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New From TN

Discussion in 'New to the H.A.M.B.? Introduce yourself here!' started by Bill Coke, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Bill Coke
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    Bill Coke

    Hello! Bill Coke from Clarksville, TN. Found you through fellow member on Studebaker Hawk Page. I've plaedaround with a fewclassicsoff and on from Model A to my current car a 1957 Studebaker Hawk. Had several Corvettes and still have a C5, had a few Jags. Before the Hawk the last car I had was a 1959 Mercedes 190 4 dr sedan, 4 cylinder, 4 on the tree. The very first car I had was a 1959 German Ford Taunus 2 dr. Wagon 17M with 4 cyl, 4 on the tree. Guess I was destined to get involved with foreign cars somewhat. Lots of fun with that little car. Main body was metallica blue with white racing stripes, white top. Oh and a Falcon glass pak! My late father is the person that got me into cars. Pop appreciated old cars from brass era on. He had a `1929 Model A roadster in 1929 when in high school. I never saw that car but I can tell you all about it! It's fun to talk to people that knew your folks back when. One guy, Jack, had his own repair shop and told my brother and I about our Dad and that model A. Jack said you could be walking along the sidewalk and Pop would pull up and say something like Hey Jack want a ride. Sure Bob, thanks and then Jack said as soon as he touch the door handle he got the crap shocked out of him! Dad had taken a wire attached to the distributor run it back to a toggle switch on the dash and hidden over to the door handle BUT that wasn't the best one. Jack said they double dated. Our Dad would turn the mirror so he could see and talk with whomever was riding in the rumble seat. One day when Pop and his girlfriend and Jack and his girlfriend who were riding in the runble double dated. Jack said he remembers as the night went on and he (Jack) was getting real cozy with his date and they were in a tight kiss they both JUMPed out of that rumble as quick as they could. Our Dad had run that wire back to the springs in the rumble seat and as soon as they got real involved Pop hit the toggle switch! It was a "charged" kiss if there ever was one when they got shocked!
    Glad to be here. I do have one significant question. Does anyone have a photoshop program or some program where I can see decent colors on my Hawk. I have 3-4 paint schemes I am considering for my Hawk and would greatly appreciate the assistance to see what they would look like.
  2. Welcome from Illinois.

    @moose is the go to guy for Photoshop paint jobs. The thread is something like:

    The Photoshop thread of all Photoshop threads.

    Hopefully someone will chime in with the correct thread title.
  3. ol-nobull
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    Hi & welcome. You have had some very interesting cars thru the years. I started driving in 1953 and my first car was a used 53 MG TD. I remember when the Hawks came out and we just drooled about owning one but at that time I could not afford one. Now well into retirement at age 82 I again cannot afford one. Had a friend who passed about a year ago and he had an Advanti. Pretty sure it has been sold off. Jimmie
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