! But he left the keys to his 32 Ford!! Oh, I get home from "Cortin' some cuties", today with my 66 Chevy K20...We get an auto message on the phone... FLOOD warning, Bassetts Bridge road CLOSED!

    Oh shit, I forgot to run around to look at the rivers today!! Oh, the 66 was backed up to go back in, the 32 bay was cracked open to try to dry the FIRST ever temp swing caused total wetnees all over every metal thing in that outbuilding we have! Ok, Fuck me, take the 32!!, That will dry it OFF!! ... he said I could take it whenever...LMFAO..

    first stop,,,,getting close to dusk!!! ....gonna get to that closed area on the other (east)side of town, but stopped fast at Depot road near me...Willimantic River water is WAY up, you cannot tell, you don't live here..LOL.
    100_2487.JPG 100_2488.JPG

    ^^^both sides of the road, 2nd one looking North..ware is ,melting snow all the way up far reaches on New England snow is NOT normal.. you read in what you want OK??? Way below zero to OVER 60F in January? Yea..

    Coventry Road turns to dirt halfway... This INT is decked with Christmas lih]=ghts..RIGHT CHRISTMAS , not happy F'n PC holidays!! THIS is AMERICA< we do CHRISTMAS, don't like it?, well...

    Dirt!! part, oh shit soft ruts and frozen spots... screw it, ain't my car!! This IS the fastest way to the closure!! Rock it, stuff it!!! Let's GO....

    End of Covenrty Road, turn left here... Ok that land is all Lil Timmys familys Farm! 24 year old Friend of mine and Joes.. His Mom got one bucket lister done this Christmas! They have a HUGE tall evergreen tree up on that rise to the FAR LEFT! see it?? , highest point in S. Mansfield! That tree , she always wanted it LIT! She got it! A 70 Footer tree truck got up there as a gift,,, then Tim runs a generator each night till it ruins out of gas early mornings!! It was so awesome!! MY son took me one night...Looked like the great Pyramid way out there!!.

    ^^ took Browns rd to RT 195 then a quick left onto Bassett Bridge rd... there is the detour to send thru traffic, F that we go around to get closer!! Like people living past here! To the Right I will go later to the huge spillway/dam tourist area!! Later tho..


    ^^^ one important pic got corrupted on my :Laptop,, it showed the never ever used, massive emergency dykes, done by Army Corp of Eng? I think.. I will show the driveway to that park area.. it is where a huge VW show is each April..
    Ok, I still don;'t have a legal drivers permit..I simply don't care right now.. standing in line withn lyme still not gone in legs!..yet.... I THOUGHT this was a State Police SuV.. the grille lights were flashing, syitting there...F it, park and walk down to ask how high the lake is! These gates are RARELY ever closed .. way below the tops of the big dykes! Ok, nobody is getting out as I got near..cannot be cops,,they NEVER let you get up on them that way! Oh, I see the passenger first in the waning light.. a CUTIE!! oh, baby! worth the WALK dudes!! Oh, CHIT the driver TOO, ohhhhhh she is freaking Purdy I tell you wut!! WoW! I went into super chat as I call it...oh they sure as shit will remenber me,, about a LOT of real life stuff! AND She was writing down the info I just left them with...the Phone warning from Town of Mansfield! She was SO impresed and will report that as Wow!! Ok? I was going to roast the tires for them but....

    ^^I am walking back up to the car...
    ...TO take a pic of that small park area.. then see a car wanting to detour b ack..they roll down the Pass window, Hey nice beard dude I say, tied in a pig tail, Ok they wanted to check to see if the Ice was destroyed at the big lake that is too far to walk to now! They Ice Skate!! Chit! I forgot to check out HIS Cutie driver or I forgot what she looked like?? I wanted to rip the tires for my two Ranger Cuties...but we look? they are GONE, back down to check the rise, as they said it will keep rising a LONG time they both said!! days? IDK!

