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Features New Coker Bias look radials

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hudson48, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. DBTires
    Joined: Jun 5, 2005
    Posts: 110

    from Conway, SC

    See post directly above this one. Thanks.
  2. DBTires
    Joined: Jun 5, 2005
    Posts: 110

    from Conway, SC

    Thanks for the kind words my friend. We plan to be in Charlotte this year and we also plan to have a few Auburns there for everyone to see.
  3. A Boner
    Joined: Dec 25, 2004
    Posts: 6,220

    A Boner

    Won't be there, but looking foreword to pic's of them on the H.A.M.B.!
  4. TagMan
    Joined: Dec 12, 2002
    Posts: 6,171


    I'll be needing tires for my '36 3w late this year or early next year and will be buying from DB, if the reviews look good.............
  5. Ditto!!!
    With very WW's
  6. felix37
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
    Posts: 82


    Coker Tire probably sells more tires in one month than DB sells all year, so naturally complaints will be off set. It's seams funny that many of these horror stories about Coker tire seam to pop up from these guys on many different forums with only 5 or 6 posts. they only come out when the subject of tires come out. just makes you wonder?
  7. Very happy with my Diamondback white wall radials, I'd just like a little more white wall. I've had my car up to 90mph... Great stuff.

  8. thirtytwo
    Joined: Dec 19, 2003
    Posts: 2,641


    I have built at least 30 traditional hotrods over the years...checked the wheels with a dial indicator even!... Always used Coker tires ( because they are the only game in town) every tire I have ever had was egg shaped , some live-able some down right horrendous I have seen a set of cokers trued the time one of them was finally round 25% of it was almost bald!

    For the prices they charge the tires should be perfect! ... Bfg or Goodyear wouldn't be in business very long , if they sent the amount of crap out the door Coker has...

    For the record the fake bias tires still look fake, if someone would just build a bias tire correctly the only worries would be chasing cracks and needing the tire to heat up before it becomes round... I can live with that!

    And I have been on the hamb for over 10yrs...incase you wondered!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  9. Jammin'
    Joined: Feb 10, 2014
    Posts: 40


    Any data on what the diameter of the DB Auburn Deluxe Radials 700R16 will be?
  10. I retract my former statement. I did some more research and the cokers and diamondbacks have different tread and sidewallls, at least in the photos.

    If I buy a set, and I might, I'm going diamondback.

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  11. Stevie Nash
    Joined: Oct 24, 2007
    Posts: 2,999

    Stevie Nash

    I've had my DB's up to 120mph+ and they were smooooooooth.
  12. 117harv
    Joined: Nov 12, 2009
    Posts: 6,590


    Here we are at 5 pages and not one post about faux parts? I have seen hundreds of posts trash talking parts that are not what they appear to be. Disc brakes inside drums, olds and hemi valve covers on different engines, dummy QC covers, etc.?

    Radials that appear to be bias, they will serve their purpose just as the above mentioned items, but they are still pretending. I bet they will sell lots of them:cool:
  13. Paul
    Joined: Aug 29, 2002
    Posts: 15,523


    that's why this thread is in the "Styled" forum

    not that there is anything wrong with that
  14. Jeff Norwell
    Joined: Aug 20, 2003
    Posts: 13,394

    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

  15. snopeks garage
    Joined: May 25, 2011
    Posts: 557

    snopeks garage
    from macomb MI

    i have a set of coker classics on my f100. few thousand miles and no problems.
  16. koolcruiser
    Joined: Jan 25, 2013
    Posts: 17

    from FRANCE

    I'm also ready to go for your new AUBURN DELUXE radials in blackwall smoothie in 560x15 front and 820x15 rear; are they still unavailable, and if so, have you an idea for period they will be? thanks
  17. mortys40
    Joined: Feb 25, 2007
    Posts: 8


    :confused:Been waiting for DB Auburns for two years now, all you hear is " any time now", " real close ", We'll call you ", Lets see em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joined: Jun 25, 2012
    Posts: 659
    from KS

    I'm pretty dissatisfied with my new
    DB Auburn Radials...

    Because they don't exist¿ come on already, don't buzz & SneakPeak products they are years from even bringing out a product. Wtf :confused:
  19. hudson48
    Joined: Oct 16, 2007
    Posts: 2,930


    Just came back to look at my old post. Wow 107 replies and over 10000 views. I see some views on these not being "traditional" but where safety comes into play I think it changes the scenario. How many builders of traditional cars opt for a dual reservoir brake system and even a booster if needed for safe driving.
    What about proper steering universals instead of crudely welded steering shafts that could crack at speed or safety glass in your windscreen and side windows(if you have them).
    If you came over and drove on some of the Aussie roads you would understand better why anything that improves the ride and handling is very important. I drive the roadster everywhere but on some occasions it can be a little wide eyed and white knuckles on our roads.
  20. A Boner
    Joined: Dec 25, 2004
    Posts: 6,220

    A Boner

    Wow, you have 80 posts!

