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Event Coverage Nitro Revival

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Church Key, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. jnaki
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    Steve Gibbs did a great job with his knowledge and contacts. It is up to the community to get behind these events. One of many participants was my friend, Jerry Bivens and his "Checkmate," AA/FD.

    After all of these years, from high school (1962) onward, Jerry Bivens and (late) teammate, Doug Fisher have been racing all over So Cal. When it was time, he joined the countless others still keeping the “Flame” alive with his newly, reconstructed AA/FD, Checkmate. It was pleasurable to see him at the Lions Dragstrip Museum’s giant cackle fest this past June.

    Jerry Biven's Checkmate AA/FD is black and white, but it is very striking among the other cackle racers. They always put on a great show for everyone. The modern paint scheme reminded me of the old Star Trek, Holodeck portion of the show. That paint scheme was similar and they both play different tricks on the eye.


    We are the proud owners of the Checkmate Team items. The black t-shirt is one of my favorite t-shirts, which draws attention everywhere I wear it. But, the hat got confiscated to join my wife’s hat collection. It joined the others, including one from Nashville, TN.

    Thanks, Jerry…
    upload_2017-10-4_5-50-25.png upload_2017-10-4_5-50-40.png
    upload_2017-10-4_5-51-23.png upload_2017-10-4_5-51-38.png
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  2. dreracecar
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    from so-cal

    upload_2017-10-4_8-9-9.jpeg upload_2017-10-4_8-9-36.jpeg wow 2 more of my builds on the same page
  3. Did anybody get anymore pictures? Any pictures of Barnstormer?
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  4. els
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    All you lucky guys that went to the show, please post pics. lots of them.
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  5. jnaki
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    upload_2018-5-4_9-23-39.png upload_2018-5-4_9-26-7.png

    Push trucks, cars, and wagons can be seen in droves when going to those cacklefests. The next big one will be held in the old Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterey, CA. It is now called the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. It will be held on May 18-20, 2018. Steve Gibbs and his group of cackle cars will light up the speedway in the 2018 version of the Nitro Revival. This looks like the largest gathering of old drag race cars in this portion of the weekend festivities.

    There will be other parts of the Spring Classic, including lots of other race cars, too. So, you Nor Cal guys/girls, it is a short drive to the Monterey Coastline for this event. Your significant other might think you are taking them for a cool, coastal cruise. That coastline is full of cool stuff. It will be predicted to be sunny and bright. California cruising weather…

    Here is the huge list of cackle entries for this big event next week.

    upload_2018-5-4_9-27-5.png upload_2018-5-4_9-27-21.png upload_2018-5-4_9-27-37.png
    Do you want to see a great grouping of cool push trucks, station wagons and cars? Laguna Seca next weekend will be the place. But until then, check out the cool cars from 2017 at the local, Price Transfer’s Lions Dragstrip Museum Grand Opening, 2nd Cacklefest later in the day/evening of June 24.

    All with HAMB approved push trucks, vans or wagons.

    upload_2018-5-4_9-28-50.png Yeakel Bros FED and Burkholder Bros Altered upload_2018-5-4_9-29-3.png
    Warren, Colburn and Miller with Soapy Sales in the Background.

    upload_2018-5-4_9-29-53.png Jack Gillete Sidewinder 2+ Bill Pitts’ Magicar
    upload_2018-5-4_9-33-5.png John Rowley Green Monster
    upload_2018-5-4_9-33-33.png Bivens and Fisher AA/FD Checkmate
    “COME ON FEEL THE NOISE…” SOUND VIDEO 62417...turn it UP !

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  6. jnaki
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    The 2018 NITRO REVIVAL event is finished for the year. But, the last NITRO NIGHT is 5 days to away until you can hear the roar of the fuel race cars fire up in the little town of Escondido in San Diego County. It is scheduled for the last, Cruising Grand event every year. It closes the season of cruising down the Grand Ave every Friday night since April, until the end of September. The sleek fuel dragsters and a few roadsters/coupes show up, clean up, and get pushed down the street with their engines blazing.

    The fuel smell is in the air and eyes will be watering again. The ears, well cover them if they are sensitive, as it is very LOUD! Get there early to see all of the cool cruising cars and the hot rods taking their turn down the main street. Then as the sun sets, the big nitro FED race cars (and usually, the rear engine, Sidewinder) take their turns firing up with the fumes in the air. It is a scene from the late nights and in the eliminations races at the dragstrips all over the country back in the mid 60s. It was push starts and fire ups prior to the finals for the evening.


    These Cacklefests are very popular and if there is one in your neck of the USA, don’t miss it. The memories, the sound of the dragsters firing up, the definite smell of the fuel and the eyes watering, all make it like we were all stepping back for a fun time at the dragstrips all over the country.

    This is one of the best free shows in So Cal. It will have the “best of the best” firing up for the Cool Roadside Attraction in the area. Bundle up as it will be a very cool 66 degrees and dropping, despite the "HOT" show going on Grand Ave.
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  7. jnaki
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    It is almost, one week away for the Nitro Revival 3. The 2019 version will be held at Irwindale Speedway, freeway close from all points in So Cal. It is near the base of the San Gabriel Mountains only 45 minutes away from Mt. Baldy. Besides the big cackle event, the show has an extra event planned for Friday, set up day.

    The entries for the event will showcase the Who’s Who of the ever popular Cacklefests. Here is a list of the drag racers appearing:


    Steve Gibbs has been involved in drag racing and hot rods in So Cal for umpteen years. He is hard at work to make sure the history of drag racing is kept alive and well. With the all star line up for this event, it looks like a 1965 U.S. Nationals or a Bakersfield Smokers event from back in those early days of drag racing.

    “Get your motor runnin'
    Head out on the highway
    Lookin' for adventure
    And whatever comes our way
    Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space.”

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  8. JohnnyCASHcadillac
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    from SO CAL-

  9. rd martin
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    rd martin
    from indiana

    Dam I have to make it to this:
  10. Looks like Gayle Anderson's schedule is off by a day. It's Friday and she is in Torrance covering an Armed Forces Day parade; best laid plans I guess. Hopefully she will cover it tomorrow, Saturday morning.
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