    ^^Ok, went back over the Dyke to that first detour sign, went where I said.. Headed to the Dam Splillway...F;n outside temps dropping BAD, heater never bled out by SON!! I knew it before I left, but......I wanted to GO before O-dark 30.. MANY historic areas around CT, OK? scenic roads too! I ain't never leaving my HOME!!
    I go where I want and park the same...not blocking the gate swing here.. that gate is to service the dam guts or whatever... never open that I ever have seen.. trying to save time and walk distance, save klegs for thenm STAIRS to the top!! I rock, Lyme or not LMAO!!
    Any of you c-suckers that still love those kneelers? Do not kneel in our ain't going to get up.. nuff said

    I ALWAYs ask where peoples heritage comes from...TOOO cold up there! WIND! no hat gloves.. She and He was showing me the readings I never remembered!! they said 19 feet was as high as they ever have seen it for two years here! Wow, and this is the beginning!! But the massive cold comng will save some issues!! Not sure if she was part South Pacific Islands or heck, part Inuit? I wished I had asked!! I meet soooo many people this year..maybe a 1000 per month? IDK!!! Where's MY DAMN DATE!! Oh, catdad49, I did make my proposal,,,,a couple of days ago, she is not living "in state" right now!!! she is thinkin...ok? no big deal either I still 'win" eitherway youse that don't know WTF I am saying to Carp! Lol..(it went gooood carp) :)


    building with the clock tower is a power plant...lines up over that rise...

    Ranom pics at the same place..Darkness headlight still out but they are too low so running two on high beams...done!! COLD, get home to epic wood stove to TYPE for you aSSHoles!!! LOL

    You likey? or not? if not, go do one bettah! in YOUR hood!! :)
    Did my best proof reading my one finger messes you fix the errors you find.. I am tired.. Oh, this mornings trip with the 66 ..where the fuck do I put that one....LOTS of old COOL junk...Where? Maybe in the morning?? IDK.. Bye, friends!
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  4. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
    Posts: 13,217


    Ok, I needed only to go to one bank I frequent, to get $100 cash... Wow, a wild time there! Then across the road to the wild always, Dollar, cuties....But before I got to the bank. I simply stop to take pics of the Snow Fighter Crews that cover UConn...near here...Pic taken in the lot that was once the HUGE ass steam boiler plant that heated dozens of the Former Mansfield Training School, which houses severely retarded peoples for over? 100 years till the country wide rethinking of this issue.. Then I stop to see if the Less affected "kids" (all ages) or the Staff at the Gift place/nursery at the other end of this huge complex, were there, I wanted to show the 32 to a few.. Wow No shit, see? I do not BS on my girls! I always make jokes, but please know the following sentence is NOT a joke, and It is honestly a nice thing this moment... >> This IS the first time I EVER came home, smelling like very pretty many women, girls, and MEN too.. I will add text later as I am spent from fighting life and Lyme hidden in me for nearly two years.. It WILL be worth the wait!

    I will attest in sincerity, You will get a slam...I MET the most epic Badass I ever have, and ever will ...a USN Seal Team 6 !!... and I might go to his shop/home later as I have a rest break coffee1 This MAN, is , a story..his valor in two "conflicts", perhaps three! as I rethink.., his loss of his US MARINES Brother in Nam...and how... etc.. Bye for now. Fuck you will be added, No names!...anonymous, of course, to two former friends, that are also hambers. Those two are pure dog shit in my eyes, for now or maybe forever?
    100_2480.JPG fallout1.jpg 100_2249.JPG 100_2247.JPG 100_2522.JPG 100_2525.JPG 100_2538.JPG 100_2539.JPG 100_2540.JPG 100_2541.JPG 100_2542.JPG 100_2543.JPG 100_2544.JPG 100_2545.JPG 100_2546.JPG 100_2547.JPG 100_2548.JPG 100_2549.JPG 100_2550.JPG 100_2551.JPG 100_2552.JPG 100_2553.JPG

    Attached Files:

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  5. Budget36
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    Hey Frank, what kinda grill/radiator is that? Looks like a Ford oval, but didn't know they had honeycomb radiators?...Kinda looks like my Dodge honeycomb, but emblem is a different shape.

    Couldn't read the emblem.....

