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Need Help! Corvette engine Iso-Grifo O/T Please don't shoot!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by mctim64, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I know this is O/T but I also know there are some smart Motha Fu<%#^$ out there so I thought I'd ask.

    OK! Here's the challenge. A very good friend of mine who has a shop in Redwood City, CA is restoring an Iso-Griffo, I had never heard of one till just this weekend, they came out in the late '60s with Chevrolet Corvette running gear. I need to know '69 Corvette engine ser. #s (Small block, 350ci I assume) and if any one out there has a block and two heads with correct ser. # and date codes for 1969 PM me with a price if you want to sell.

    If anyone has a picture of one of these cars I'm interested to see what they look like. :confused:
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  2. Warbird7
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    Neat cars. My favorite Matchbox car as a kid. Italian body with the heart of a Chevrolet.

  3. propwash
    Joined: Jul 25, 2005
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    from Las Vegas

    there is a club for IG owners....check to see what the engine numbers look like. If they bought crates from GM then there are probably some non-vette anomalies to the numbers.

  4. pimpin paint
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    pimpin paint
    from so cal


    Some of the later production Griffos & Bizzarrini's featured Ford Big Blocks!

    Humpty Dumpty was pushed "

  5. I like this style too. My favourite Matchbox too:cool:

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  6. Iso also built a 4 seat version called the Rivolta. Same running gear, maybe a couple years earlier.
  7. jcs64
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    A good friend just finished up a #'s correct 1969 427 vette engine (i think he said 435 hp) complete w/ correct matching tripower. Im sure its not cheap but if your interested Pm me.
    its on a stand and broken in.

  8. That's a nice offer and from what I understand money is not a problem for this build but he is looking for a SB. Did they still use the 327 in Corvettes by '69? or were they all 350s, the small block cars that is.
  9. sdluck
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  10. Very interesting read, you learn something new every day. I see also the the little Isetta came from the same place.

    I guess a 427 with tri-power would be a correct engine but my friend asked me to find a small block, now I see it would be a 327 not a 350.
  11. dr john
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    dr john
    from CSA

    Grifos are indeed some of the coolest cars on earth. Most were smallblock powered - the 427 cars had the hood scoop like the maroon car pictured above. None had the 435 motor [3 2's] to the best of my knowledge.Most were 327s.
    An excellent book is available on Isos by Winston Goodfellow as I remember. Guess I oughta go Look at my copy to be sure... Anyway, get with the Iso group, buy the book and go to town. Your friend is a fortunate man!
  12. I found a 69 Iso Rivolta in Texas a coupl years ago, too bad it was really rusty and priced kinda high.

    Great cars.
  13. Larry T
    Joined: Nov 24, 2004
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    Larry T

    1969 Corvette Casting Numbers

    Application Block Cylinder Head Intake Exhaust (left) Exhaust (right)
    350 - 300 HP (early) Base 3932386 3927186 3927184 3872765 3932461
    350 - 350 HP (early) L46 3932386 3927186 3927184 3872765 3932461
    350 - 300 HP (mid) Base 3956618 3927186 3927184 3872765 3932461
    350 - 350 HP (mid) L46 3956618 3927186 3927184 3872765 3932461
    350 - 300 HP (late) Base 3970010 3947041 3927184 3872765 3932461
    350 - 350 HP (late) L46 3970010 3927187 3927184 3872765 3932461
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
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    I'm not a moderator or anyone special here, but I'd bet a nice bottle of "Apple Pie" that those cars aren't really O/T. To think that an Italian car maker wanted a thumping pushrod V-8 from the USA in their special creations. How kool, huh? A whole company building hybrid hotrods with sexy dago coachwork and a SBC. I can hear Dean Martin in my head singing "Mambo Italiano"...
  15. Iceberg460
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    Cool car, never heard of it tell now. I thought all 327's were numbers matching 'Vette motors:rolleyes::D
  16. mart3406
    Joined: May 31, 2009
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    from Canada

    1968 was the last year for the 327 in the
    Corvette and for 1969 it was replaced by
    the 350. However, I *believe* that even
    into 1969, Isso Griffo still used the 327.
    Remember that Chevy still listed complete
    300 and 350 hp (along with the other various
    standard and hi-perf. 327 hp ratings) 327
    engines in their parts catalogs and sold them
    over the counter, for several years after they
    stopped installing them in Corvettes and Chevy
    passenger cars. Check the build date from the
    serial number stamped into the pad at the
    top/front area of the block - and the casting
    dates on original block and heads of the I.G
    engine too. I'll bet that even though the car is
    actually a 1969 model, that the engine is actually
    a 'high-performance' 327 and built by GM anywhere
    from several months to maybe even more than a
    year or two - before the car was built, meaning
    you probably need an 1968, or maybe even 1967,
    or possibly even earlier model year engine for a
    strictly correct restoration.
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  17. I've got a '69 date code 350 - it's a 250 hp 2 bbl. though. Still, if needed, let me know.

  18. Velocetwo
    Joined: Dec 21, 2009
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    from California

    Possibly one tri power car all others single carb on the big blocks

    a few made with 4 weber intake
  19. Velocetwo
    Joined: Dec 21, 2009
    Posts: 22

    from California

    Iso used GM engines from Switzerland, many are coded special purpose or marine.

    Iso purchased a large amount of engines early on 63-63 with dreams of large production, but it took years for them to use all those engines, so you will find 67 cars with 63 engines.

    The engines had special aluminum oil pans after Giotto Bizzarrini found GM had a oil problem at higher RPM's. When GM was notified of this they told the way to solve the problem was for Iso Rivolta not to drive the cars so fast!

    More Iso Biz info at

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