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Art & Inspiration Moving On, In A Small Way

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by J.Ukrop, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Constructionbob
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    The 6o Pu became the Grand Prize Winner of AUTORAMA at Traditional rod and kustoms in scale, TRaK. Did also get 1:st i Street.
    As the "Yellow Chariot" where the Winner in Competition.
    My '31 Roadster "Orange passion" got 1:st in Hot rod.
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  2. jfreakofkorn
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    cool finished car(s)/kit(s) .... i have nt touched these in year(s) but i am glad too see that others are healthier involved in the hobby. it motivates me to get back into it =)
  3. jnaki
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    The torrential rainfalls we have been getting in So Cal these past few days always brings back those memories of the gutter races we had with our small model ships. The 1/24 plastic cars were lined up on the curb out in front of our Westside Long Beach house, as the audience. Just inches away, the flow of water in the gutter was whizzing by to PCH just blocks away. The main drain to the LA River is on PCH. The flow was very fast and wide.
    Long Beach Press Telegram: the corner of Caspian ave. and PCH, Westside Long Beach. (our old house is three blocks back in the photo)

    If we did not stop the boats at our corner with the metal rakes, they went down to the next block. Once we did let one old battleship go all the way to the big sucking drain at PCH and it whooshed away.

    But, our hot rod/custom car models were always safe on the top of the curve. They were watching the Caspian Avenue “drag boat races” when two GREY BATTLESHIPS were lined up together ready for the countdown: 1, 2, 3…

    Eventually, our hot rod/custom car models and these grey battleship/freighter/destroyer models also were given to our cousins and neighbors. It was the old dusting problem that our mom did not like when these models were sitting on our bookshelf. The hanging airplanes got the same shipping treatment to our friends. So, yes, paying it forward has its rewards.

    Speaking of rewards: My growing stash of 1/64 scale, die cast cars, trucks, sedan delivery, plus RPUs is growing again. Ever since we gave away the 60s-70s collection to our niece’s son and his grandmother, it left a void in our garage. So, slowly but surely, the custom shop is growing again, complete with a portable, spray paint booth. (The reward, I am sure, is for doing such good deeds all of these past years.)

    But, the recent impetus of: "Where the $#@^" are those black bristle brushes and several long minutes trying to find them in the 6 different drawers, pushed my wife over the edge to say, "Call that company to come and get the new cabinets and floor installed, now!" I knew where those bristle brushes were, second drawer on the left...

    Here is the proposed reward:
    My wife is in the last household remodeling stage and she is going great guns on the projects. The added bonus is that every day she looks at the garage and it has 18 year old cabinets, odd storage places and well used counters. I had to move my custom model car rebuilding shop two times and stash away some things that I use, but rarely. So, the growing number of cars is almost non-stop. “One thing leads to another…”

    I had all of the cars in a lineup, getting their place in line for body mods, custom rubber tire/wheel adaptations and numbers for the spray booth paint and body jobs. She walks by and notices the counter starting to fill up with the tools, cars and supplies. So, she mentions that since I am helping her develop her ideas for the house remodeling projects, she wants us to design a complete garage wall system for two full walls. Her first words were: “Do you want me to buy you a 64 car wall cabinet for those little hot rods?” 64? Already? Of course, she was exaggerating as it looked like a lot, but no way do I have 64 little hot rods. 20 at the most and they are mostly stored in a special hot rod model car drawer.

    The project is going forward and it is to include drawers, tall cabinets, and counters. In the far corners, taller cabinets to hide the garden tools and an old surfboard, all behind closed doors. Wow, I get to design it, call a great company that has the quality, sturdy items, and watch it unveil itself to us in one day. The latest gift: “…as long as we are getting new cabinets, why not just get some of that cool epoxy floor stuff to clean up the finished look” Now, that is a reward for those past years of “PAY IT FORWARD” ideas and gifts. )
    One wall of two being built in a similar style. The North facing window wall.

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