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Mounting side glass in steel frames?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Saxman, May 1, 2013.

  1. I am searching for a thread and I can't seem to find it. SOMEWHERE in SOME thread there was a discussion about how to mount the glass in the metal frames.

    I'm getting ready to do the side window glass in my '58. I was only aware of the old school way of using mounting tape and soaking it in oil but in the thread in question there was a discussion about a different way of doing this without having to deal with the oily mess. The problem is I can't remember the details of how it was done. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. i use a little Windex on the glass/tape before sliding into the channel
  3. I've always used the mounting tape and a rubber mallet. Never heard of using oils, I guess you could use dish soap or a non-pumis hand cleaner such as go-jo.

  4. desotot
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  5. I used windex and a rubber mallet
  6. Ahh...I think that's what it was, Windex! I just remembered that it was a whole lot less messy than oil. Thanks guys.
  7. 63 Avanti 3137
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    63 Avanti 3137

    I just re did mine the other day. After I clamped the window in a work bench, I removed the lower sash first and with steady pressure I simply pulled the two sides loose and the the top worked free once they were. No oil to loosen needed, but any penetrating oil would work I think.
    Resetting the glass I just brushed Marvel MO in the channels, (reasoning they called for 10 weight for a reason... maybe make the tape swell up and seal some?) then taped the tape around the edge and with the glass now vert. in the clamp, pressed the top of the frame down over the taped glass. I used Dawn in the lower sash channel to receive the rubber strip and the flipped the window and fit the lower sash into the sides and set the barrel screw/rivet on the single side allowing me to then pull the metal down and around the glass till I could get a drift through one of the holes on the remaining side to align the next barrel screw/rivet.
    I still wound up using my 2lb BFH (not rubber) and a block of wood and smacked the fuck out of it to get it to seat. It helped to trim the excess tape off especially at the corners once I had it more than 1/2 way on with the BFH. It made the last bit much easier without the extra bulk.
  8. 117harv
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  9. Buzznut
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    Are you talking about the side window frames on our trucks? I really haven't even looked into this, but i plan on having new glass cut for mine pretty soon here.
  10. Hey, thanks guys.

    Harv - I like your signature.
  11. Yeah, the side glass. I picked up some new glass a couple of years ago at the big 3 swap meet in San Diego. All the glass except the windshield for $60. My original glass is delaminating around the edge so I figure I will be installing this soon. Now, I just need to source the right mounting tape.

    I guess that just depends on the thickness of the glass compared to the slot in the frame? I'm assuming it needs to be a pretty snug fit.

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