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Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by 31chevymike, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. you could just leave the leaf spring mounts in and and a nice pair of leafs:)
    haha, just messing with ya
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  2. With only a 30 gal compressor possibly your air chisel is a little under powered, I have a similar issue. I find sometimes that a good old cold chisel and a hammer are more powerful.
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  3. I hear you Greyone - Looks exactly like someone did use a stick welder, just can't fathom why it was done so shitty... It will certainly give me the needed practice to learn how to repair steel areas!
    Yeah, you're DEFINATELY messin' with me for sure, knowing you would have left them in...
    It isn't that it's possible that my air compressor is a little under powered - IT IS! But it's doing the job at hand with other important tasks, just slower. I could spend hours in my garage to constantly strip paint, just cannot do it without running out of consistent air pressure. I'll keep at it till they fall off...
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  4. Just a teaser on the current induction photo that most haven't seen yet. I scored this past summer on a vintage Weiand dual quad intake, thinking I had to settle on a new "repro". I just hope the rear four barrel clears my Vertex magneto... 20170505_135457_001.jpg 20170505_135559.jpg
  5. cactus1
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    Nice! I love the breathers!
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  6. loudbang
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    Wow don't know how I missed this build but now caught up and on board for the good part. :)
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  7. If you notice on the bottom of these Moon breathers, I had my engine guy make up the spacers so the breathers stand at a 90 degree angle straight up. These Moon valve covers at the top surface were angled. I wanted them to stand straight up like the famous "Donovan" hemi valve covers! Now I'll have these spacers made in aluminum so you'll barely notice them.
    Thank you Loudbang - my build will get more interesting when I'm at the point of welding in the x-member, boxing plates and of coarse, mounting that big ass hemi and suspension!
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  8. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, removing those stubborn leaf spring mounts with all of the damn rivets challenged my patience - took some time, needing to make some relief cuts to pry the mounts off eventually. The last leaf spring mounts that I still need to remove is the very rear. This will be challenging as well, because the gas tank support runs the whole width from rail to rail. Like I mentioned before, I will place the gas tank apron back on the car to determine where I want the rear frame rails to end, cutting off the rear leaf spring mounts in the process. My sawzall and my arm will get a good workout for sure!

    Need some advice: I need to take out some of the bends in the C channel before I can measure my rails for step boxing plates. For instance, the height of the rail. I may be able to turn the chassis on it's side and hammer out some of the bends - with the help of my brother to hold the chassis up. Any recommendations? 20171210_183225.jpg 20171210_183330.jpg 20171210_183305.jpg
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  9. Super Streak
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    Super Streak
    from Florida

    That's going to be an awesome car. Good luck with it. I'm not a bit surprised you found that car in Brentwood. I grew up there, and there were lots of car guys, and drag racers in that town. On Grant ave. there was a beautiful hot rod roadster that sat in a garage for years and for all I know may still be in the garage.
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  10. Thanks Super Streak - the truth about Brentwood, Long Island NY is that the city is home to the third largest number of Puerto Ricans in the country. To find a late '60s hot rod in an area where most PRs usually drive Impalas and other types of low riders/fast &furious is an unlikely place for a find such as this. I went to Brentwood High at the Sonderling building and knew the area well. Glad I heard the news FIRST of the '31 and just had to own this car at any cost!

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