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Projects My Model ''A'' build

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Kjell Elias, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. well, this is my build, will try to update when i can, started with a bare frame 2 weeks ago :)


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  2. bct
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    what body will you use? I will always have a soft spot for a banger powered hot rod
  3. It will be a model a cowl and a 24 model t tub with a trunk on the back.. the body is of an old racecar built here in norway i got fore cheep. have to open the welded doors for MOT but other than that its going to be quite simple :) ill get some photos when i get the body home :) i also have ha 37 flathead i want to use in somthing fun, maby here, maby in a droptank :) hehe

    oh, and im 17.. so there is not that much money here..
  4. Rickybop
    Joined: May 23, 2008
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    from Michigan

    17 years old? Awesome! See guys...the hobby won't die...not yet, anyway.

    Good luck and have fun, KE!

  5. 17 in december.. hehe the hobby wont die.. just get more expensive.. iwe been lucky and got all the parts that i need for aproxmatly 3000$.. parts for american cars from this era is expensive over here..

    hoping to have the car on the road when im 18 (or before) :)
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    Im 39 & have a pretty cool Model A myself, but your doing it at 17 & in Norway, wherever that's at, Your my hero.
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  7. Thanks for the coments! really helps! :D norway is a could and wet country in north of europe... im hoping to get the parts i ordered from mac's this week and get it up on all 4 :)
  8. This is 6 days ago.. so its coming along :)

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  9. Looking good kjell. That body sounds interesting
  10. ill bring it home in about 3 weeks :) hehe
  11. Brakes!

    I know that most of the guys in here will hate me for running mecanicals, but its cheep, and works.. so that will go until i can aford 40 ford brakes :)


    had to use my book ''how to restore the model a ford'' from 1961 to look after...


    And now the handbrake works (needs to be a litle tighter) and the backbrakes works GREAT! :D
  12. Hansa1100
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    from Norway

    Nice start there!

    Just curious on the registration, will the state accept the the new body? Or are you not going to tell anyone..?

    (For people outside of Norway: The state is normally quite strict on the identity of modified cars here in Norway, and that the body should be the same as or similar to the one the car came with)


  13. This is the reasond it will get new doors.. and the trunk/bed, hoping to register as an RPU.. :) but im not telling them its modified.. they will have to find it out themself..
  14. Moedog07
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    God dag , ha det godt på prosjekt.

    (My grand parents were from Vardo, Norway.)
  15. Hello :) hehe. thax
  16. Have to show of :p


    well, thats me and want will be my first car :)
  17. oj
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    As nice as that stuff is i'd stick with the banger. That frame etc is in really great condition, what happened to the body?
  18. i have no idea about the original body... hehe, got the frame from a guy who found it on a barn wall.. :p
  19. oh, and the banger stays for a few years atleast! ;)
  20. Woho! the parts has arived! :D


    everything was packed in newspaper,and everything was fine! :D


    Only problem is i ordered ONE bolt wrong :p hehe, but no wories, i think i have one i can use until i make a new order :) need a few radiator parts foreksample :)

    now the car wil atleast be a roller(on its own wheels) on monday! :)
  21. -Brent-
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    I want to see pics of the body... it sounds interesting.
  22. i think i can find a bad picture so that you can get an idea.. but i dont know. give mi 10 minutes :p
  23. [​IMG]

    Was originally built for a flathead 1930ish chevy front frame and model a rear frame. built for funracing in the dirt :)
  24. Found this pic here on HAMB.. looks like im doing this while we work on the body... hehe :p

  25. [​IMG]

    Rear wheels mounted, Frontwheel here is the extra just for the pic. new rubers for the front on the way! :D


    Also mounted the gaspedal/spoon.. :p


    Also found out i need a new radiator.. have a 29 rad an a 30 grillshell.. :)
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  26. Well, not interesting update, but im brining the body home within the tomorow :D
  27. Cool I want to see beter pictures
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    pretty cool stuff man, cant wait to see more progress.
  29. Thx, i keep you guys posted :)

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