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Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Molinellihornet, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Front right of engine just to rear of fuel pump.

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  2. chevy54man
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    from NC

    Love your car and looks like you're making great progress--best to you man!
  3. Before you go starting it up, would think about just running a hose from a gas can to the suction side of the fuel pump. I use an old lawnmower gas tank that I can hang from the hood if the pump is no good. makes it an gravity feed system the to fill the carb. But this way you eliminate the possibility of sucking up junk and plugging the fuel line up. Take the gas tank out and clean it out real good. Guaranteed it has crap in it. and it may even have tiny rust hole in it. Don't wan't it raining gas when you fire it up, one back fire out the tail pipe and you got you a roasted Hornet! Look the fuel lines over and see if they are super rusty. They really should be changed before you start to even yard drive it.

    Love this thing! one of the coolest dashes ever made too.
  4. Slopok
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    Vaseline is an ointment not a cam lube!:eek:
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  5. OK so quick update......been having trouble getting the car to start well till I noticed that there was quiet a bit of gap between the top of the spark plug and the boot . so I loaded it up with dielectrical grease and she fired right up and ran pretty good.......except for all the smoke hahahah hopefully she will settle down once I can get her to run for a hour or so . now I'm back on the breaks and tires .. got 1 rim sanded and painted and some new to me radials put on with my 50 dollar tire changer!!! that's all for now :)

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  6. I love those tire changers. Got mine for$34 on sale with a coupon. Saved myself a lot of money doing my own tires. I have the bubble balancer also. Sure can make you break a sweat though.

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  7. Well winter is here in Alberta Canada , cleaned up the interior of the hornet and now am preparing her for winter . Pulled the battery out and have it in my basement , fuel system is all being cleaned and refurbished this winter so don't have to worry about that and the coolant system is still not installed . As all of you know I had troubles starting her this summer after all the work resurrecting her after 40 years , when she fired she had very weak compression and I'm wondering if I should fill the cylinders with atf and acetone over the winter in hopes of freeing the rings up a bit better , any thoughts ???

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  9. wheeldog57
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    Man, I need a Hudson!
    ATF /acetone mix probably not a bad idea. ATF has detergent in it so it would need to be fully drained before start up. Rotate the engine by hand a few times during winter so mix will penetrate all cylinders. Change the oil once it is warmed up so you can hopefully get all the ATF/acetone out. Good luck

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  10. [​IMG] look who got himself a brand new set of Clifford performance headers !!!!! Haven’t even gotten the car running good and I’m already bolting on speed parts lol

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  11. indyjps
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    Great project and approach. Clean up 1 system at a time and pretty soon youll be driving.
    Check out the CLR threads, might clean up the paint a bit more, that pass door looks like its been repainted, could easily get some primer tinted to blend it in when its time.
    Coca cola and aluminum foil does wonders for older chrome. The foil is softer than the chrome and should not scratch.
  12. 1-SHOT
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    I did not know you could still buy headers for a Hudson, where did you get them? Thanks Frank
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  13. King ford
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    King ford
    from 08302

    Looking good young man! Keep at it and keep having fun!
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  14. Look up Clifford performance 6=8 they carry all performance parts for straight slant and flat sixes

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  15. Yeah I did the comet trick to take off all the crime , next summer I’ll try clr and then a coat of boiled linseed oil to bring out some lustre in her

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  16. Might run straight pipes or at least a couple of glass packs ..... should have a nice roar

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  17. Mine is straight piped and dumps at the rear end. I really like how it sounds. I did this when the glass pack rusted off. Was going to be temporary but I'm gonna leave it for now. The glass pack was surprisingly quiet but had a nice tone.

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  18. And what type of car is this on ?

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  22. Well I have tried but can not get an audio clip to download. I'll maybe do a clip and post it to youtube. May be next week before I get to it.
  23. Had the same problem
    Yep, load it to YouTube , then copy and paste to the post
    Love these Hudson’s

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  24. So was it nicer straight piped then with the glass packs ??? And did you stay duals the whole way ?

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  25. quickrack-alan
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    from Ireland

    Enjoyed reading this.
    I love the way you spend time instead of money on it.
    Going to keep an eye on the thread.
    Thank you for sharing.
  26. 0nedon
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    Those sun visors are hard to come by. I've had a couple of these through the years- Cool, enjoy and welcome

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