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History OK...This is my all Time favorite 46-48 Plymouth Custom...

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Centurion9, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. I recall at least three different versions of this car from the early 1960's. I believe the Owner was a guy named Louie Stanovich or something close to that. This is the Version I loved. I'm thinking this was the Middle version....It was a great Mild Custom that evolved into a Stunning Custom and I recall it getting stupid from then on. C'Mon guys...lets see more of this car...It's worthy......Centurion9

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  2. 'Mo
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    EDIT: (Clarification!)
    The Plymouth you posted may not actually not be the Stajonovich car.

    The Stajonovich car was originally built by LeRoy Heinrich, and had a full-on 1954 Chrysler six.
    First version. (From Kustomrama.)


    Stojanovich bought it around 1958, and the evolution continued.
    Second version.
    I find it interesting that longer hood spears have been returned to the hood.


    The car in the first post appeared in Car Craft and appeared be show only, with a six carb Olds mill without extraneous details such as radiator hoses. The steep channel job left seating essentially on the floor.

    The grille had been redesigned in horizontal fashion, somewhat reminiscent of the A Bros. "Adonis". But some execution details were less than stellar, particularly in the wheel arches. (Zooming in at the front of the rear arch in the first picture will give a hint.)

    I may try to dig up the old article and scan it.
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  3. steinauge
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    from 1960

    I believe I like the first version better.
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  4. 19Fordy
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    OUCH !
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  5. belair
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    beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. First version s nice, then like a lot of customs, goes south in the search for "more".
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  6. Thank you Mo....Looks like he should have reigned it in a little at the redo....Pity, it could have been a great car......Centuion9
  7. 1936dodge
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    Like the first version also.
  8. myold88
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    from ct

    This car proves the old saying: "Sometimes less is more."
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  9. Finnrodder
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    from Finland

    I've noticed that the second versions of the kustoms usually sucks.I like the first version too..
  10. stanlow69
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    Now that you posted the front of the car, I do remember seeing it in magazines. The side profile doesn't look half bad for that time period. After seeing the original version, I can see why he chopped it. And there is a void between the headlights.
  11. 'Mo
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    I dug up the Car Craft (Dec, 1963). Owner/builder was listed as Wendell Johnson of Eugene, Oregon.
    (See EDIT in post# 2.)
    And despite its shortcomings, this was indeed a mind blowing custom for its time!

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  12. This is the Version I like........:) I'd love to see it in COLOR.....
  13. dan31
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    It looks like a ant eater.
  14. I think these are two different cars as 'Mo has pointed out. There actually was a scalloped version of the Heinrich/Stojanovich car that was prior to the candy paint. And this is the only photo I have seen of it in the later scalloped version after the candy paint. This is from the Southard book "Custom Cars of the 1950's".
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  15. Thanks for this Sancho.......Centurion9
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  16. cuzncletus
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    Having owned a bunch of 40's/50's Chrysler products in my earlier years (I drove flathead six Mopars from the 70's til the mid-90's), I always look at them with special interest. Stock, many models have ugly, overpowering grills. The problem is that almost always the attempt to correct the grill turns out even uglier. As evidence, in my opinion I'd offer as examples 1,2, and 3 above.

    These early Mopars were great cars, as reliable as anvils. To me they drove easier, stopped better, and were more comfortable than their rival brands. But it takes someone with an unusually keen eye to make a good looking custom out of most models.
  17. Here are the shots of the early scallop version (pre candy paint). These are also from Kustomrama. In both photos it is on the left.

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