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need help finding a retainer thingy pic inside

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by shocker998md, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. alright guys I cannot seem to find these anywhere and im pretty lost on where to get some. I took the grill and headlight trim off of my falcon to clean them up and so that i wouldnt get overspray on them when i painted my engine bay. When i took the headlight trim out almost every single one of these retainers fell apart, now before i go and try to rig something up does anyone know if i can order a handfull of these? if it would really make a difference its off a 68 falcon

  2. just looks like a strap nut to me auto parts stores, hardware stores should have all you need im sure the resto houses will have them as well they'll just charge you more for them
  3. Road Oiler
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    Road Oiler

    I'm pretty sure you can pick them up at Home Depot. They're kept in the drawers in the fastener area near the plastic bags of screws.
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  4. its just a piece of metal thats bent around with a hole drilled in it, then the screw just screws in. Ill try the hardware store, im feeling pretty lazy in bending up a few pieces and drilling holes in them.

  5. rustdodger
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    McMaster Carr / has them they cal them clip-on nuts
  6. actually those thingies were superseded to doo-dads in about 1985 and superseded to hum-dingers in 98. the humdingers can be found at autozone, CSK, and any hardware store.. except the one down the street from me.. they found carrying anything i need to be not profitable and never reorder any small do-hickey that i might need once its sold.
  7. Fat47
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    Fastenal will have them. So should any decent auto parts store or farm supply.
  8. GTS225
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    If I'm not mistaken, the proper term is "tinnerman nuts", or "tinnerman clips", and as already reported, you should be able to get them just about anywhere.

  9. lowes had them, I bought a few bags of them. 6 in a bag for 60 cents.
  10. Spity
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    Old folks call them tinnermans, the idiot kid at the hardware store will call it a J-Nut.
  11. If it helps they where in the hardware section in a section called automotive hardware. Who woulda thunked it.

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