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History More WWII planes still flying

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Deuce Daddy Don, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. The Mossie left tears in my eyes and was able to stand 8ft behind the tail while they ran it up................. simply cool. JW
  2. im lucky enough to live close to the Canadian warplane heritage museum, witch has one of two flying lancasters, and about every other week or so it flys directly over my house, its loud as hell, and its only one... imagine a hand full of them flying together :eek: . anyway i also got to see a b17 land last weekend witch was awsome! hot rods and old planes is a great combo :D
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  3. IGOR
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    We've got a super cool museum right up the road from Virginia Beach. They've got a TON of old war planes from WW1 to Viet Nam era. Most of the planes are completely restored and they fly 'em around regularly. They've got a B-17 there thats pretty dang cool to see!!! I think it's called The Virginia Warbirds Museum???
  4. elba
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    Oshkosh is at the end of the month. Lots of warbirds. I go every year.
  5. Visited USAF Museum yesterday near Dayton OH, overwhelming !

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  6. woodiewagon46
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    from New York

    I had the honor of flying in the Miss Barbie III, B-25 Bomber and the Nine-O-Nine, B-17 Bomber. We must all remember that the average age for a pilot was about 22 years old and the age for the flight crew was about 19 or 20, these guys had balls as big as bowling balls. Not only did they have a mission to carry out but they also were under fire from enemy aircraft and ground shelling.
  7. vtx1800
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    We live very close to a small airport that has a P-51 and possibly an Avenger hangered there. Beautiful sounds (and pretty darn loud) emanate as they take off, the Avenger (?) must have a variable pitch prop as it sounds a little like a Chevy six with split manifolds and straight pipes on takeoff.
  8. DRH
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    Most all of them had Hamilton Standard hydramatic variable pitch props on them.
    I attached a picture of FiFi, the only air worthy B29 bomber left. She was in akron last month. They are restoring a second B29 to airworthiness, "Doc", as we speak at the Boeing plant in witchita. Beautiful, simple old aircraft. My favorite will always be the B17.

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  9. raderschwein
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    from merca

    From joy or a rich mixture of avgas?:D
  10. LaSalle Gearbox
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    LaSalle Gearbox
    from ohio

    I heard the Virginia Air Museum is closing down and everything goes.
    Some warbirds at Lost Nation Airport E of Cleveland this wkend.
  11. 65COMET
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    I live directly under the flight path for Camarillo Airport,Camarillo,CA..They have a C.A.F.wing,a restoration hanger and Museum there and put on an Air Show each August.The Collins Foundation is there every year and FiFi [the B-29] was here a couple of months ago.Camarillo Airport is the old Oxnard Air Force Base used through until 1969 I believe,I could be wrong on the closing date!They built a high dollar golf course with MEGA buck homes directly across the 101 freeway from the airport,a few people complained of the noise,the FAA said TOO BAD to the crybabies!!! ROY.
  12. AS for the Mossie they were tears of delight,the av-gas is aviation purfume.Oh and its now in the U.S. with Jerry Yagen. JW
  13. And a close up of the front with Dave the pilot (in green) who did the post restoration test flight and did the display flying at our local show.JW
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  14. brewsterg6
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  15. i luv seeing these birds fly .....

    a by gone time long ago ...
  16. rustednutz
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    from tulsa, ok

    After WWII my father bought a war surplus Vultee BT13 trainer for $150.00. I remember as a kid the sound of that 450hp radial engine. The rear seat was not padded and was designed big and wide for a parachute. Even strapped in, I remember being able to slide side to side. What a ride.
  17. HotRodToomer
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    I live between the willow run airport & Pontiac metro where the show usually is.
    So every year, when you hear the first one low fly by, you better get outside or you'll miss the whole lot.
    I love it.
  18. Ramblur
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    And WWI too. The worlds population of Sopwith Snipe pilots just doubled today with Kermits first flights of his New Zealand, TVAL built copy. Powered by a 250hp Bentley rotary (cylinders and prop spin around the
    stationary crankshaft) with a total loss castor oil lube system. Even from our ground position there was no mistaking the castor oil fumes everytime he made a pass upwind of us.







  19. One of the pilots on the Lanc lives around the corner from me. A few summers ago I was in my garage working on a friends car when I hear this wonderful sound which I know is multiple Merlins. I run out in time to see the Lancaster bank over the horse farm across the road then proceed to buzz his own house. The sight of that beast so low was awesome!:cool:
  20. I thought the B-29 "Doc" restoration came to a screeching halt when they had to move it out of the hanger they were using at Boeing/Spirit a few years ago and leave it outside the Kansas Aviation Museum. What's its current status? I thought they were supposed to be restoring it for a private owner.
  21. These two live 15 mins. up the road, the P-40 is my favourite WW2 fighter. JW
  22. My 2nd favourite ,MK-9 Super Marine Spitfire. JW
  23. The 1st warbird i took a flight in ,T-6/Harvard. These are all ex. RNZAF. JW
  24. P-51D at just over !! JW
  25. [​IMG]

    err mah gerrd!! a zero!!


    i live about a half hour away from this, the world's largest naval aviation museum to date. ALL of the airplanes pulled out of lake michigan are here. none of them fly but could probably be made to fly. i may get a job here one day.
  26. I was a qualified crew chief with the Commemorative Air Force for many years. Here I am at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for a C-47 Paratrooper drop for a Airborne Reunion several years ago.

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  27. According to this book, FATAL ARMY AIR FORCES AVIATION ACCIDENTS IN THE UNITED STATES, 1941-1945 (page 373, Volume I), only one man was killed in this Lake Mead accident. His name was William M. Cline and he was a CAA inspector. The accident occurred on May 17, 1943.

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  28. Ramblur
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    Most accounts that I've seen say two,the other being Hughes employee
    Richard Felt that died two days later from the accident injuries. Cline,the CAA inspectors body was never recovered as far as I know.
  29. My Dad was a mechanic on Ansons , Lysanders, and Beaulinbrooks during WW II for the RCAF he would have liked to see this picture . He had quite a respect for the Ansons durability as he had to fix a belly landing or two .

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