    About 10 or 11 pics up.
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  6. F&J
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    Ha, observant ONE you are! Dave, the guy I JUST met in pic!! He pulled it out from behind some "stuff!",, He TOLD me the name1 I forgot,, Shit dude I was JUSt NOW, writing names of 50 Fn people I met TODAY, I already forgot the name of the first guy that came to the door on the other end of that place! Ok, Dave even SAID the whole deal is old aftermarket! and said like I knew, the core is different as it Is Honeycomb! Oh, I am going back for as TOUR of this cluster F of stuff! Hey, I walked right past this place with my sis, a realtor back in maybe 2005? The place was owned by the mother of Andrew I did not see today! Ok, THEY did not own the LONG skinny 10 acre! tract running along the RR tracks, down past the coolest pine picnic grove, the former Revolutionary? War gunpowder site! down to dang near the Northern town border! Andys Mom did buy that too!, after I passed at I think 30k. Mom would not allow a electric wire right of way down her driveway to the potential sweet homesite I OKed with Our Town planner! I did have a previous driveway right of way... I should have done Off grid power! (I was going to offer the mom, free driveway plowing) as an act of neighborly stuff.. That be ME! and my mindset..She moved out to let her son "party", "make noise" with all that excavating equipment that was not even there back then... OH shit Budjet! , Dave said they are cleaning out a huge antique car parts hoard up in Mass I think! DUH!! I heard SO much all day! SEE?? lol..
    Oh, I need a mannequin for that big guy MOOSE I may have mentioned on a hamb he can have His late "gramma" dressed in HER old clothes, looking out of the old brick mansion window in Woodstock CT! he, he! Dave SAID Andy DOES have some!! LOL..Whack!!

    That be Moose on the driver side of my K20,. Oh is is a big boy! That truck sits high, dudes!! Grammas bedroom window is 2nd floor right straight above his right hand on the hood! SEE, I know Chit! LOL ...3rd cousin of Moose is on the pass side Joe G.

    I make thousands of new "friends" this past year and...still going! ,,, but pushing HARDER!..tossing shit clueless people out of my life to make "room" for decent folk in my head! LOL but so damn serious! I am now 66, I refuse to heal the "shit" anymore, let them go "elsewhere".. He He they so deserve the toss.. :)
  7. always good to get updates from Frankbook and the latest edition of "as the white wall turns".:D;)
    your a good man Frank!
  8. hey listen..........:);)
    more hot rods, less, not no, just less, drama.:D
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  9. Ryan
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    from Austin, TX
    Staff Member

    Hey... This is starting to get way off topic... add to that, drama... and that is a really quick way to get the thread closed. I'm gonna go clean it up a bit... But be warned.

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  10. MyCrustyVW
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    Frank!! Wonderful to see you on here again! I must call you about that lovely blue abomination in your back yard! ;)
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  11. F&J
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    Jamie had a photo made for me and one for inside their shop recently.. That is the name of their shop. See the brick place behind her?, it is their shop, and all that fancy stonewall work was a part of the immense redo of this old part of Coventry Ct, fancy brick sidewalks, vintage themed street lights, you name it...these old mill towns and 'lake towns" are coming back in rapid fashion in Eastern Ct! Wild! That place across the street is one other very hotspot restaurant/bar: The Bidwell Tavern.

    Her husband asked me at closing time on this Friday, "If you run across a nice vintage Fire hydrant for decorating the shop, grab it"...Well I showed up right before opening time on Saturday morning, I backed up to the front, went in and said "where you want the Fire hydrant" LMAO..He was so Stoked..then Jamie said let's do another pic of you two with Frank's vintage Chevy truck". It was posted on their FB page right then, as the hydrant too.. I don't have a way to get on there to post that pic here.

    Bye, ...Hey, I decided to try my hand at antique iron/steel related flipping... not car stuff, just cool decorative & structural things..even a spiral staircase, windmills, Victorian birdbaths, etc!...because I later that day, firmed up a deal on a huge amount of stuff hoarded by a guy my age who said " Frank, you hit me at the perfect moment, the wife and I wanted to off this stuff just yesterday!"
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  12. hey Frank, @loudbang posted this on the '60's thread. reminds me of your car. 73.jpg
  13. Fucking shit that thing rules!!!^^^^(pardon my French!)
  14. Tim
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    from Raytown Mo

    Man this car is full of great ideas
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