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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Johnny Boy, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Hey all, do any of the period correct car at the Meltdown run nitros (NOS)? I don't want to know who I just want to know if at the meltdown do the car run strictly motor?
  2. I'm not answering your question at all (no help), but "NOS" is a trademarked name for a nitrous oxide system manufacturer. Use N2O if you want to talk about the gas.

  3. Mike51Merc
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    Or the stuff the dentist gives ya...
  4. jstanotheidiot
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    Looking to go a little faster Johnny?
  5. el Scotto
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    el Scotto
    from Tracy, CA

    No NOS, but they'll be doing Whip-Its in the parking lot! :D
  6. No Nitrous Bill but in talking with you know who I got to wondering if that's something that is used by the drivers that bring their cars to the HCHU and the Meltdown Drags! It seemed to me that it was not prevalent in the early days of racing if at all. Not trying to keep anyone down just curious!
  7. although it was used in WWII for aircraft, It didn't really become commercially viable in cars until about 1975 and really took off in 1978 when NOS (the Company) was founded.So it is not Traditional by any means
  8. If your Hot Rod looks like this, it is traditional to have a nitrous system

  9. So do drivers use it at the said event?
  10. I don't remember if there is a specific rule regarding the use of nitrous, but I do know its does not fit the era the Meltdown represents. That being said, there was a otherwise nice car running in S/S that I remember seeing with a bottle in the trunk. (This is not permission to use it, or an endorsement of any kind) If in doubt, go to the Meltdown web page and email them your question.
  11. black 62
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    black 62
    from arkansas

    no one ever has or does use nitrous in a stealth manner---i know i wouldn't...
  12. Mr48chev
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    Why not just ask them? But as no on was on the bottle that we know of in the early 60's I'd say that they will probably veto it.

    They do have a Criteria page but I didn't see the mention of nitrous systems.
  13. ron clark
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    ron clark
    from concord

    nitrous was not used on p-51's until reno,lol..and thermos did not invent nitrous, or even make good kits, in his early days..marvin miller, and 10k rpm(hammel), were the true inovators, in the beginning..thermos was just a "good salesman", like a few nitrous gurus now days..i wont mention any names..

    there were several "well known" racers using nitrous in the early 60's..they just did not speak about it..kind of like nitromethane in the old days...hidden kits are fun..
  14. the boogieman
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    the boogieman

  15. Mr48chev
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    From what records I have seen it was the Germans who had Nitrous on some of their fighters and not the P-51 fighters we had.
  16. the boogieman
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    the boogieman

    Want some cheese with that whine? Johnny hold still it only hurts for a minute!
  17. the boogieman
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    the boogieman

    Did they have roller cams in the old days? When did they come into play? Apples and oranges.
  18. traffic61
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    from Owasso, OK

    I believe the Focke Wulf TA-152 was equipped with nitrous oxide as well as some form of methanol injection. But I can't say for sure, I wasn't around just yet.
  19. lippy
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    from Ks

    I remember hydrazine with nitro, am I getting old? Are we talking traditional nitrous or current nitrous?
  20. 1931modela
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    from montana

  21. Larry T
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    Larry T

    Harley used roller cams in Knuckleheads in 1936, maybe before that.
  22. SLCK64
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    Don't think they'll allow it

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  23. greg32
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    from Indiana

    Spray it, then beg forgiveness.
  24. Remember Nitrous make a good motor Strong and a weak motor Dead!!

  25. I think right around the early to mid 60's they were developed and put into use soon after that.
  26. the boogieman
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    the boogieman

    Gas It Jonny No One Will Care! I Cant Wait To See This lol
  27. Hey everyone, watch for the surf green 57 4 door wagon with the blue bottle hidden in the cargo area real nice, but I'll run all motor no wait ill run the squirrles on the little metal wheel for the "special" two tone blue 50 Chevy!
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  28. Truckedup
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    The Nazis used nitrous on several fighter engines .The Japanese messed with it bit and one squadron of British Mosquitoes used it. The US never used it on any operational WW2 fighter.

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