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Technical Need Pics: 1928 1929 A Roadster Cowl Post to Subrail Rear Connection - - HALP!!

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by crazycasey, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Hey gang.


    I just realized that I’m missing a little more sheet metal than I thought I was...

    I’m working on the cowl posts/belt rail piece of my cowl on a 1929 Ford Roadster. The bottom few inches are pretty rusty, and I’ve been welding up and chasing holes, but it just sort of dawned on me that there’s probably supposed to be some sort of finished edge to the back of the cowl post down near the subrail.


    Looking up online, the only picture I can find of a repro complete cowl post makes it a little...hard to tell what’s going on, where the cowl meets the subrail...


    And the patch panels don’t appear to have ANY material at the back of the post...


    This picture on eBay makes it look like maybe there is a relief, that tapers down to the subrail with another rivet similar to the front...


    Does anybody have a really clean, original body, and would you mind taking a few pictures of your cowl posts with the doors open!? :rolleyes:

    I’ve already got a few hours into this part of the project, and I want it to look “correct” when I’m done...

    Thanks Folks!

    PS- The build thread is here:
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  2. lamaison
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    from Canada

    Here's some pictures I took when removing a cowl post from the remains of the subframe. The area where the rear rivet goes gets covered by the door sill panel. 1928-29 Cowl Post to Subframe #1.JPG 1928-29 Cowl Post to Subframe #2.jpg 1928-29 Cowl Post to Subframe #3.JPG
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!! That is exactly what I need. It doesn’t look like the commonly available patch panel includes that piece, so I guess I’ll have to make it. Thanks again!
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  4. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

  5. tinkirk
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    Not a very good pic but it might help[​IMG]

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  6. tinkirk
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  7. Nailhead A-V8
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    Nailhead A-V8

    subframe.jpg subframe7.jpg subframe8.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  8. neds29
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    I could be wrong but isn't that part of the Model A the same for all body styles? It looks identical to the same spot on my '29 CCPU. Just sayin'.
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  9. Thanks to everyone for the pictures! I didn’t realize that the door sill covers the part I’m asking about up entirely. I’m just welding a tab to the back of the cowl posts, and I’m attaching it to the subrails with a tight-fitting button-head Allen bolt with a mechanical locknut on the backside, and a little bit of body filler in the hex slot to “seal the deal”. The post is thin enough there that it will be the weak point, anyway. I sure could strangle the guy who torched them off of my cowl...

    Thanks Sloppy! Haha, I’m pretty sure that I was the one who converted that subrail diagram to US Customary Units of Measure. Haha...oh the all comes back around.

    Thanks Nailhead! I wish I had seen these sooner.

    I’m not sure. But I’m talking about the tab on the rear of the cowl post that’s located under the door sill on the roadster (pics in the first reply directly below my OP).
  10. wheeldog57
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    28-29 had two styles of cowl posts.
    The open cars (roadster, rpu, and phaeton) shared the OP style posts, closed cars and trucks are different.

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