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Customs My Ford 51 Top Chop From Argentina

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Path Thirteen, Jul 30, 2010.

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    from Colorado

    Path looks like you came a long way.We usually don't split the roof in the middle length wise.It causes a lot of extra welding and warping. We lean the posts in and adjust the window channels to fit .I have never seen anyone string a box around the work area like that and welding braces inside usually helps hold the body during construction.But hay if it works for ya great!Now would be a good time to make it a 2 door hint hint.If ya do, lengthen the front doors.You will be glad you did later. The rear window lowered looks much better. Word of advise,rool the car outside and stand way back to see if everything looks in proportion.Up close it may look good but I have found it helps to look from a distance. My wife has family in Argentina,real nice people.That is cool you are building a Kustom. GOOD LUCK !
  2. billys54
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  3. looks REALLY good so far I bet you are loving every second of it! I will be chopping my 49 in a few years (maybe sooner) so for now I will live through your chop;) good job and that 49 above looks KILLER!!!

  4. Hi! thank you!
    haha here in Argentina is another world, here you have to fix everything, here dont exist the motor swap, you dont swap it, you just rebuild it over and over again, you cant find parts, so you have to fabricate, of adapt other parts, hahaha, its hard here, but well isnt impossible.

    My uncle is helping me with this, he was working of this since he was 14 years old, he is now 50 haha, but its a good advice ! im gonna look for the waves haha !

    before i start chopping mine i saw your shoebox top chop, very cool love the shinny bare metal ! look sooo good !

    thank you :D
    take care of that box !
  5. Yeah ! i can see it, looks like a good idea, i saw that kind of chops in pick ups, but it looks to work on cars !
    thank you ! love the 49 dash !
  6. Hahha, yeah i know i have an strange nickname, My uncle want to cut the roof in the middle, i was like... OHH NO, IM GONNA HAVE A CONVERTIBLE... ahhaha it looks like a big mistake for me, but hey, that worked really well. i like becouse the windshield looks more wide, the strings are for alignment, we gonna take the car out of the shop this saturday to eyeball it and see proportions, the flow of the roof and that stuff... the original idea was to make it a 2 door with slanted b pillar.
    Thank you for the good advices !!
    Have fun !!!
  7. Thank you!!
    i like that chopped chevy in your profile picture, is yours ??
  8. hahah thank you, yeah of course im loving it, i cant believe this haha
    its like a dream for me, i have readed almost all the shoebox chopping posts here before having mine hahaha, so well, when you are doing your is like a dream come true.

    Thank you !
    Take Care
  9. Howdy!

    Im back with a little update.

    This is what we did today with the shoebox !

    we took the car out to the street to see the proportions and flow of the roof.

    the roof is almost done, almost all the welding done, The back door skins are tacked in the car, but now welded, next saturady we gonna cut the front door to make it longer like a 2 door sedan.

    New Rear Window Position
    Back View, Package tray has been reduced and welded again.
    The other side of the roof
    More Shots of the back
    OK! here is the interesting part ! not bad for a 4 door !
    The tail!
    This is the best shot i think !
    A scrap piece of 51 roof can be used as a perfect bubble fenders quirt (haha im joking, but it look like...)
    Upside down bumper, and i like it more lower than the stock
    Waiting for the skin!
    Good bye to the gas cap!
    This is a photochop i did to see proportions, i think the new look of the car is kool ! as i said, not bad for a 4 door, hum ?
  10. Keep it up, looks very good,,,,
    Joined: Aug 16, 2007
    Posts: 1,222

    from Colorado

    She is looking good! It is a ton of work ,many hours welding ,grinding and finishing but well worth it when finished.Your going to have the coolest car on the block.Keep going don't give up.Yes I can't imagine how hard it must be not having the parts available .The internet sure helps if looking for parts.So you cant swap motors from the original over there,that sucks.We here in Denver Colorado can't swap different motors in late model cars that are emission designed.But so far the old cars we can. Keep us posted on your progress.
  12. That last photo looks bitchin!. I hope your leaving it as a four door,can't wait for more build pic's.Keep those streets alive with those old kustoms mate.
  13. bonez
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    from Slow lane

    Pretty fkn great! Sure you aint scared of cuttin a car up, thats the way to go man!
    And freakin fast too! It would take me up to a year to do that! :D your uncle must be hell of a cool guy.
  14. VSO737
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    Fantastico! La teconologia Argentina. Mi primer auto, cuando tenia 15 abriles, fue un Ford modelo 1950.
    Yo vivo en California y estoy armando mi primer "hotrod". Podes ver mi projecto en-
    Te felicito con tu laburo y ese auto va a salir barbaro.
    Saludos de Ventura.

