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Movie Cars: The Untouchables

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Zumo, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Zumo
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    Since I am unemployed due to lay off I have some free time to watch a movie or two. I watched The Untouchables set in Chicago 1930 with Kevin Cosner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Robert Dinero. I hadn't seen it in a while but it is one all my all time faves.

    The reason for my post and how it realtes to the HAMB is the cars in this movie. They must have used at least 100 or so Model A Sedans and the alike. Where do all these cars come from? I wish a had a photo of a scene right before they do their second raid. It's a shot of the street and it's teaming with original looking cars. Anyone have any info on this?

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  2. KIRK!
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    I used to know a guy in L.A. who had a movie company ask to borrow his '62 Rambler. They used it for a few weeks at around $500 a day. He is a bright guy and used the money to buy another old car and let the studio know that he now had a few available. He got more gigs and bought more cars. Last I heard he had about 60 cars and has 10-15 of them out at any given time at $400-$500 a day. Needless to say, that is now his business.
  3. Deuce Roadster
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    Deuce Roadster
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    We had a fellow here in my area who supplied Model A's and such for the TV show ... The Untouchables. I forget the rate ... but it was pretty nice cause he had 4 or 5 vehicles there at one time. He had to stay around and move them ... from shot to shot.

  4. We have a guy near me that has buildings and yard full of cars,some run some don't.Various years etc.all used regularly on movie and T.V. shoots.Lots of 40s,50s,60s and 70s cars.every once and a while he has a sale and replaces some with fresh stock.
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  5. john56h
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    Here in New York, there are a few production companies that will be on the lookout for vintage cars to rent for use in their pictures....mostly for the backrounds, to give a scene the right look for the era that they are representing.

    From what I've heard, it is the "plain jane" cars that they desire the most. Makes sense because I'm sure if you drove down a typical street in the late sixties, it wouldn't have been lined with muscle cars and Mustangs....there would have been predominately sedans. Plus, if the car isn't flashy, the audience doesn't notice as much that the same cars show up in several different scenes.

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