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New old guy from Flushing,MI

Discussion in 'New to the H.A.M.B.? Introduce yourself here!' started by Al K, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hello folks! Found this board(WAY cool!) while looking for some old Super Stock info. Back in 1985 to 1988,I had the body to Bud Faubel's 1964 Dodge 440 hardtop Max Wedge. This was the car used for the testing of the twin-turbo Hemi in late '64/early '65. Got laid off in 1987,had to sell the body and a LOT of '62-4 Max wedge parts,and then got called back to work in '89. Tried to re-acquire the car,but was told it may have been crushed. Does anyone in the Mid Michigan area remember a '64 Dodge hrdtp,in yellow,with "Lemon Wedge" painted on the doors? I just found some pics of when I owned the body;when I figure out how,I'll post them. Looks like this is a great site,and obviously a bunch of folks who appreciate the old S/S and A/FX days.
  2. axe grinder
    Joined: Feb 15, 2009
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    axe grinder

    Welcome aboard !!!....OK PEOPLE!!....START BEATIN DA BUSHES !!!!!!!
  3. carmarket
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    Welcome from Ohio,man I hope you find it.Would be a shame if it got crushed.
  4. Ok,a little more to the story...

    I purchased the car from a guy in Birch Run,MI(RIP,BD) in June 1985. I had been accumulating MW and big-block for a couple of years prior and was looking for a body. Guy selling it said it was a Hemi car(wasn't far from the truth...),but after asking some questions,I made up my mind that it was a true MW car. After some research,discovered that it was Bud's early season car,before he took delivery of his Hemi sedan.
    The front clip was supposedly stolen from the car,and may still reside somewhere around Michigan(this was an original 12.5:1 aluminum front end machine);some shady stuff about that whole deal. I actually spoke to the person who allegedly had the clip,(he called me-don't know how he got my #),and he was a little too interested in where I lived. Promptly told him that I was pretty sure who he was,and if I ever saw him around my place,I'd introduce him to my shotgun. Never heard from him again...
    I also spoke with George Weiler at the '85 U.S. National(he was running a Pro Stock Camaro at the time),and he verified from my pics that I had their old ride-he pointed out the inner fenderwell repairs done when they sold the car,after the testing of the twin-turbo Hemi. He also told me that those turbos would practically melt the tops of the front tires. Great guy, and fun to talk to.
    Here's a couple of pics;I'll also include a link to my Photobucket shots,that have some more detail pics of the body when I had it.


    The link:

    Thanks;If I could re-acquire this car,I would really try to do it. Last I heard was that the body was sold to someone in the Detroit area,who stripped and crushed it. I hope that it didn't happen,and that it sits somewhere awaiting resurrection.

  5. rat29
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    from California

  6. Rich1028
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    hope that you find the car
  7. Lightning 55
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    Lightning 55

    Welcome (from another newbie to the board!)
  8. Welcome from OKC.
  9. FormerFueler
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    Welcome from another Michigander! Good luck finding the car.
  10. Lucky667
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    from TX

    Al K, Welcome to the HAMB from South Texas. Keep looking & asking the 64' may still be out there.

  11. HuffDaddy
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    Welcome to the HAMB from another Michigander.

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