    Skinny ROUND tires, that's what we want. F'ing round tires. Don't really care who makes them. Been dreaming of them for a good 10 years now.
  21. flashback
    Joined: Oct 26, 2005
    Posts: 75


    Just spoke with Richard at DB about getting the 600X16 replacements that are 195/80R/16 for my 1950 Ford pickup.

    Been looking at their catalog for a year now after riding on 600x16 Firestone whitewalls from Coker for a year. Worn Slam Out.

    He informed me that they do not produce that size anymore. What now?

    That sucks!
  22. UVTMike
    Joined: Aug 31, 2011
    Posts: 15

    from Hershey PA

    Get a set of 600R16 Coker radials. They are a 6 ply LT rated tire. Should be perfect for your application.
  23. ralphcramer
    Joined: Mar 23, 2006
    Posts: 36


    I put radials on my avatar because I drive it in the real world and I drive it like a real car. The car and tires were new just over 2,000 miles ago.

    I bought 15" DBs all the way around but to get past PA's first time inspection (street rod tag), I found I needed 16" wheels on the front to avoid scrub line issues. Since DB didn't have what I needed, I put the 15"s on my T bucket and bought 16" Coker bias look radials for the tudor.

    All tires were balanced (wheel weights are traditional) but the Cokers had a lot of vibration between 45-55 mph. After checking over all the front end hardware (which is all new), the tires were rebalanced but there is still an annoying vibration at that speed. I guess I'll just live with it until the tires wear out.

    I'm not too nuts about the "bias look" tires because the squared off tread looks overly square and they still smush out at the bottom like all radials, so they fool nobody. AND the Cokers are noticeably less white than the DB, so bottom line, I'm not impressed with the Cokers. Just sayin.
  24. D-man313
    Joined: Mar 17, 2011
    Posts: 1,161


    Doesn't coker use old molds to make the bias plys? So whatever was wrong 50 years ago with bias plys is still wrong on a new tire. IMO its like a NOS tire that hasn't dry rotted.

    And yes, I have DBs on my truck and love em.
  25. txturbo
    Joined: Oct 23, 2009
    Posts: 1,771


    When I get the cash to buy some wire wheels for the Caddy I'm going with the DB WWW radials.
    DB tires= Made in USA....seems more "traditional" to me.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
  26. Keither
    Joined: Nov 20, 2009
    Posts: 57


    I've been the Coker route several times and continually fight getting a smooth ride. I have dirt trackers on my roadster and after finally finding someone who can shave the tires they are now just about bald (but the ride is now smooth). I have Excelsiors on another car and they are better but they need shaving too. Hard to do on tires that expensive. If you are using genie wheels find someone who can balance your tires off the lugs, not the center. The early rims weren't designed to be balanced that way.
  27. Jammin'
    Joined: Feb 10, 2014
    Posts: 40


    Diamond Back says the 16" wide white wall radials will be available in April.
  28. dodge59
    Joined: Dec 21, 2006
    Posts: 183


    I called coker. they say there new bias look radial will be out mid june 2014.
  29. logride
    Joined: Nov 29, 2009
    Posts: 285

    from CB IA

    I have been debating the radial vs bias for quite a while. I want the smooth ride and consistency of radials but wanted the bias look. I think they would look great on my 32 Chevy.

    I finally decided to get 8.20 15 from one of cokers dealers. Advertised for $199 in the 2014 catalog.

    When I called to order the price had been raised to $249.

    They went past my price point and I won't be able to find for myself if they are square or not.

    That's just too much, I'm glad they make them but damm.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
  30. koolcruiser
    Joined: Jan 25, 2013
    Posts: 17

    from FRANCE

    If, as me, you want to be as close as possible of a " bias look " with a radial for your rod, if you also want to stay as close as possible of very traditional " big n' little"sizes like 560- 15 front and 820 - 15 rear, and if you prefer blackwall tires, then you won't have many options:
    -change the wheels, go to 16" , and you can look the Excselsior Stahl Sport Radials, through Coker distribution.
    -stay with 15" and you'll have, either the DB Auburn, but they are still not available,(and we can't know when they'll be!), either the American Classic Blackwall Bias Profile , also from Coker, in 560 and 820 r 15.
    - there is also the Phoenix Blackwall, with a less vintage look pattern, but with a good size , mainly for rear with a 820 r 15.

    Have you experienced any of those tires, and what will be your choice?
    please no answer like " nothing is better than a true bias "; it's sure, for the look, but just for it! Looking at a " bias look radial" will always be a compromise between look and confort + security. the only question, for those who intend to make that choice, is doing the better compromise they can.

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