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My first build and thread Gramps' truck

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Sephilis, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. So I'm working on my first build, a '62 c-10. I know some people on here are not the biggest fans of these but I figured i would start a build thread anyway. Let me give a little back story first. I was looking at getting one of these for awhile. My grandpa had one parked in his field and pops told me I should ask him about it. So we went over there one day and were looking at it i asked him how much he would want for it. He said he didn't really want to sell it because that was one of his favorite trucks he's owned and wanted to fix it before he died (he had cancer), he passed a couple of months later. Two of my uncles promptly started scrapping all of his stuff, old milk cans, my great grandfathers old tractor rake, an old CAT, and this truck was next in line. My dad and I couldn't let this fly so we offered to buy it from my grandma for a fair price and she gave it to me. My uncle threw a fit and gave us a week to get it out of there or he was hauling it to the scraper saying how it was just a pile of rust and worthless.

    Long story short (so much for that right?), i have my gramps' old truck and am going to try to make something of it. I'm planning on a mild early 60's custom. Mechanically I'm keeping the 235 but getting some fenton headers, probably a dual carb intake, and a cam. I change my mind on the transmission daily but there is a 95% chance I am going with a t-5. The only things I'm planning on changing on the body are '62 invicta tail lights mounted verticly in the bed, a '64 continental grill (if i can find one for a good price), and dropping it down about 2 inches. Planning on painting it a darker blue with a white top(maybe getting my painter buddy to lay some flake on it)

    I have my work cut out for me. There is alot of rust, I have to build new door bottoms, and there is a three inch strip of air above the windshield, and of course floor boards which I'm not that worried about. I have all of the front sheetmetal pulled off, the motor and tranny pulled, and the bed and cab are pulled off. The truck should be at the sand blaster by the end of the month, then the real work can begin. I should have some pictures up shortly.
  2. daddylama
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    i'm a big fan of these trucks... think it's one of the best looking pickups, actually. i've had two of 'em.

    congrats on getting a piece of family history there... and saving it from the scrap yard!
  3. punisher7
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    Definately a neat truck. Looking forward to seeing progress pictures!

  4. captainjunk#2
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    good luck on the truck glad you saved it ,to bad your uncles just see dollar signs , every family has a few though lol
  5. So progress stalled out awhile back but i have been starting to get little work done here and there. I started restoring the steering wheel, almost done with that. I have the engine torn apart and ready to drop the block off at the machine shop. But I want to ask a quick question before i spend too much money on the engine. I plan on daily driving the truck and would like to be able to be able to tow a car on occasion (i have decided not to lower the truck because of this.). I did alittle searching and i found a thread were people weren't recomending towing with a 235. Can it be done or would i be better of with a 283? I realize that if i were to tow with the truck I shouldn't run the t-5. What are my options here?

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