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Names on front fenders

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 6t5frlane, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. 1320 express was on the rear quaters of 68 or 69 nova around dorchester ma do'nt what happend to the car i think it had big block
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    Late 50's in Alabama. I had "little red wagon" with a small wagon painted on the front fender at the bottom, near the door opening ,on my 50 merc. A buddy of mine had a 37 ford sedan ,white, with a big picture of goofy painted on the doors. Fitting name for him also.LOL Thanks, BOBBY FORD
  3. crook
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    from Winder,Ga

    Dang, now that's just cheesy!!
  4. CRH
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    from Utah

    This gave me a good laugh! Thankyou!! :):):)
  5. Ruiner
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    I'll be putting "River Valley Shaker" on my '40 Plymouth gasser after it gets painted...I've always loved drag car names like the Chi-town Hustler, Wilshire Shaker, Motown Missile, etc...
  6. Former woman street racer around here, Lila, had "beat me you can eat me" on her fox body Mustang... goes back to the 90's around here.
  7. Ruiner
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    I like the original urban legend with the chick in the vette rather than a fox body 'stang...for a girl to do that now wouldn't be as unique as back then...
  8. ROCKET303
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    ~ Here on the West Coast it was done on the rear fender, The Kid up the street 2 years older than me had a sweet '64 or 5, 442 all jacked up red with two racing stripes done in lace and on the rear fenders near the bumper it said "Miss Lead"......I had a 47' Chevy Coupe and on the trunk lower right it said "Lickin' Stick" What else I used to see as a kid was the Guy's name on his door and his girlfriends name on her door.
  9. Scarynickname
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    from Toney, Al

    I think I'm going to put "Bondo Barge" on mine.
  10. ditz
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    Late 50's and early 60's in east central Indiana. Most located on rear quarter close to the tail light. Most memorable was a gold Corvette coupe early Stingray was named FUJIMO in Japanese style letters. I met the guy many years later and found out that it stood for "F#%& you jack, I'm moving on". I would really like to steel that name.
  11. 6t5frlane
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    from New York

    I actually saw this on the back of a Gremlin with a sbc in it. Saw the driver. You would not have taken her up on that offer
  12. Flatdog
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    Member Emeritus

    Any Jersey guys remember "Two Timer " 63 chevy two with 427 and straight front axle,Also anyone remember "Mr Pepsodent" yellow 50? chevy. Always thought that it was a cool name."You wonder were the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent".
  13. John B
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    John B

    Four pages of replies and no pictures?
  14. Here's a couple for you John:The T was done in 1961,the black Deuce in 1965(second pic was taken in 98 with the name still on)and the red Deuce about 69 or 70.Don't seem to have any pics of customs although I did a lot.

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  15. I remember Mr. Pepsodent. Also a'49-'52 Chevy convert. named "Mother-in-Law". Then there was a '62 Belair 409 "Death Trap", another '62 09 called "No-Doze" and the super good running 409 Belair named "Buzzard 2",but the oddest name I ever saw on a car was a '50 Ford with a Caddy in named"Logs Hollowin Sound"! I still have no freakin' idea what it refers to.
  16. These are on a 49-50 Ford in the bush up here. A Wanderer named Lil Mel!

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  17. JHhj0978
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    from Youngstown

    my uncle had a old ford i think....they called it the purple people eater too
  18. Kustomz
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    I had a friend that built a limo in the late 80's and had the name "Cherry Yachts A Fire" on the trunk lid.
  19. I remember that one!I think it was a 50 Chrysler.Had a saying on the back,"If you see this car on a trailer;call 911;it's stolen!" or something like that.Can't remember the show but it was sitting in a parking lot in the pouring rain.
  20. dad had a deuce 5window...full house flatty, grey primer, stock height roof, white vinyl roof insert, white grille insert, whitewall bigs & littles on black merc rims with lancer caps and the outer part of the rim painted red, nerf bars, full fendered, king bee lites...had the name "Wee Willie" painted on the 1/4 panels between the doors and rear fenders....I believe that name came from a gorilla that was part of the Huckleberry Hound cartoon show..and that gorilla could beat anything that he came up against...
  21. mac762
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    Back when my Dad was a kid a guy on his street had a Mercury custom (my Dad was not a car guy so I don't know the exact year or anything) that had Afterbirth painted on it. Used to piss my Grandma off a lot, I guess. This was a long time ago when that was probably pretty offensive.
  22. rstanberry
    Joined: Dec 22, 2007
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    from terrell tx

    Popular in Texas during the 50's. Rear quarter panel always. I remember
    Forgot the rest..oh well. Oh yeah

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