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Projects New projects arrived home - 1932 5w coupe & FED

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by AULIZ, May 28, 2016.

  1. x77matt
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    Great progress! This will be one great coupe when finished...
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  2. Just love it when the youngsters get involved........... course now grandson is 6'-6'' ah da memories...
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  3. AULIZ
    Joined: Oct 28, 2005
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    Thanks, Nice picture !!!

    Here in Finland feels that many parents are make their living too hurry. They "fly like chicken" from morning to evening. They are not interested in to teach small things like arrange things, cleaning, make small repair or maintenance (grasshopper, bicycle, skateboard,...). How can those kids learn if older people are not show things and take care like Carl in that pic ? Also important to talk about things what see home, on trip,.... When we travel, I tell to Oskar how thresher and other machines are work. All what we see when we going somewhere.

    Many of my age american car owners are so lazy. I talk how I see things here in Finland, not know real situation in US, Australia, Germany, N-Z, Canada,....
    90% of them are lazy and never try to do themself. If never try, You never know. They just leave car for other men, who are do all. After all those car owners are like "world owners" when they show their car in cruising, car show.... How can those men study their kids, if they never try to learn themself?

    Oskar is back from Estonia. One week more and their next school season is start. Yesterday we just checked trailer, mixed some race fuel, charge batteries (trailer, nova) etc. I drive down to Helsinki on Friday. Saturday they have in Malmi airfield street race ( I leave my trailer+nova south because there is many interesting street race competition (registered street cars, not heavily modified) next weekends. All summer we have just wait and now looks that races are "turned on" ... Same time they race near of my place Finnish Championship drag racing (LSK Business park). Too expensive for me and there is no interesting class for me.

    Street race we have this kind of classes (95% same than 80´s when I race last time street race):
    A) 0-4000cc naturally aspirated
    B) 0-4000cc superchargered (turbo, centerfugal, roots, screw, Nos..)
    C) Small block (all)
    D) Big block (all)

    Today need to continue trunk lid welding. I haven´t decided how I made bottom edge of lid.....but if not try, never know what is result !!! hahaa

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  4. patsurf
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    well,after you tell him how the thresher works,look inside a baler,and tell ME how they STAY working -they work on the same principle as aircraft machine gun timing,pretty much-chain drive needle/knotter assy that looks like it wouldn't last one cycle!
  5. AULIZ
    Joined: Oct 28, 2005
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    Today worked 6-7hours with those two panels which are bolted on inside of that panel between trunk lid and fuel tank. Those are new United Pacific stuff. I can say, not good quality. holes are not same line.... I feel that worked too long time with those, but now all fit good. I stretch and shrink, weld and modified all day. Next I need to finish trunk lid lower edge.

    Now evening I drove my cabriolet in to US closed trailer. Tomorrow (Friday) morning we go to Oulu (North-Finland). They have there car meeting (approx. 800-1000cars) in horserace track area. Normally I drive my hot rod to meetings, but now we take pick up+trailer and cabriolet inside trailer. He is so young, not want that he is sick next week ,when new school season is started. Normally I sleep in trailer, but now I booked hotel. Boys weekend. We visit my friends garages, American 50´s dinner, car meet...

    I was booked to Helsinki Street Race, but Oskar´s mother need to work all weekend and I don´t want to go race with him. when I race, I cant follow him..... too dangerous. Better that we go to Oulu Ride in car meeting. There we can stay together.

    rod-coupe160.jpg rod-coupe161.jpg rod-coupe162.jpg rod-coupe163.jpg rod-coupe164.jpg
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  6. fegsta
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    Auliz can we turn oskar into a spurs fan if he likes football? Your hot rod is grate all the best.

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  7. AULIZ
    Joined: Oct 28, 2005
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    Thanks. I hope he learn play electic fender in music academy. I have booked Oulu "ratina stadium" 2030.... Finland we do not have any real footballteam or real football player, so I do not belive that way to go foward......

    We were in Oulu Ride In Motormeet. Long trip. I was not lucky. Yesterday morning in Oulu city we were drive around before they open meeting. I started from trafic lights, not "spoon on floor" start. that area 40kmh speed limit, police told me 71kmh. 556euro ticket..... They told me normally 31kmh overspeed = around 1000euro, but they like my car and our behavior, so they drop my speed to 61kmh.... 556euro = 650usd. Good money for hot rod parts,... I told to my son after police drive away " race cars, hot rods and women = expensive hobbies, but if You drink Your money, You do not have good memories how You spent Your money".

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  8. AULIZ
    Joined: Oct 28, 2005
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    This coupe arrived from CA to Finland 4years ago. Normally I do not have this kind of "forever" projects, but now I have break the rule.... I have worked with this car body 3 x 4-5weeks , so not so much, but period is long.
    Today I and my Oskar son push car out from my garage and moved trailer to my small garage 1/8mile from my house. Warm, dry small 24squaremeter garage. Cabriolet is also there all winter season.

    After 1-2weeks my Roadster project is come in. That car is so good that I built it first. I bought it from Upland CA from well know hot rod builder. Also some engine stuff (big flathead and normal) from another older hot rodder from NC USA. Those + some bias ply tires, gauges, 1932 steering box, headlights.... are packed same container than roadster. Roadster I start to built begining of year 2021 and car is ready 5/2021. While I still built my customers 1932 coupster and add pics to own thread daily/weekly.


    rod-coupe165.jpg rod-coupe166.jpg rod-coupe167.jpg rod-coupe168.jpg rod-coupe169.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  9. Good looking cars Aulis, hope they sleep well this Winter! You have a lot of Sisu. ;)
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