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Projects My '32 ford coupe found it's way back home after 56 years

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Hapydz, May 16, 2013.

  1. I was able to free the axle from its duties at the front of the chassis yesterday. Hard to believe how many nuts and bolts I have collected by removing the attached running grear. This activity must be good for staying flexible and losing some least for an old All I have to do now is contact the recipient of this jewel.... Garry\'s Axel.jpg
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  2. I can't understand why there were no takers for the front cross member that I removed today. I'm glad I have a new one to take it's place...... X2.jpg
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  3. Made another Hot Rod Parts Run in beautiful Mn today along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Cool but beautiful. Anyway, no big deal, just picking up an E Bay item shipped to Ryden's Border Store. It was a 8 pak of Butt Welding Clamps for the two patch panels that need to be installed on the lower body. CLAMP 2.jpg
  4. glrbird
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    So explain to me just how bad is it, that you have to drive to another country to get stuff!! import tariffs?
  5. The best part of the 80 mile trip along the North Shore of Lake Superior is the scenery. My wife and I always have enjoyed it . All of the car parts come from the USA anyway so I just have them sent to the border store and pick them up on the way back. There are no tax's or tariffs if the total amount paid for the item is under a certain amount or so it seems. GM K.jpg
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  6. Sort of a big day for the '32 today.....well ok, just a small big day. Today we actually started going the other way in the fact that I started fitting the new front cross member to the frame. Check the dimensions, do some tweaking, check the dimensions again, do some more tweaking, well you get the idea. It sure feels good to be at this stage of the project !!!! Going Ahead Day.jpg
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  7. titus
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    Sorry Ron, we ran out of time to make it over, next time up!

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  8. Frame Patch 1.jpg Between shoveling snow and re-aranging my little shop, not much has been accomplished . I have got one side of the rear C-notch from Posies almost finished however. I think I had to cut through 3 layers of plate that had been welded many years ago to fix the crack in the frame over the existing axle. The c-notch cleans that up. I will get back to that area in the next couple of days....unless it snows again....... Gary did come to pick up his axle the other day.
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  9. The rear rails of the '32 frame have been bobbed and I want to restore them to their original cofiguration. I have the correct tails to repair them but my Wescott drawing is a little vague at the spreader bar area. I was wondering if someone might be able to direct me to a drawing that gives more detail than the drawing I have ? 32 Frame Dim.jpg
  10. Many thanks to Hightower 611 here on the HAMB for this information...... 1932 ford frame dimensions.png
  11. Made another Hot Rod Parts Run to Grand Marais, Mn today to pick up the front axle shackles. Now I know what length spring I have to order. Had a fresh fish lunch in a little shop right on the shores of Lake Superior. The fisherman's dock is only a couple of hundred feet away so you know that the fish is about as fresh as it could be.... I sure do love this little trip !!! GM Dec 2 1.jpg
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  12. JUNK ROD
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  13. JUNK ROD
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    Which lake is it? Where? Just curious!

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  14. Lake Superior.....Google it...
  15. Not too much action out in the shop the last couple of weeks but I will try to remedy that very soon. What I have done was getting the rear of the frame in order with the Posie's C package and the repair pieces to the bobbed frame. Grinding those fish plates to repair the cracks in the frame over the axle was a real chunk of work !!! I will box the rear of the frame to start with so that I can install the parallel Posie's spring package. Looking forward to that ! Dec Frame sm.jpg
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  16. Both of us hope to see you next year! Callage 5.jpg
  17. COOL PHOTO. Thanks for sharing, MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY
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  18. When I look at photos from the 50's taken at our local race track, I am always amazed that my 32 managed to escape the fate of being a stock car even though some of the owners of this car were involved in the activity. Amazing ! #38 #47 edited.jpg
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  19. Fortunate, indeed!
    My cousin was also one of the culprits responsible for the demise of too many early Fords on the dirt tracks.
    He would buy them for $10 -$20 a pop, every 1-3 seasons, at best.
    (The '36 3w above was too popular and rare, even then, to meet such a fate!)
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  20. OahuEli
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    from Hawaii

    Ron, just found your thread and read it all the way through. I don't think there is much cooler automotivewise than getting back a car that had been gone for ages.
    Your story is great and I'm along for the ride. Eli
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  21. PRB
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    from Az

    That pic of you/you is too cool and this is a great story...thanks for sharing.
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  22. Ron, check your PM's.
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  23. Stay in touch ....Your name is on it....
  24. I am about to start boxing the rear of the frame and need some advice regarding the body mounting bolts. What would you recommend for the nuts, caged or........ Also can anyone tell me why I can't edit my text anymore ?
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  25. Finally got back out to the shop today and got the rear spreader bar fitted. Just a bit of welding on the flanges and that part is done. The rear boxing plates arrived from the "Welder Series" ( and that will be next on the list. After they are fitted and welded up the parallel rear spring package will be fun
    Spreadser Bar 2.jpg
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  26. 1964countrysedan
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    from Texas

    Exceptional thread.

    Thank you.
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  27. glrbird
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    ryan coupe.jpg
    My Dad was also a guilty party to racing what would become sought after today.
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  28. The following link has nothing to do with my '32 but you just have to see it.
    "1932 Ford Flathead Flyby Lake Havasu City" Be sure to crank up your volume....!!!
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  29. woodbutcher
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    :D Hi happydz.Nice video.Did I detect the audio track of a Rolls Royce Merlin in there?Sweet sound for sure.P 51 Mustang or the most beautiful fighter plane ever designed.The Spitfire?
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
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