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Mystery Carb..Stormberg -holley 97/94 hybrid?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by lowsquire, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Hillbilly Werewolf
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    Hillbilly Werewolf

    Stringy, Any info on rebuild parts/ Flow numbers or performance? Any pictures of the internals?
  2. hillbilly,
    Just measured venturi size about 15/16". Holley 94 was .94" and Stromberg 97 was .97", so the venturi is similar! Read that the later holley's went up to 1 1/16". After a bit of a search it seems the Holley and Stromberg's flow in the 160 to 175 cfm range, no idea what the Marvel-Chebler flows.

    I originally was going to cut gaskets but found a supply of nos gaskets (see picture) selling marine carby gaskets! Lighter springs for the enrichment circuit came from a local bolt supplier. Pump buckets are riveted on and leather, Quadrajet ones are the same size and I machined up new pump rods.

    Performance; They have performed without any issues since 2009 and have spent the last 50 odd hours on top of a blower running 3psi, just had to lean off the idle mixture from running on the na manifold.

    Any forensic types here that can descipher the old decal?




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  3. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
    Member Emeritus

    The WWII engines are 99 (1939 intro) and 29 (1942-to end of war) 239 Canadian engines...59's are postwar.
    Before WWII, '39-42 here, I think Canada also made it to a very few '42 models though already at war and supplying Australia...only Mercs got the 239 as standard. They were available in big trucks and were put into a very few special order Fords, but were generally considered to be Merc engines in distinction from the Ford 221.
    Ford only discussed them by size/bore I think.
    The "9" in all those designations was used 2 ways in called out parts that fit only 239, AND it called out Mercury parts that differed from Ford.
  4. von birch
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    von birch

    i pride myself on my collection and "knowledge" of 94s and interest in anything 3-bolt...but ive never heard of these...good thing to start looking for now i guess
  5. aicmax
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    CarbKing, You know anything about a Marvel Shebler model 10-2928? Any rebuilders out there or part suppliers. Anything would be helpfull.
  6. carbking
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    Aicmax - the Marvel-Schebler 10-2928 may be the number for the carburetor pictured in this thread. I have it in my database as a type N fitting 1934~1936 Ford V-8. There are no probably no parts available; and no commercial rebuilder that values his/her reputation will touch it.

    These were sold originally to customers so frugal that they wouldn't buy a gasket set for the original carb!

    Suggestion - replace it with the original, clean it up, and place it in your collection of aftermarket stuff that didn't work well.

    And one other suggestion - before the "introduction police" on this forum see your first post, and start giving you static; please introduce yourself in the portion of the forum dedicated to introductions.

    And WELCOME!

  7. Yes its look like my 10-3300 I bought a few weeks NOS from eBay-USA in an original box.
    I am located in Germany and have a 40 Ford Deluxe. This carburetor runs really better than the original Ford carburetor.

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  8. SR100
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    All I can make out is:
    Borg-Warner Corp
    Reading between the lines, I assume that means Marvel-Schebler Division, Borg-Warner Corp. Flint, Michigan. Since they moved to Decatur, IL in 1948, that gives you a rough date of your carb's age.
  9. sport fury
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    sport fury

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