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Projects My 52-54 victoria build

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by voodookustoms, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Thank you!
  2. Its a pain in the ass. Ill have to disconnect the shock on that side so it can drop down farther, flip the shackle and maybe use a bottle jack. Or just call a tow truck.
  3. Update on my ford.....
    It’s in the paint shop. Well it has been for 3 months now, but the roof is finally going to be sprayed tomorrow night. I’m having the roof done first so I can have my dad start on the interior before his hands can’t do it anymore. The rest of the body will have to wait.
    I would like to hear some other people’s input on the shade of white I have picked out. This is the color I have. He sprayed a test panel for me [​IMG]
    It’s bright but creamy. Not super bright white. I really like it. He is suggesting adding some pearl or some toner to make it even creamier. Hell shoot some more test panels in the morning so I can see them all together, but what are everyone’s thoughts on pearl?
    I thought the purple pearl body will be so rich that a straight white top would tone it down a bit. Also want a traditional look. I’m not sure how popular white pearls were back in the late 50’s.

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  4. [​IMG]
    And just for reference, here is the purple

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  5. Personally I think it needs to be even more creamy like your shifter knob. That test panel is still going to look pretty bright white against the purple.
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  6. Great thread, I'm following. Love the look you have made for your car.

    I agree, the white is too white. No idea if pearls were used in the 50's, I would be interested in knowing too.
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  7. IMG_5248.JPG IMG_5250.JPG
    Just picked the car up from the body shop. I went with the original white I had chosen. Super happy I did. I’ll post more pictures once I have the stainless back on. The paint isn’t perfect, but the price was right and it looks better than I could have done.

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  8. greaser 35
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    greaser 35
    from FRANCE

  9. Okie_greaser
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    I showed my son your car and now I’m pretty sure he is going to paint his 80 Chevy truck purple and black. Haha

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  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. IMG_3485.JPG IMG_3449.JPG IMG_3451.JPG
    Next part of the puzzle. Now just need to decide the final color of the wheel.
    I’m trying to decide between purple pearl, translucent purple or pearl white.

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  12. Elcohaulic
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    I like it in primer.. Ford had a real nice white in the early sixties.. You might like that..

    Frankly I've been a witness to cars getting ruined once they were painted too many times.. I think the flat covers up a lot of the bumps and dips in the body..

    That is such a nice looking Ford.. I would concentrate on the steering and suspension, make it a lot of fun to drive..
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  13. Thanks a lot! Ya I’ll probably keep the rest of the body in primer for a while. Interior will be the next major checklist item.

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  14. IMG_3520.JPG
    For the last 3 nights in a row I’ve been getting a few little wiring projects done.
    I fixed the wiring for my turn signal, installed the horns behind the bumper since they don’t fit behind the grill now that it’s been narrowed, and I installed an electric fan with 180 degree thermostat switch.

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  15. Keep chugging, finish line is in sight! Your Vic is turning out great!
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  16. Thank you! Will do.

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  17. I could use some advice for this.
    I’m pretty sure this seam needs to be sealed. Neither my body guy or my paint guy addressed this before getting to this stage obviously. Seems like it would have been much easier to do without the glass in the car. Any recommendations on what to use and how to do it now?

    IMG_3593.JPG IMG_3594.JPG

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  18. RockinRivi
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    Does/Is the stainless trim suppose to slide up more to fill the gap?

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  19. No. That stainless is installed in a channel inside the windshield rubber.

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  20. Why not match both the dash & roof with two-tone purple & white?:)
    Cool car, BTW.:cool:
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