  15. Hi ! thank you, yeahh is a ton of work, but i think the only way to do this is the hard way!
    thank you again!
    have a nice weekend!
  16. Hi! haha yeah, it look mean, i have to buy the air bags, but i cant find here, do you know about some good and cheap air bags there to buy ?
    Im gonna make a 2 door becouse i allready have a 4 door falcon, and i allways wanted a 2door ! :(
  17. Hi!!
    when he cutted the roof in half i tought OK... OK... i have to figure that im gonna have a cabriolet hahaha :(
    But he did it ! he is fast, we are working on the car about 5 hours, only the saturdays... but he is fast... but theres a bunch of work to do !
    And yes, he is a smart and cool guy!
    thank you!

  18. HOLA ! jjajaja el kustom gauchesco, que bueno tener un primer auto asi, el mio es un ford falcon 68, aprendi a manejar en el, lo compre y no sabia manejar asi que le tengo mucho cariño.
    Vi tus fotos muy bueno, me gusta el color !
    Saludos afortunado, con envidia sana te saludo!
    muchas gracias!
  19. HI! i have another update for the work we did yesterday, We put the slanted B pillar in place, now one side is a 2 door, we have to make the door longer, like the original 2 door lenght (46,75").

    Hope u like it !

    Recommendations are welcome!

    Can anyone tellme a cheap and good air ride sistem to put in the box ? thank you ! i was looking in ebay but i dont know if all fits of if theres is one better than other for the car, thanks !

    The old fordor rear door skin, cutted to fit in the new place, note that the door is cutted on the back, not in the front, i think my uncle loves to do the things the hard way ! hahaha

    The door skin in place
    We have to make a little panel betwen the pillar and the skin to fit
    Weldings !
    I like the little rear window
    Welding done, time to grind !!

  20. shainerman
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    anymore on this build?
  21. Well, here i am with a little update, hope you like it !
    I want to bag it, but i dont know much about how to, or the best way to get it on the ground, if someone can help me it whould be cool !

    New location of the rear windshield, to fit the roof flow
    Model A on the shop
    Not done yet
    I like it in primer
    Im really happy with the flow of the roof, i think its not the tipical rear glass position, looks more like a merc roof, but i like it a lot !
    Nice pic
    We cutted the roof becouse we are doing now a new one piece top
    Corections on the pillar
    Back door interior
    A friend o mine dreaming haha
    I like this !
    Fuel door is gone
    Me with stupid face :D

    Some photoshops

    There it was a 4 door, but it looks cool that way too !
  22. banditomerc
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  23. No_Respect
    Joined: Jul 27, 2005
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    from So-Cal

    Turning out to be killer! The coolest shoebox in Argentina!
  24. UnIOnViLLEHauNT
    Joined: Jun 22, 2004
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    Very very cool, you guys are doing a most excellent job. We piss and moan in the states about rot repair and hunting down parts, you guys outside the country can build a chopped kustom with a piece of gum, a few beer cans and some mig wire. Insane. Can't wait to see the updates!
  25. k-member
    Joined: May 25, 2002
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    Wow, great job Path! I really like the box thing, never seen anything like that before. Brings new meaning to "shoebox". Thanks for sharing and showing me something new. Your uncle is a RULER! He is a mad man and a great fitter/welder, your lucky to have him to learn from. Damn, I am impressed.
    I have split or quartered roofs myself to keep the right shape, it's more work, but looks better than leaned post on a lot of vehicles. Can't wait to see the maiden voyage pics.
  26. Hell yeah !! haha muchas gracias !
  27. Hi! haha, if i tell you something you not gonna believe me, this is the first leadsled here in argentina, a real old school lead sled... but well, i think im in the right way haha, im an old school guy, i dont like modern or weir old/new stuff.
    thank you so much!
  28. Hello !! haha, here in argentina we have to do it all, here we dont have parts, we almost have no good and cheap cars, if you want a good one, you have to pay 10.000 U$S for a shoebox in good shape, not the best... but here 10.000 dollars are a LOT of money, so, i found this little ugly shoebox 4 door for 1500 U$S Complete, running, no tittle, but theres is not a major problem here... here in argentina the dead men signs the tittles haha, and well, a couple of fiberglass patches... but well, i we have to be positive and get the hands dirty ! haha, you are right, we can build whatever from the junk ! This is Argentina !! its a crap, but its okay, you have to learn to fight against this, its like the Jhonny cash song, boy named sue hahaha... this world is rough
    And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough

    Thank you !!
  29. Hi!! yeahh my uncle is an old school man, he know how to treat that goddammit sheetmetal !!
    Be my guest, i learned a lot of you guys in the states... but we have to make it the argentinian way... i hope i can go there to the states and do some jobs... i think im gonna go there, im playing with a friend o mine, he's from Texas, Mack Stevens, i play upright bass for him... we have a couple of 45's there in the states that we recorded here in argentina, but well... Hope some day i can go there to do some sparks and music !

    Thank you
  30. hvychvy
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    Lookin BITCHIN!!!!! Keep the updates coming!!

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