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Nat'l Drags 1956 hot rod roadster

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Curt R, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. my first time posting a pic, took a coupla tries and screw ups but here goes. Happened across this pic while looking thru a bunch of old pics and thought this pic would be a good picture example of a street roadster that went drag racing in 1956. Pic was taken in the pits at the 1956 NHRA National Championship Drag Races (aka Olympics of Drag Racing ) in Kansas City, Mo.
    The roadster is very representative of the typical mid west street roadster at that time. Not a show piece, functional, stripped down and hot rod from one end to the other. How many of the features of the car do we see in rods of today? Look closely. What you don't see are the hiccups and bolt on trinkets that are on SOME rods of today. They had it right back then and still do.
    I have more old pics, will post them now and then. For the curious and eagle eyes, check out the roadster in the background, parked in front of the tent. My next post will be a pic of that rod. Any one recognize it? It was from Illinois, owner or sponsor was a used car dealer. Any guesses?

    Now I am going to take the necessary steps to attach the pic, fingers crossed, hit the button. Did it?

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  2. SaltCityCustoms
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    I'm seeing pluming pipe used for a roll bar, I don't think that was ever considered "right" but otherwise the car looks cool.
  3. Oh my god, how could I miss such an obvious "not so right" feature? But, the car did compete at the Nat'l Drags with the square plumbing roll bar, it was "right" for the time.

    My comment was coming from viewing the overall car for its function and appearance, for its time. My point of the comment was missed or ignored. I and many others could pick the car apart for other issues, also. My choice is to enjoy the history, tradition, the spirit and adventure that was and is part of hot rodding.

    Reminder to self: "you forgot about the nitpicky police".
  4. Doodlrodz
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    Member Emeritus

    "Cool cars and square roll bars" rings a bell with me.

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    I like it.The reversed wheels,hairpin goes around steering box,etc.
    No dash rail.Flathead. What's in the passenger seat?
    Let's see your other pictures of the roadster in front of the tent.

    I like old hot rods !
  6. DollaBill
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    OG 001

    I encourage you to post often, AND in the spirit of which you posted. The observations you are making, and the relevance of the images...ARE consistent with illuminating and promulgating the traditions of the hobby.

    Unfortunately, the critics are legion. Thank God they didn't have the Internet and the ability to anonymously pick each other apart then, huh?

    Thanks for your efforts, and keep it up.
  7. of course, I saw the plumbing pipe, my eyes aren't that bad. Didn't feel comment was necessary, cause in 56, the rollbar was acceptable as pictured. A bit of deductive thought and logical thought would have led one to the correct conclusion. Hahaha....

    next post will show the Illinois roadster.

    did you talk to Bob M. about the A pu?
  8. DollaBill;

    appreciate the prop.

    Been a HAMB hangaround since day 1, I liked Ryan's Jalopy Journal vibe. Registered a few years ago, did some posts. Now, I thought, I will try a few thread contributions. Most of the threads will be "historical" pics etc. The threads may not be often but, I will try to make them interesting.

    I do agree about the critics comment.
  9. jonnycola
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    What is that gauge in there.... it almost looks like a shoebox, but the little surround almost reminds me of a 51 kaiser.

    I like that car. It's built to get the job done.
  10. jonnycola
    Joined: Oct 12, 2003
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    I found a picture of this car I had... kind of similar, worth posting maybe? I scanned my old man's slides and it was in there. I believe it's taken at the grove.

  11. jonny,
    great photo. One of things that I like about the old photos are the things, cars etc. in the background.
    Looks like the Grove, I see a number of yellow/black Wis license plate.
    Who's the dapper young man in the photo?
  12. I thought shoe box, first, then, 49, 50 Olds. Kaiser is the best choice.

    Wonder its et and mph at the Natl Drags.

    The mystery Illinois drag roadster post should go up Fri pm or Sat am.

    Listen to Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Sat 9am, I asked them if they would like to do some parts of the show focusing on the history, people, rods and customs in the Milwaukee area starting with the 40's and 50's. Wondering, if they will mention anything.

    I went from OG 001 to Curt R. I figured before crs sets in and I forget pc user names, I'll use the real name. I hope it's a long time before I forget my real name!!!!!

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