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Technical Need a painters advice

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wraymen, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. I am about to pick up my wagon that had a bunch of body work done. It has some flames that were done by a friend that passed away a few years ago. My idea is to save them by taping them up, prepping and shooting the body with black and then clear coating the whole thing. Is this feasible? Its not going to be a show car by any stretch just a tow car and driver. I have never painted a car before and I'm trying to find a local painter working on the side or what ever. Right now I can't afford the local shops so if I don't find some one I'm going to give it a go. Curious about what type of paint to buy and what type of prep to do on the remaining paint on the car. The rear quarters, tailgate, and all four lower doors have been fixed and sitting in primer. Like I've said I have not seen it yet so these are pre body work.
    If you are fairly close (MD or near by state) and would like to tackle it give me a shout. Thanks, Phil DSC00027.JPG DSC00023.JPG
    Just thought of another option, tape the flames and spray it flat/semi flat black.
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  2. henryj1951
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    from USA

  3. pitman
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    I'd ask Pimpin Paint or ChopOlds (if I have #2 right)
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  4. did you do body work to the front doors? if not just paint the back half?

  5. gene-koning
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    I'm going to take some heat for this, but what the heck, it won't be the first time....
    The Macco Body shop near us is run by a guy that was a great painter. Macco's are all across the country, maybe the one near you also does great paint jobs. Often during the winter they run a paint job special price that's pretty hard to beat. They are the current Earl Scribes of the 50s & 60s.

    Another thought is maybe a local college tech center that teaches collision repair. The one here will paint a car for the material costs. They put you on the list and do what they get to through the class. Might be good, or not.

    If you have never painted a car before, black might not be a good color to start with, it tends to show every defect. Gene
  6. Your concept will work.
    Lots of experience will pull it off.
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  7. You could save the flames but plan on re-clearing them at least once to bury the masking lines.
  8. ......................I like this idea. You (or someone) will have countless hours in properly taping over all of those flames in order to save them. Cool ride by the way. I always liked the way the quarter trim incorporates the door handles.:D;)..........Good luck. I can visualize it towing your FED to I mean MIR @ Budd's Creek.:D
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  9. The rust did work it's way into the front quarter and some of the flamed area is affected. The car sat for a good while on the previous owners property and the leaves and dirt plugged up the weep holes in the doors and front quarters causing it to rust from the inside out. Lower door skins were installed and the rot cut out.
  10. 29_21.jpg
    Don in his younger days !!;)
  11. canning
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    Minter's Auto Body across the bridge in King George(205&301). He does projects other than insurance jobs. Have no idea what he charges, but his work, that I have seen, is very good.
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  12. Agree completely and experience is lacking here for sure. I am hoping I can find some one local that will take it on. I did save some cash freshening the motor and got a great deal on the body work so I have a little more than I thought to sink into the paint.
  13. Thanks, I will check him out. Only about an hour away.
  14. Gene, I thought about Macco myself and it was suggested by another friend. There is one close by so I might check them out. I'm guessing it depends on the location. I had a good friend that bought their best package and it didn't last very long.
  15. Back up for the wraymen. Is that Econoline still for sale?:D;) 1983007-0a08ca425c87db6066fd780d943dc475.jpg
  16. i wish you were closer, i love "off book" type repairs.
  17. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
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    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    Are the flames under clear now ? how is the over all rest of the paints condition? I did a similar project on a buddy's 64 Catalina that I flamed years ago . I repaired some rust and a few dents that had evolved over the years. I scuff sanded the exsisting paint job and flames with a gray scuff pad and scuffing paste like you would on a collision repair. Mask off the car and the flames in away where you can unmask the flames separately. then blend in the repair area's with basecoat, Unmask the flames and clear the entire car. and because most of the repair work was on the lower parts of the body I could field mask most of the flames and just out line mask the areas where the paint needed blending. The results are a nice driver quality job with a lower cost investment. Just a thought. Good luck, My folks had one of those wagons when I was younger. Larry
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