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Need photos and info on Widened '26-'27 T Roadsters.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Richard D, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. That's what I'm talking about! I was considering widening only the cowl, the column will fit, but footroom is super tight. We'll see.

    What kind of master cylinder it that?
  2. nailheadroadster
    Joined: Jun 7, 2006
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    Yup. I did it REAL scientific-like. :D All I knew was that it HAD to fit the gennie '32 frame I had.

    First, I set the body on the frame where I thought it looked right and clamped it down to the frame in the rear. Then I grabbed my trusty "wheel of death" and cut right down the middle of the cowl. After I questioned my own sanity for a few minutes, I then spread the cowl out to fit the frame and clamped it in place. Before I changed my mind, I quickly grabbed the welder and tacked a few pieces in to keep it from moving while I gently massaged it into a somewhat "square" representation of a body. From that point I just made "patch" panels to fill the voids.

    It actually ended up being slightly more than 3" at the firewall and right around 2 1/2" at the dash. The doors took a little bit of tweeking to get em to close smoothly again, but it all pretty much went off without a hitch. The foot room gained is pretty amazing too.

    The extreme vast majority of people don't realize it has been widened either. I once was parked next to a local guy that has a '26 roadster also and he didn't notice until I told him. Then seeing the two roadsters parked next to each other, he couldn't believe he didn't notice. I think the removal and smoothing of the gas filler door on the cowl probably has something to do with it too.
  3. nailheadroadster
    Joined: Jun 7, 2006
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    I used a '60-'62 C10 Chevy truck master with Ansen swing pedals.
  4. T2B
    Joined: Jul 21, 2006
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    from san diego

    Move yourself farther back in the car and push the transmission down out of the passenger area. A manual trans is smaller but then you have to add a clutch pedal. Swinging pedals would help. Tilt your seatback back and raise the bolster up. T's are small. If you just can't get in there then widen it like nailhearroadster. Most people won't see 2" or 3". You could try welding in an A recessed firewall.
  5. It's a serious challenge to get a stock 26/27 to work but it can be done. I used a 4 cyl in mine, moved the clutch fork to the passenger side. ran a T50 BW 5 speed, hanging pedals, perimeter frame, slimmed up the rocker panels and made them into rocker boxes for strength, seat bucket mounted at belly pan level and floor pockets for the feet. It works pretty good. You set shoulder to shoulder with your road trip partner though.

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  6. It would be easy if I wasn't channeling it, but I am channeling it.
  7. designs that work
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    designs that work

    My T is channeled 3 inches with the floor board on top of frame. Three pedals on the floor. Vega steering at the motor mount. Steering column bare 3/4 in. shaft with 13 in. wheel. The T5 trans open a lot of foot room versus the 1939 ford trans. The looks of your mockup photo, you can move the body back a couple of inches to gain some foot room. The early 1960's show car would have a standard trans, which would give you a lot more room.
    Good luck
  8. swimeasy
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    Man, Nailhead, that just turned out to nice.I saved this to show a guy that will be stoked! THANKS!
  9. How did you mount the windshield?
  10. opu27
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    from ONYX,CALIF

    check out opu27 roadster for leg room. added 7" to firewall and 7" behind doors. wheelbase 113" dick
  11. hemifalcon
    Joined: Mar 20, 2008
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    I'm betting most of you guys are older on here--and have spent some time in a number of different cars.. Looking at the pictures above, and my '62 VW-- I'd have to say that there isn't a whole lot of room in there either..


    dammit.. couldn't find a picture of my footwell since my work computer won't allow me access to the website..
  12. gnichols
    Joined: Mar 6, 2008
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    from Tampa, FL

    That's the way I want to go on my next build, too. Gary

    Forgot to add... if are thinking about dropping the floorboards to the lower frame rails for more foot room, keep in mind that you only have to do that from the front of the seat forward. The floor under the seat and behind it can remain at the OEM level. In effect, the seat gets taller "legs" and makes your driving position better and it leaves a little space under the floor to hide stuff like trailing arms, batteries, etc.. too.
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  13. I have considered that...

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