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Hot Rods New coil over shocks

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 325w, Oct 2, 2021.

  1. 325w
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    Got new shocks for my 32 coupe. Old one were shot. Got the new ones on had the spring adjusted about a 1/4 inch up. Removed stands and jack. Car set low right. Garage floor is in the ball park. Used the highest bolt holes on the rear end. Same way the old ones came off. Used new bolts. Car was level before the new shocks. Adjust the right shock up about 3/4 the left at maybe an 1/8. Only thing I didn’t do was grease the the bushings and bolts. At 76 and laying one the floor I feel like the bolts are not over torqued. What do you different.
  2. fiftyv8
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    from CO & WA

    A couple of pictures could help you get a response.
    I am not following your words as I would like...
  3. Jim Bouchard
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    Jim Bouchard

    First thing that comes to my mind is switching the shocks side for side after making the springs equal again and see if that changes anything.
    Some of my thoughts are, possible mismatched spring rates on the new springs. I’d inspect them and even try to measure the spring diameter. These days it seems like there is zero quality control. If there is a 25 or 50 pound difference in spring rates, from one spring to the other, it could show up as low on one side like you have.
    Is it a stock frame or aftermarket? I don’t know what yours looks like but is there a chance the upper crossmember is welded in crooked? Like one side up higher than the other?
    You may need to lay underneath and start measuring different places and compare side to side. Start to rule out possibilities.
    But if it was good before you changed the shocks then I’d look at the new shocks first.
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  4. oldsman41
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    No picture doesn’t help but sounds like 2 different spring rates.
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