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History Old snow tires: Pic/info thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by RaginPin3Appl3, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. ElBurro
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  2. I still run mud grip or knobby tires on the rear of my pickups during the winter & spring. Old bias ply tires. Ive had 4 old 8 ply rated rough tread tires on my stock trailer since 2000 and they where old when I installed them. It handles better with bias ply tires. Used to be guys would get a set of 8 ply rear tires for there PK. Coop Grip Spur was a popular brand. And when they became slick they had them recapped. I know one guy who would have them recapped more than once. I seen a lot of tread designs that I have ran on this thread. In 59 dad bought a new 59 ford car. He installed a pair of 15 inch with square knobby tread tires on the rear. They where I think made of Rayon material. I remember there where lots of red rubber inner tubes. and some inner tubes a combo of red & black rubber. I also remember if a tire still had tread a large hole would be repaired with a Boot!
  3. Kona Cruisers
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    Kona Cruisers

    I sell tires (manage a Midas) in Alaska... (solds 400 tires in october.)
    Those tires would be shit in the snow... much less ice.
    Siping. ... again.. Siping. is you friend. Its not ice that make you lose traction, its the water... Pressure=heat= melted ice, = water on top of ice = no traction. siping allows that water some where to go.
    "all season" tires are a joke.
    I don't even run studs, I run Michelin X-ice with a 120 mile a day commute. 300 hp AWD.
    Back to traditional hot rod..
    Those tires are awesome.
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  4. fordf1trucknut
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    I still use snow tires every winter here on,the mountains of pa. 4x4 as well on my f1.

    I am amazed that folks haven't heard of recaps!! I used to run recapped radials all the time 15 or so years ago, but they aren't as common now except truck tires, I was told because of the wide range of tire sizes now. A recapping place can't make money if it needs a ton,of different sized molds. A shame really.
  5. Smokin Joe
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    Smokin Joe

    I hated putting those skinny studded snow tires on my camaro back in the day but usually the back rubber was burned off anyway by the end of summer and needed to be replaced by the time the snow hit. 411 gears and a hot V8 meant you just spun down the curb and couldn't climb out into the lane without them. I kept chains in the trunk too, and USED them.
  6. mike bowling
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    mike bowling

    4x4 Model A ready for another New England winter.
    When I was a kid, my old man's '52 Hudson had strap on tire chains that mounted through the slots in the rims (and they worked!).
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  7. AVater
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

  8. 1ton
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    Mounting the snow tires went right along with the final leaf raking. Putting the storm windows on the house. Patio furniture getting stored. Usually while mom had a roast smelling up the house on sunday afternoon.

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  9. sunbeam
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  10. In parts of the Southeast where it seldom, if ever, snowed the only people who used snow tires were farmers who needed them to be able to to navigate muddy fields and roads. Especially in the Spring of the year. Often times these tires were purchased at the local farmers co-op so these mud-grips or rough-treads were often referred to as "co-op tires". There was one tread pattern in particular that became popular with the Jeep crowd for obvious reasons.
  11. Unless i missed it...I'm wondering ... Who's run the metal studded snowtires? & With Studded snowtires on a Hotrod when "burning rubber".. will the studs fly out ? Hard enough to cause injury if they hit me ?.... (or that pesky tailgaters windshield ;) )
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  12. spin them at night and you get sparks!
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  13. Ray C's son
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    Ray C's son

  14. miller
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    from New Jersey is a set that has seen better days,..still holding air,....there on the front of a 51 chevy frame, which I still have...miller photo1.jpg
  15. Studded tires were helpful in icy conditions. I ran them every winter but law required they be off your car by April 1st or face a stiff ticket from da man!
    I even ran studded snows on the front of my beater '82 Plymouth Horizon front driver. They were non-directional bias ply tires and made for exciting times on the interstate on dry pavement. Car went like a jeep!
  16. mtkawboy
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    With the winter we are having this year in Montana snow tires are worth whatever they cost. The heavy lug tires are good on snow but worthless on ice. The combo tires are worthless. Ive always looked at them as being cheaper then my deductible even if they only save you once plus they may save your life. They could Zamboni the side streets in Billings this year
  17. jazz1
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    UPDATE,,you can run studded tires in Ontario. I recall a Swedish company had developed a stud that retracted on dry pavement but never saw the product get to market.

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