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Oddball Offy manifold?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by the neighbor, May 22, 2019.

  1. I grew up around Chevy 6's, on our ranch, as a kid, and always liked 'em, and kinda stumbled upon a few speed parts over the years, so when I saw a twin-carb Offy intake hanging on the wall of a wrecking yard going out of business, I bought it. I already had one very similar, but what the hell, right? When I got it home, I found that it was 17 5/8 c-to-c on the outside runners, while the one I'd been using (that fit) was 17".... I've been told that GMC is 17 15/16.... I wondered about it, and looking a bit closer, I found a casting number... 5588. I actually called Offenhouser, talked to a sales rep, and he told me it was made for the "metric-ized" stovebolt engine Toyota built for the Landcruiser, using tooling they'd obtained from Chev, when they went to the newer inlines in '63.... Anyway, I've been told that that info is wrong, but its all I've got. IF its true, what chance do I have of finding someone interested in THAT? I don't really want to cut-and-weld on it, so I can use it, and REALLY don't want to hot-rod an old Toyota engine, just to put it to use... Ideas? IMG_4690.JPG
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  2. There is a huge Toyota Land Cruiser/FJ40 following- you shouldn't have any trouble selling it with proper advertisement!
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  3. If it truly fits an FJ, its probably worth more than the non metric intake.
    Have you seen the prices on FJ's?
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  4. Mike VV
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    Mike VV
    from SoCal

    Different engine..!

    Check the bolt spread between the two center ports attachment holes, on each manifold.
    Beside the lower manifold only having "two" ribs at the ends, the center port bolt spread appears larger.


  5. carbking
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    Perhaps you should believe the manufacturer's rep:


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  6. 302GMC
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    from Idaho

    We told you a couple weeks ago it's a GMC … it still is.
  7. saltracer219
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    Looks like carbking nailed it!
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  8. rudestude
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    I got a hold of one of them once , I was told fits 235 Chevy 6 , I had it stockpiled for a someday project when I started gathering parts I had it sitting with my other 235 manifolds and noticed something was off a little , after some research I figured out what it was listed it and sold it to a Toyota guy.

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  9. Thanks to all you folks! Appreciate yer comments and info... I guess there isn't much that ISN'T collectible... I've now done the proper research, and gonna try to find it a proper home.
  10. denis4x4
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    from Colorado

    Offfenhauser made several intakes for Datsun and Toyota that were sold in Japan and met their emission standards.
  11. Dyno Dave
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    Dyno Dave

    Seems like good place to post a Offenhauser Stovebolt Intake Question, a few months ago I brought an N.O.S Chevy #1035 Offy manifold. But, what was different about this one... Factory finished in a medium blue color, the top of the fins, the Offy script and intake flanges were all polished, never seen this before... Found in the casting, a part # 1035, and a production date, not seen this before either ...
    Included was a inspection tag showing a part # 1035 K ? Seen a lot of Stovebolt "Offenhauser's" intakes though the years, never one like this... Anyone Else seen like this one ? Thanks, Dyno Dave

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