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My new military french flathead will be converted to a Hot Rod engine

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODSWE, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Barn Find
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    Barn Find
    from Missouri

  2. ventilo
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    I guess so - I'll ask Michael when he's around next time.
    Petrol UNIMOG German army surplus parts are plentiful and regularly show up on the WWW.
  3. flatty_
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    from TX

    thank you Ernie..
  4. JoRodder
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    from Belgium

  5. Guys, i'm rebuilding my 42 Ford military truck with one of the French blocks. Cam, crank and valvetrain are in, and am just about ready to start assembling the piston & con rod sets. I'm using the French 7" con rods, but dont see any marking to indicate which way round they go! The EGGE pistons I am using, have a small arrow which I believe points to front, but what the hell do I do about the con rods? This is my first engine rebuild, and I dont wanna bugger it up.

  6. Mart
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    I'll have to check when I get home, but I THINK that if the rods are a matching set from the same engine, the stamps for the cylinder number go towards the outside of the engine. In other words rods 1-4 would have the stamping visible from the right side and rods 5-8 would have the stampings visible from the left.

    If you're using the 7" rods, this is 3-3/4" stroke, right?

    I don't think the rods have drillings which would make them handed as such. I don't have any 7" rods, but do have the shorter rods from the 4" stroke engines. I'll have a look when I get home.

    As you mention it's your first rebuild, you do know the ford cylinder numbering system? 1-4 on the right, 5-8 on the left. (as viewed from the driver's seat).

  7. Hi Mart!
    Thanks for the reply. The rods are fo the French blocks, but not this particular one. I am using a 4" stroke Eagle crank, with pistons designed for the 4" stroke that still use STD length rods.

    Can't see any markings on sides of rods, only some form of stamp on the cap itself. Will try to magnify that and photo tomorrow.

    Yeah, I am aware of the cylinder numbering. But by misunderstanding, I managed to number total opposite of how you said. That is not a problem now that I am aware of need to remedy. The numbering served its purpose in allowing me to lap valve, and install valve sets in the sequence as marked. Now I can wipe off the numbers and correct the error. If I understand currectly, piston 1 is right side front and piston 5 is left side front?
  8. Mart
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    Yes, as long as left is as in left hand drive.

  9. Left as from the drivers seat right ?
  10. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

  11. ronnieroadster
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    Check your French just like the Ford 8BA rods you will see an oil hole located at the top of the big end of the rod this oil hole is used to send oil towards the cam and lifters. On the passenger side or right side of the motor the oil hole points to the front of the block. The driver side or left side the oil hole points to the rear.
    The connecting rod bearings have a hole that lines up with the hole in the top of the connecting rod. Once each revolution the oil hole in the rod aligns with the hole in the crank journal supplying a shot of oil up towards the cam.
  12. Ah ha! That sorts it. Thankyou Gentlemen.

    I have over $7500 invested in parts for this engine, and REALLY didnt want to see it fly apart on startup. I have been surprised with the lack of new parts available here in Australia. As a consequence of wanting only new parts, a fair majority of my stuff has come from USA.
  13. With the information given by you good folks, I was able to make my piston sets today. Even got the rings on each piston. Little bit scary putting rings on, but didnt brake any or damage piston walls. I had expected would have to file the rings, but they did not need it. In fact most were a couple of thou over ideal. I.E: Wanted 12-13 thou, got 15-16 thou on some. Should I be worried?

    I found the oil hole on con rods, that Ronnie spoke of. When viewing engine from behind (as if facing forward), pistons 1-4 have the hole facing front of engine, pistons 5-8 have the hole facing rear of the engine. The little arrow on each piston top faces front of engine, regardless of cylinder number.

    Am trying to upload some photos. No luck yet!

    Thanks again, guys!
  14. Pistons with rings x8.jpg
    My new sets of pistons & rods.

    Yay, I worked out how to post a photo.
  15. Mean Lean
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    Mean Lean

    Finally my French Flathead is moving someting, my '32 Plymouth

  16. Mean Lean
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    Mean Lean

    I am running the Flathead with the stock Zenith carb and intake which is very good on fuel what is not a bad thing overhere. Does someone know how to adjust the governor on this thing.
  17. Hi Hotrodswe, what’s up with your engine ?
    Can we have some news ?

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