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Projects More parts for the coupe project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Rehpotsirhcj, May 30, 2010.

  1. I'm getting ready to get the front and rear axles mounted to the frame so I thought I'd mount some new tires to get the height right.... the neighbors think I'm nuts :D

    I'm working a side job and selling off every spare part I have for new Cokers and the axle drop.

  2. Maybe one of the most cluttered shop spaces on the Hamb. I think I'm pretty close on the trans mount location. I couldn't resist throwing the cowl on there. Cant wait to have a roller.

  3. 343w
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    Isn't it funny when the (non-rodder) neighbors come around and look at what's going on with a project build, it's like we're from another planet or something. And they say," you're going to get that thing on the road!" "It will take you years to finish that thing." And I say,"and you point is?"
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  4. Can you spot the A-bone parts among the clutter? :D

    Got my axle back from Greg (296V8), turned out great.
    Waiting for my bushing reamer to arrive so I can hang the spindles.

    I ordered spring perches without paying attention to the length. These are longer to allow for a lower shock mount. I haven't thought out my shock location, so I don't whether I can use them or not.

    My goal at this point is to get the front and rear end mocked up and bolted to the frame so I can locate the motor/trans and x-member.

  5. chopt top kid
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    chopt top kid

    That right there is one of Henry's finest!!! and 296V8 made it just right!!!;)

    And don't sweat the small stuff!!! Size does matter!!!

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  6. Mr48chev
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    That looks like it is coming along nicely. And it appears that it was you that had the A frame for sale on Craigslist a while back.
  7. I'm going through serious hot rod withdrawal.
    I'm building my shop and have zero time for my much neglected pile of crap parts.

    I'm super excited at the prospect of an actual floor, but damn, I'd rather be buying tires and a wood kit instead of 2x8s and roofing.
    Rant over.

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  8. A bit of an update.
    My shop build has set me back quite a bit, and move in day is still a ways off.

    Still, I've been working a bit as I have time. I'm planing to assemble the body over the winter.

    I worked the worst of the thrashed metal and stick welds out of the drivers side top, and cut out little template to help line everything up. Its still very rough, but its coming together slowly.

    I'm going to level the subrails on the A-frame and hang the posts etc. with the wood kit, and then begin the patchwork.

    last pic (off-topic I know) is the coupe's new home in progress.

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  9. I started working on the new real subrails yesterday and, while I was at it, decided to go ahead with a mini-channel for a better fit to the 32 frame. I'm going to cut down the front legs of the firewall, curve the lower edge etc. so that it retains a stock look. I'll use the existing rivet holes on the top edge.

    It fits and looks much better on the frame now, no gaps.

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  10. Worked a bit more over the holiday weekend.

    Once I started to pull the body back, closer to where it should be I found (as I suspected from other threads) that I needed to spread the fire wall to make up a bit of the width difference.


    Crazy teenager with a camera

    Split firewall, now its roughly where it should be on the frame and the channel is just about 3/4 of an inch


    started modifying the firewall "feet". I'd like it to look as stock as possible when they're finished.

    these small mods so far really helped get rid of the gap between the subrails and the frame



    Finished mocking up the new rear subrails and hung the quarters to start
    getting everything lined up where it should be.

    Sloooowly coming together.


    That's all I have for the moment.
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  11. AHotRod
    Joined: Jul 27, 2001
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    Do you have heat in the shop?

    That little boy of yours is now 4 years older, right?

    Keep pushing on!
  12. Nice job, coming along well!
  13. thanks, appreciate it.

    Yup, he's six now. I'm not winning any races with the build, that's for sure.
    Only a kerosine heater in the shed, its okay unless it gets below freezing. We're hoping to be in the new shop by next winter.
  14. Deck lid!

    I've been looking for one for quite a while.
    Anyone have experience (tips or tricks) in separating the skin from the inner panel?

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  15. Xman
    Joined: Nov 17, 2011
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    Just found your build. I really like what your doing. Take your time, do it right and do it your way. Love it!
  16. Thanks a ton, I'll do it my way..and probably suffer the consequences, oh well.

    I really like what you've done with your 34, even though it will likely be a "useless pain in the ass" :D. Hope to check it out one day.
  17. Xman
    Joined: Nov 17, 2011
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    Did you stop at the Saturday Amocat get together this year during the Good Guys in Puyallup? Do it if you can next year. I had my duece there this year.
  18. Wildbill29tudor
    Joined: Apr 16, 2013
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    Subscribed! Great thread

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  19. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1411282475.301325.jpg

    Move in day!
    Still lots to do on the shop, but time to start building again, I'm Stoked!

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  20. You need more junk Chris, I can still see floor........................:D
  21. Everything went on the floor so I could move the old shed over to my neighbor's house. It looks much better at his place than mine : )

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  22. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1418709092.129432.jpg
    Frame table in the works!

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  23. Congrats' man. I have to say that I was happy to see no snow when you built the work space....I say that, only because of the snow on the ground....flathead pulling pics'. That's a man possessed there ! It's nice to have parts scattered, rather then parts stacked. Big difference. Room to breathe....and air out !! Good luck!
  24. Okay, so I think this might be the longest running build on the HAMB, and with no end in my defense, I did build a shop, and enter grad school.
    I have a few more years before my boy is driving, so here we are : )
    Striping fixing and fitting the body panels this winter. The doors seem great so far, lots of work yet to do on the quarters .[​IMG]

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  25. There's an old saying, "it's about the journey, not the destination.....", or some such. Just keep pluggin' away Chris......
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  26. swifty
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    You sure like working with wood don't you. Wooden wheels on your rear axle, wooden body trolley, wooden shop. I think you should swap the coupe for a woody LOL
    Good to see some progress and any progress is good.
  27. Found a rear panel on CL that still has the stock brace. Not in bad shape, but I'll never understand the thinking behind a half inch of Bondo. Note that the panel is completely accessible from the back side. My floor was pink. :)

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    Keep it up, if you're like me, finding a usable part at a swapmeet is just what is needed to get back at it and keep the project going.
  29. Finally some time to work on my project!

    I pulled the skin from the deck lid and worked out the largest of the dents. All four edges need to be replaced, so still a lot of work to do.

    I'm missing the passenger side trunk drip rail/channel in case anyone has a lead.


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  30. The never ending, never finished coupe.
    But, new frame rails, so I'm happy.[​IMG]

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