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Projects My shoebox - 180° change in my thinking

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. When I bought my '50 Ford coupe I was thinking about lowering it and using some interesting hub caps, maybe even a set of Cadillac sombrero's I have been hanging onto for years in case I ever got around to building custom car.

    I have seen so many custom shoebox Fords built on the hamb that really impressed me but when I put the 5 spoke wheels on the coupe and had to remove the lowering blocks on the rear the car took on a hot rod stance and after staring at it the past few days it just doesn't sit like a custom anymore.

    The 351 Cleveland doesn't have the mellow tone of your conventional custom, it's got a pretty good lick.

    I don't remember ever changing direction when building a car or truck in the past but this car just want's to be a hot rod. HRP


  2. Danny, I have one word for you.

    GASSER!! Do it!
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  4. 40Standard
    Joined: Jul 30, 2005
    Posts: 5,724

    from Indy

    I think it looks killer as is
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  5. brokedownbiker
    Joined: Jun 7, 2016
    Posts: 307


    It sure looks like it developed an attitude when it raised up- yep, bad attitude, jacked up, thumpy exhaust, it's a hot rod now.
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  6. Bandit Billy
    Joined: Sep 16, 2014
    Posts: 5,121

    Bandit Billy

    I was at a local HAMBer's garage discussing such things last week when I suggested that the car I am building is not subject to my whims and desires alone but the car itself has a say in the process.

    Michelangelo, has been said, worked to free the image from the stone in front of him with hammer and chisel. Not so much an act of creativity but one of rescue. I'm not suggesting you start painting a mural on your dinning room ceiling anytime soon but I for one respect your process and progress.
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  7. s55mercury66
    Joined: Jul 6, 2009
    Posts: 3,453

    from SW Wyoming

    Yep, go with the flow, Grasshopper, it looks good.
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    Joined: Dec 3, 2002
    Posts: 987


    I think it looks bitchin that way!
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  9. wicarnut
    Joined: Oct 29, 2009
    Posts: 2,990


    Looking Good !
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  10. chevy57dude
    Joined: Dec 10, 2007
    Posts: 4,845


    Just let those hot rod thoughts flow..
  11. jetnow1
    Joined: Jan 30, 2008
    Posts: 1,260

    from CT
    1. A-D Truckers

    I like the way it sits, but just a little lower would be even more sinister looking. I think Rocky's sled nailed it.
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  12. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
    Posts: 2,429

    from Oregon

    I like it as well.:cool: Two ideas that you could toss around are ; 1) install side trim, 2) custom taillights , say the Lee sets or make your own.
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  13. Hnstray
    Joined: Aug 23, 2009
    Posts: 10,423

    from Quincy, IL

    “I’ve never changed my mind before....does it hurt?”.......... - Evil Roy Slade - :D
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  14. BoilermakerDave
    Joined: Mar 3, 2016
    Posts: 252

    from Las Vegas

    Now you’re talkin’- there are many many custom shoeboxes already. And a lot of them are lowered to the point of undriveability.

    Hot rods are more fun anyway.
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  15. BamaMav
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
    Posts: 3,040

    from Berry, AL

    I'm liking it like it is. Most customs are overrated and ugly, very few hit the mark. Besides, a man known as HOT ROD PRIMER has it in his name, not to mention his blood!
  16. ROADSTER1927
    Joined: Feb 14, 2009
    Posts: 2,531


    Nice Hot Rod----- Looks Great!:D:D:D
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  17. Rocky, your old '49 coupe was one of the cars here that helped me seal the deal to buy the '50.

    When I bought the wheels and took them to my tire guy I got a little to aggressive with the tires on the rear and realized when I put them on the car the way it sat with lowering blocks the tires would rub the finder well, so out came the lowering blocks.

    I had originally planed on replacing the trim but the more I look at it the more I like the look.

    I have another gas sending unit ordered to replace the wrong one I installed in the tank so I'm hoping to get the car on the road very soon, I still have a lot of misalliances things to do but driving the car around the block and washings the 4 plus years of grime off will improve the looks. HRP
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  18. I've always said "Car's have personalities". You can't take that away from them. I don't know what creates that. Could be Color, Stance, Sound, Upholstery, I just don't know but do know they have them. In the past I've built 3 other 49-50 Fords. They were all Hot Rods from the get go. This 51 came to me totally apart including Body off Frame. It's a Mild Custom and told me so as soon as I started putting it back together. How can that be? I even knew it's prior history and it wasn't Kustom. You gotta work with what they are I guess. I like the Americans on yours and had a set on mine while building it. When the Hubcaps went on it the picture was almost complete. All that's left now is to add the side trim I have had waiting on the side line. She tells me that every time I wash her up. It's like a Woman getting all dressed up and not adding her Lip Stick. Totally Weird, I know.
    The Wizzard
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  19. Blues4U
    Joined: Oct 1, 2015
    Posts: 3,525

    from So Cal

    That looks great HRP!
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  20. texasred
    Joined: Dec 3, 2008
    Posts: 1,028

    from Houston

    I think you have owned too many 32's "if there is such a thing" was looking forward to seeing this one as a custom..
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  21. Sacrilege! :eek: a man can never own too many Deuces.

    For many years it's has been Model A's '40 Fords and Deuces, I'm just trying something different and as much as I had planned on building a custom I'm afraid I am just too much a hot rod guy. HRP
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  22. Hmmm,, I think we can have One disguised as the Other. Hubcaps and all.
    Smokin 51.JPG
    The Wizzard
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  23. Blue One
    Joined: Feb 6, 2010
    Posts: 9,600

    Blue One
    from Alberta

    o_O Gasser :confused: Bite your tongue and refrain from posting such nonsense in the future. :p :D
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  24. I saw a 'Hot Rod' from the first pic you posted... LOL. Some hot rod flames is all it needs!
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  25. Gassers are cool but I just wouldn't even consider doing that to a '5o Ford Coupe.
    Now if I happened up on a '54 Ford coupe that could be a entirely another story.:D HRP
  26. Clay Belt
    Joined: Jun 9, 2017
    Posts: 367

    Clay Belt

    Got 4words for you, flames and side pipes
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  27. I've owned 2 trucks with flames and I'm over them.

    And the car had a new exhaust system installed a few years ago so for now its fine. HRP
  28. B Bay Barn
    Joined: Dec 27, 2009
    Posts: 364

    B Bay Barn

    And I bet Beano approves!
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  29. tub1
    Joined: May 29, 2010
    Posts: 386

    from tasmania

    No to the gassa stuff its been done to death
  30. Atwater Mike
    Joined: May 31, 2002
    Posts: 9,503

    Atwater Mike

    Know what you mean, Danny...I was gifted a '54 Ford Coupe by #1 son...Bless him!
    It will be a tall (not TOO tall, just a couple of inches over stock...406, real floor shift, Wimbledon white, like a 'stocker'... 5 spoke Americans, big & littles))
    Your '50 is just right, BUT: Just drop the nose ONE MORE INCH. So we can see the Rake. Please. You can see the road better, too.

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