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New guy in So Cal (long intro and history)

Discussion in 'New to the H.A.M.B.? Introduce yourself here!' started by baggedchevyss, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone new guy here from San Bernardino Ca, I have been a member of the H.A.M.B. for a while now but figured the time has come that I become more active on the board so a little about me. the short intro. 32 years old full time glass blower/ rod builder.

    the long intro and a true story
    Ever since I was a kid I have had a love for hot rods and customs Going to the local route 66 car show was a highlight oh my year in my pre-teen and teen days. I vividly remember walking to middle school and stopping to stare at this 1954 mercury 2 door hardtop. I was in love..... Looking back now that car really was really what gave me the bug. Years later in high school I become friends with a kid that played guitar and he invited me over to jam with him. We walk to his place after school one day and sure enough we end up in the house with the 1954 merc sitting in the driveway. Playing guitar that day didn't really interest me as that car was calling my name. Dj and I became great friends and his family adopted me as their own and his father an obvious car nut took me under his wing and taught me what he knew. We worked on the harleys and the 67 impalla. I cut my teeth on welding and shaving and bodywork on that car. Time went on and I moved back east for a few years for a job and to take care of my grandfather. The job didnt last long due to massive lay offs and I soon found myself working at the local rod shop doing paint body and sheet metal work. I learned everything I could from walt building chassis and doing wiring. The time came for me to come back to Cali. My return to Cali I bumped around to a few shops till I ended up at No limit engineering here in San Bernardino. My main project there the orange 56 f-100 that he is famous for. Huge trailer queen truck not really my style but it pays the bills, Rob and I worked with each other coming up with new over the top ideas for the truck, I ended up leaving No limit shortly before the truck was completed to venture out on my own. I started my small sheet metal/paint shop and ended up building a lot more mini trucks that I ever wanted to but once again it payed the bills..... well sometimes. My now life long friend David the owner of the burning desire 54 merc decided it was time for him to being the car to the shop for some work. He previously took the car to some back yard hack while I was back east that had the car stripped the car did some crude patch jobs and then let the car sit outside to rust away. Daves dream was for this car to become topless. I fought the idea but due to the massive amount of drip rail roof cancer I proceeded to remove the roof fill the tail lights fill some trim holes and smooth the car out. everything but the front clip was put into white primer and Dave took the car home for the time being. Three months later I get a phone call from Dave informing me that he had a massive stroke and wouldn' t be finishing the car. The shock of a life time hit me the next sentence out of his mouth " do you want the merc" I was in shock and told him I was broke and couldn't afford to buy it off him he then told me he never said anything about selling it and that I had 10 days to get it out of his back yard or her was cutting it up piece by piece and throwing it away a little each week, Dave is crazy like that and I wouldn't have put it past him to do so. I picked up the rolling shell but couldn't afford the motor and tranny out of it at the time, That he wanted me to buy. So I had the car but the running gear as eventually sold. The merc sat and still is sitting in wait for my attention as I focused more on my glass blowing career. I Have been working for a place in Riverside Ca off and on for a few years now building some pretty high end stuff, once again not really my thing but it pays the bills. There we have a 1969 mustang super cobrajet that was gutted equipped with an art morison frame and a Dove Racing all aluminum version of fords cammer motor that is getting twin super chargers and hosts a massive amount of sheet metal work by myself. The other project is a 1955 nomad, alston chassi works front and rear suspension ls2 ton of sheet metal work and so on.

    Current project
    My 1937 ford pickup low budget hot rod. NOT a rat rod but what I can afford with parts i have collected over the years. Hand built frame, front and rear out of a 39 ford car with 23k original miles on it. I chopped the cab years ago 3.5 inches but may go back and cut it again and section the body MAYBE. Oh and as far as motor and trans, Pat my current boss calls me one day and wants to know if im interested in buying a 256 y block out of a 1954 merc from a guy out in the desert. Pat and I have both know where the original motor and tranny for the merc were the guy just wouldnt give it up untill the recent hard times hit. So YES I own THE car that got me into this and some 5 years later I now own the original motor and tranny from the car and NO it is not going back in the merc. A Y-block will be going into the merc but something with a little more beef than the 256. The past 2 Saturdays I have worked on the little pick up making motor mount adapter plates to go from the Y-block to a SBC energy suspension motor mount and then mounts to the frame. Yes I know I can buy y-block mounts but once again making due with as many parts as i have on hand. So motor mounts done. Trailing arms mounted, need to make some saddles to connect the trailing arms to the rearend. Front wishbone split, bungs welded in and mocking up ride height and all that jazz to determine where to mount the split bones. Some time this week I hope to get the cab hood sides (might not run them but want the option of doing so) and the grille shell down there so I can finish mocking up the front sheet metal and placement on the front axle. Still trying to decide about front spring and such, spring behind, quarter eliptical's or something adjustable, yes I know adjustable is not "cool" and is far from tradition but I have a way of making it look traditional. If anyone is interested i can explain more and maybe dray something up to explain and get some input other than im an idiot as I already know that. So thats where I currently stand. Glad to be workin on something of my own for a change.
  2. tooslow54
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    Read the short version...haha..

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Chris Cissel
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    Chris Cissel
    from Fresno Ca

    Welcome from Fresno

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