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Projects Never Ending Hop Up Build

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Felipe Toltecatl, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. So far I've been sticking to my original vision but I'm not above tweeking it as it comes together. It's a real T frame and with that in mind I really need to keep it as light as possible. It will have maybe 50 hp with a hopped up Model A mill and I just want to get the most out of it. Maybe even run it at TROG some day and be a lil competitive?
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  2. Third DodgeBrother
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    Third DodgeBrother

    I too have the front half of a T Touring, though mine is more like the front two quarters! Lately I've been thinking about extending the body about a foot behind the door. Could be the first 27 Ford extended cab RPU. Frame will be 3 x 1 1/2" tube, may be extended out and back as a mini stake bed. My seatback is pretty far gone, so I may try for a more rounded version like the A or 32.
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  3. That's cool. I'm sure we'd all be interested in seeing that build. Be sure to post a build thread on here!
  4. I found a pic of that accessory T pick up bed. I would make mine a good foot and a half shorter. FB_IMG_1485902783437-1.jpg
  5. Let me make you a single seater...

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  6. That is AWESOME!!!!!
  7. IMG_0014.PNG Your half way there! Let the lady ride the tank if need be!
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  8. Wow nice craftsmanship!
  9. 20170228_181755.jpg Test fitting my seat. It's from a school bus. I took the cushions off the frame and just have the upholstery on loosely. Pretty good fit. And free! Ok I guess I should finish the floor now.
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  10. Uptown83
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  11. madfish
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    Let me make a plug here for 2talltobeahotrodder. I shot a documentary on TROG and featured his little speedster and I will tell you it was beautifully crafted and extreme attention to detail. You can't go wrong with this man building you a car.
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  12. Wow bud thank you for the kind words!!
  13. plym49
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    from Earth

    Nice thread. I would love to build the same car with a Pontiac straight 8.
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  14. gdaddy
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    from nw fl.

    where could I find the documentary for trog ?
  15. Those boat tail hood jobs always looked funky to me. I'm pretty set on a small pick up bed at this point.
  16. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    Digging this. Makes my itch to start my touring car really bad!
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  17. So I have come to the conclusion the body looks too wide on that lil T frame. I'm contemplating narrowing the body 6" to get the look I'm after. Unless one of yall have a pre-26 body you'd want to swap me for? Decisions decisions.
  18. 20170418_195735.jpg I couldn't stand the way the body looked on the skinny little T frame so I have decided to swap everything out onto an A frame and save the T frame for a future speedster project. One of Nick Arias' old roadster/cut down tourings is serving as my inspiration. The end results will be more than worth it. Just a minor time set back. I wasted no time prepping the new bones last night.
  19. Hmmm, you don't like the T frame now but you will latter?
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  20. Just not with this particular body. 1926/27's look much better on wider Model A frames. Just my personal preference. The T frame would look great with a little speedster boat tail type body. A project for down the line. Getting the right look is very important to me.
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  21. Primed and painted. 20170423_171233.jpg 20170423_171246.jpg
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  22. Nice job, still looks wet. Right on.
    The Wizzard
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  23. K.C. Clem
    Joined: Feb 17, 2017
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    K.C. Clem

    Awesome build. I think it looks great. I really liked the glass doorknob shifter. That's a cool touch.
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  24. Thanks KC!
  25. barrnone50
    Joined: Oct 24, 2010
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    from texas

    Really like what your building! And the look is where its at and if it bugs ya you got to make it fit your vision.
    Great job!! Keep the progress coming.
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  26. So I started refurbishing the front spring only to fine the spring perches are completely shot. My Snyders grocery list is growing a lil more every weekend. Gotta do it right though. 20170429_153923.jpg 20170429_153957.jpg
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  27. While I'm waiting on more parts I might as well get this rear end cleaned up and painted today. 20170506_141334.jpg 20170506_141343.jpg
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  28. tfeverfred
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  29. 20170507_151044-1.jpg I've been wrestling the firewall off all afternoon but in the end I won. That New Mexico sun is brutal! I'm officially wiped out for the day.

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